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June 12th 2008
Published: June 15th 2008
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Late start this morning meant we were ready to go by 8am, we said a quick goodbye to the two girls as we passed their hotel and headed off for Sekong. 35km later after some very rough track we stopped for some pho (foe) and then continued towards Sekong. Today we both felt as if our asses had been in some kind of accident because they were incredibly sore!! On the way to Sekong we passed a sign for some more waterfalls and veered off onto a very narrow, very wet dirt track. Of course disaster is always around the corner and as we went through a particularly muddy patch the bike slipped sideways, flinging us gently into a bush. Luckily we both stayed on and upright and were shaken a little but nothing worse. Mark's bag had suffered though, I could feel Mark's pain as he retreived it from aforementioned muddy puddle.

We decided that to turn back would be the sensible thing to do so we reached the road again and allowed Mark's bag to dry on the front of the bike as we carried on towards Sekong. 30km down the road the bike starts to feel a little strange and stopping the bike resulted in the discovery of a flat tyre, in the middle of nowhere. A passing man pointed us back in the direction we had come from and after 1.5km of pushing we found a little repair shop who instantly whipped out the inner tube, patched it up and put it back together, and then charged us 5000 kip for the privilege, the equivalent of 35 pence!!

Upon reaching Sekong we stopped for some much needed refreshments, and butt relief, before searching out some more waterfalls. Tad Faek waterfalls were down a muddy dirt road but we carefully picked our way between the worst puddles and reached them safely. Cue obligatory photograph session and then back up the road.

Feeling that Sekong didn't hold much more we pushed on for Attapeu, a further 65km down the road. When we arrived we checked into a nice little room and then headed out for foe and some much needed beer. Our rules for the bike meant that there was no drinking and driving and no driving at night so a beer was most welcome, once we parked the bike for the evening.

We wandered around the town of Attapeu and looked at the market before walking home in the pouring rain and getting completely soaked!

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