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Asia » Laos » East » Muang Kwa December 27th 2015

Après cette grosse réparation de vélo, Arthur avait donc prix de l'avance en direction de Muang Khua, Du coup, bus pour Muang Xai, 6 Heure de route le bus n'est pas très rapide dans le nord du Laos, Une fois arriver dans la ville pas de correspondance pour la suite, de faite recherche d'une guest house, petite balade et découverte des produits locaux dodo. Le lendemain départ pour Muang Khua histoire de retrouver le Arthur qui m'attendait là! Durant le bus ma seille de vélo a était perdu mauvais serrage de ma pars! Par la suite nous sommes rester la histoire de gravir une petite colline et de partir tôt le matin pour le Vietnam... Info voyageur: In Undomxay: -Vilavong Guesthouse à 50 000 kip la chambre bien propre ! - Phu That pagoda petite montagne ... read more

Asia » Laos » East » Muang Kwa November 14th 2015

We departed for Muang Khua at 11am on the five hour slow boat to Muang Khua, it was blissfully uncrowded :) We boat our tickets at the boat office (always the best way to avoid high prices and scams!), cost us 150,000. We got comfy seats and got chatting to an American couple who were on a trip for their 30th anniversary who gave us wanderlust for South America, Bolivia in particular :) We came across stunning scenery, water buffalo, fishermen and a real look into Laos rural life. We stopped off to collect some parcels and met some charming laos kids wanting to practice their English :) The rain came and it grew cold, so we cuddled up and got our blanket (always bring a blanket travelling). We were starving by the time we reached ... read more
So sleepy
Me on the slow boat

Asia » Laos » East » Muang Kwa May 9th 2012

A las 11am era la salida del bote de Nong Khiaw a Muang Kwa, condicionada por la presencia de al menos 5 pasajeros; al final éramos como 20 personas y una moto (al parecer aquí transportar una moto es como transportar una maleta cualquiera); era una canoa de tamaño mediano con algunos asientos súper cómodos (asientos individuales como de carro que podías hasta reclinar) que tuvimos la suerte de agarrar antes de que se empezara a llenar y empezaran a sentar a la gente en cualquier lugar. El viaje duró un poco menos de 6 horas y ha sido hasta ahora la mejor manera de moverme de un lugar a otro en todos mis viajes, el paisaje era hermoso: montañas, aldeas en los márgenes del río, niños que jugaban y que al vernos nos saludaban a ... read more
el paisaje
los niños saludando
subiendo la moto

Asia » Laos » East » Muang Kwa September 11th 2011

Armed ready with a mug of steaming Lipton tea hoping to get some creative juices flowing to explain part deux of our slightly less than comfortable journey into Vietnam! Although drinking hot tea in 30oC heat is far from ideal, but listening to a guy playing acoustic guitar is making it much more bearable. I'd much prefer to be curled in front of my dads open log fire in my fave hoody, slouchy jeans and my feet all snug in a pair of pink fluffy socks while tickling Baxter's tummy (the dog)! Grass always being greener and all that jazz, but I'm not complaining, were still enjoying every single second and wouldn't change it for the world! If I remember right, I cut the blog short last time as it turned out to be quite a ... read more

Asia » Laos » East » Muang Kwa March 28th 2008

Awake just after 6:30am and back to the Bus station to find out what time the bus is due to leave. 6:50 and we are told that it leaves at 7am. No English but we work out that it leaves from down the road and around the corner. Rush back to the hotel. Ian rushes up to the room, packs and throughs the packs down the stairs to me. Down the road we go to find out that the bus is the other side of the river. Onto a small long boat and we are hurrying up the hill to the bus. What hurry, it did not leave until 8 am. Again the same story as yesterday - people, goods and livestock onto the bus except today not as many people and the bus works. The ... read more
Bamboo Shoots anyone?
Early morning Clouds
Above the Clouds

Asia » Laos » East » Muang Kwa February 27th 2008

It's been a little while and there's much to tell but, as I've previously proved, I have an inability to be concise. I hope there will be some sparkling diamonds of interest and excitement for you to mine, but they will most likely be buried in so much mud and filth - you guy's are gonna have to get your brains dirty and dig! If you find any (diamonds that is)? - stick 'em up your arse! We had our last two days in Vietnam and spent them travelling to the border, they proved to be the best, most interesting and productive hours we spent in the country! The adventure went something like this: We awoke at the unhealthy and frankly dangerous time of 3.30am in order to catch the first bus out of Hanoi; our ... read more
on the bright side of life....
And again!
Two pretty beasts!

Asia » Laos » East » Muang Kwa November 18th 2007

As always I hope all is well with you and yours. For those of you who are receiving my travelblog for the first time - welcome wow time is really flying and i am rally far behind in my blogs. i can't believe it is "the holiday season" already (well not here in asia). Before I tell you about life on the Nam Ou river in laos I wanted to let you know how things are going here in Vietnam. I came overland from Laos to Hanoi about two weeks ago. I spent several days in Hanoi getting caught up ... before taking off to Halong bay, one of vietnams most visited tourist areas. from there i went back to hanoi and took an over night train to Lau cai and then a van to sapa. ... read more

Asia » Laos » East » Muang Kwa July 19th 2006

Another river journey, but this time in my own privately chartered vessel. Expensive relative to getting a shared boat (which wasnt possible today) but still an absolute bargain! I stopped for lunch at Muang Ngoi, I tiny village with no roads. It kindof a small pile of guesthouses and a school and small temple. The view is great, over a forested valley which could easily be used to film the next Jurassic Park. However I don't think I could stay here for long - the setting may me idyllic but the village really isnt. So its back on the boat, and we carry on north. The scenery changes gradually from the rugged cliffs and mountains to more gentle and rolling hills. At times teh extent of the wet season flooding is evident as the boat navigates ... read more
an insect on the boat

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