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June 9th 2019
Published: June 9th 2019
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Onsen Explorer Day 9. Sunday.
100km. 750m ascent.
Breakfast Was very good again with sausage, scrambled egg, salad and potato wedges. Rice etc plus croissants and strawberry jam.
The day was bright and dry again as we crawled up the hill from the Ryokan in preparation for our descent to the coast. Heading north we encountered the nasty headwind again and I had to put on my long sleeved top for a while until I warmed with effort. The coastline was similar to yesterday with volcanic rock, sometimes as flat as a pancake where it must have rolled on the flat sea bed before solidifying and then tall rocky outcrops of various shapes. Did I ever say that there were tunnels in Japan? Well today was proof that there are, with several short ones in the morning and about 6 or more later in the journey which were almost 2km in length, luckily quite well lit and with light traffic. When visiting a country I like to photograph the roadkill to establish the most prominent animals. Today it was sea urchins, which i would not recommended riding over with pneumatic tyres. I believe they are dropped from a height by birds trying to crack them open and if that fails they drop them under car wheels- clever blighters.
The sea must get very rough at times as there are kilometre upon kilometre of wave breaker concrete blocks and small havens for fishing boats every kilometre or so. The Japanese fishermen should take some time to clear up the coastline as there are loads of old fishing equipment washed ashore such as ropes, plastic bouys, plastic crates, plastic nets etc.
The afternoon stop was in a lay-bye with a toilet building. I have been riding at the back all week so as everyone was going after a brief snack I dashed to the toilet only to find that I was locked inside with no door handle in sight. I was panicking because everyone was leaving. Luckily I found a window that would open so I shouted for help and Janet rushed to my aid and let me out. Just think I could have been there all night, maybe to much cheering from the ranks.
The Ryokan booked for tonight was off the beaten track in bear country and I hope we don’t encounter any. It has not enough room for all of us so Tom, myself and our two guides are staying in a Ryokan by the coast and having our meals and the Onsen. The evening meal was superb with a half hairy crab, loads of raw fish, sushi, miso soup, tempura etc etc.
Bed time awaits.

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