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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa August 3rd 2018

After an overnight flight from Kuala Lumpu, I arrived at Tokyo’s Narita airport to be greeted by the transfer company - Green Tomato. Green Tomato are a great company who provide a shuttle bus service from the airport into Tokyo, well worth booking as it’s over 60km to Tokyo from the airport. You just have to keep in mind this won’t be a private transfer, but they do take you right to the door of your hotel. I had a wait of around an hour before my transfer bus would leave as we were waiting for other passengers. After collecting them from the next terminal we started our journey into Tokyo. I sat by the window and started to try and take in the views of the city on the route to my hotel, some of ... read more
Senso-Ji, main hall
Senso-Ji pagoda
Hand washing etiquette at Senso-Ji

Asia » Japan » Tokyo August 3rd 2018

Dnes v plane navsteva mestecka kamakura. Google mi dal kombinaciu metra a jr linky. Lenze na jr linku karta pasmo neplati (na konci tripu zistene, ze plati). Tak idem na stanicu shinjuku cisto len metrom s jednym prestupom. Bolo to drazsie cca o 35j. Metro rano riadne napraskane, som sa ledvaj mestil ale na pekingske sa to furt nechyta. Na velkej stanici shinjuku trosku bludenia, i ked tu boli navigacne tabule. Je tu tusim aj 5 roznych liniek. V automate kupujem Enoshima Kamakura Free Pass V cene je spiatocna cesta do fujisawa ( odakyu line) a neobmedzeny pocet jazd na trase kamakura - fujisawa (enoden a odakyu line). Cesta dlha, zhruba hodina. Pocas nej som dopisoval dennik. V prestup na iny vlak a tu nastal problem, som isol s davom a nekukol si poradne nazov stanice. ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo August 2nd 2018

Po budicku pisem ruri, ze sa ospravedlnujem jej kamoske a ci by dnes nesla do kina (kamoska). Odpoved som ocakaval, nie. Vyberam sa do blizkeho parku ueono s tym, ze si tam len niekde lahnem dopisem dennik (meskam asi tyzden, nebolo casu) a len tak porelaxujem Na recepcii odovzdavam klucik od skrinky kde mam vsetky veci. Fasujem papierik s cislom mojej skrinky, vyhadzujem do kosa jednorazove papuce a hor sa do parku. Vonku na skapanie. Prichadzam do parku, tam kvanta ludi a ziadny dobry flek na odpocinok. Presuvam sa k jazeru, kde kopa velkych lekien, daju sa tu pozicat i lodky. Padam do tienu a relax. Vydzal som tu asi pol hodinu. Fakt sa vonku neda existovat (tipujem okolo 35c). Balim to a ubytko. Fakt klobuk dole pred tymi vsetkymi turistami co chodia v tomto pekle ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo August 1st 2018

V noci som nemohol spat. Nervozita pred cestou ale hlavne strata fajn cloveka. Chcel som aj kukat spartak (3.30) ale nevydalo, zobudil som az po zapase. Rano opat ranajky. Ruri mi pripravila pekny darcek so spolocnymi fotkami. Na chodbe ma cakal velky napis goodbay. Nasadame do auta a smer letisko. Soferuje mama. Najskor pohoda, potom zistuje, ze ideme zle. Neskor robi dost vela kiksov za volantom. Pri plateny myta si pomylila branu. Tak z nej musela vycuvat. Este ze premavka prakticky nulova. Na letisku rozlucka s mamou a smer check in. Ruri mala pravdu, kazdu batozinu vazia. Moja ma 8kg + asi 1kg maly batoh. Ten davam ruri. Z velkeho batohu vytahujem bundu a nohavice. Vaha 7.3kg. Its ok Po zvazeni a nalepeni stitku opat vsetko davam do batohu. Uplna fraska. V kiosku vytukavam svoj kod, ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ikebukuro July 22nd 2018

Dear All Greetings from Tokyo! And Japan, country number 77! I still can’t actually believe I’m here, it is one of those places which you know exists because you have seen it on TV and in films, but you don’t imagine you’ll ever set foot there, or if it really exists at all. I had a similar feeling when I first went to New York. This is Tokyo – actually the world’s largest urban conurbation, at a staggering 37 million people – that is more than half the population of the UK in just one city. This really is a mega-city, and makes London, at 14 million people in its conurbation area, only the 28th largest in the world, feel like a sleepy village. Just flying past the city on the way to Haneda Airport, the ... read more
View from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
Ikebukuro Metro
Shinto Priestess

Asia » Japan » Tokyo July 15th 2018

Sunday, 15th July 2019 We devoted our day on rails from Sapporo to Tokyo via a combination of Express and Shinkansen Trains to complete the distance of 890km between the two cities. It was late afternoon by the time we arrived at our accommodation in downtown Tokyo. This was the same Dormy Inn chain that we were familiar - completed with complimentary breakfast, ramen noodles and comfortable onsen facilities. We started our journey in Tokyo one week ago and it was nice to be back where we first started. We would be spending our final two nights in Tokyo before flying back home on Tuesday morning!... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo July 8th 2018

After a leisurely morning, we decided to venture out to Odaiba Tokyo, a sprawled out complex constructed on a man-made island, with numerous shopping centres and attractions. It is a vast area, that was filled with Japanese people seeking refuge as the Mercury rose to 35 degrees. We walked from the metro station, perhaps longer than we initially thought. The sun was scorching and we had managed to get burnt by the time we arrived. I am glad we did walk though as we learnt where the new Fish Market is going to be located, as well as a massive fruit and vegetable market, the Olympic Gymnastics centre and the rugby World Cup for next year. We would not have seen it had we caught transport. We absorbed some air-conditioning, did a little shopping and then ... read more
Odaiba Tokyo
Odaiba Tokyo
Odaiba Tokyo

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ryogoku July 8th 2018

Sunday, 8th July 2018 We took an overnight flight from Singapore to Narita International Airport via the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. During the flight, we were happy to be "upgraded" to the extra leg room seats for free. As usual, Singapore Airlines impressed us with their quality in-flight service and we were well taken care of even though we were seated within the Cattle Class. By Sunday morning, we had landed safely to welcome our 10-day vacation in Japan. Sorting out our pre-booked tickets at both the JR and Keisei Rail Offices at the Airport took a while as there was a fair bit of crowd ahead of us. Everyone was making use of the various value-for-money Railway Passes to embark on their land journeys in Japan. The journey from the the airport to our hotel at ... read more
Flight Details
Breakfast on Board
Welcome to Japan

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ginza July 7th 2018

We woke to an overcast, but dry morning; a welcome relief from the torrential rain we walked in to get to our hotel last night. We had a good sleep, despite the bed being incredibly hard. It Is a very pleasant temperature in the mornings here, before a humid, warm day. Whilst forecast to be 23 degrees, however it actually reached 29 degrees. We got up and wandered around to the famous, and soon to be gone, Tsukiji Fish markets. Evidently, they are pulling the wholesale section of this market down to build accommodation for the 2020 Olympics and renovate the area. It was a very interesting market. We meandered around, trying many weird and wonderful foods. The sights and sounds of this market are very enjoyable. As the morning progressed, it became harder to walk ... read more
Oysters the size of one’s hand!
The outer market of Tsukiji markets
Sea urchins

Asia » Japan » Tokyo July 6th 2018

We are sitting at the Brisbane airport, relaxing in the Qantas lounge before our nine hour flight. We are excited to share our ten day adventure in Japan with those sitting fireside. We opted to upgrade to business this trip, which was an enjoyable and relaxing experience, though I am not sure I signed up for the typhoon inflight entertainment enroute. Our trip begins with three days in Tokyo. We are staying at a hotel near Ginza, nothing fancy, just a place to rest our weary head at night. Marcus has planned a fairly tight itinerary. I am just along for the journey and rest from a very intense five months at work. We are anticipating great weather and hoping to climb Mt Fuji in a few days. We have a relaxing stay in Kamakura and ... read more

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