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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Odaiba November 21st 2018

I wake up feeling good this morning after another cosy night's sleep. I am honestly in love with this hotel room – the bed is super comfy (a rival to any premier inn), it has great climate control to adjust the room temperature and the heated toilet seat is something I could definitely get used to. And the sound proofing is impeccable – you would literally think you were the only guest staying here and there's no cleaners shouting at the top of their lungs and scraping chairs around at 8 in the morning (we've since noticed from staying in other hotels that they all seem to do their cleaning between 10am and 3pm – what a sensible idea!). Unfortunately even though I am definitely sleeping better, I still wake up at 3am then 5am and ... read more
Hamarikyu gardens
A peaceful park in the city
New York? No, Odaiba

Asia » Japan » Tokyo November 20th 2018

After a very Long travel from Los Angeles we finally arrived at HAN airport our flight was long but Delta airlines was excellent . Time changes are always difficult for us but a big whole day tour in the morning will show us all. Japan having a population of 127 million and Tokyo 13.8 million infrastructure has been created to keep things flowing. There is a whole under ground of tunnels with subways trains and vehicles, the people are welcoming polite and helpful. The cities are clean and I mean clean its respect no garbage graffiti or any thing of that nature any where. The goal is success the children are educated to a high level and everyone has a part in society and stands proud. Our first day and I was a wonderful friendly experience. ... read more
Shutle bus stop
baggage HAN airprt Tokyo
Leaving customs Tokyo airport

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shibuya November 20th 2018

After a bit of investigation from my lovely colleagues at the airport (it's good to have contacts), I find out my case is currently at Narita airport and has been since yesterday. I'm a bit miffed as to why they haven't delivered it already, especially as my only pair of boots are starting to fall apart on me and I really don't want to have to go out and buy new ones. I'm ruminating over the situation when a second later the room phone rings and I perk up with the hope its good news about my case. I am absolutely ecstatic when she confirms it is, and I practically run down to reception. My good karma for helping a women with her case has paid off lol. I run back up the stairs with the ... read more
Myths of tomorrow murial
Shibuya crossing
Me being all artsy

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa November 19th 2018

I manage to get quite a good sleep considering my history, and the only disappointment is I wake up 2 minutes before my alarm goes off. But I feel refreshed after a well needed 10 and a half hour sleep lol. It helps the bed is super comfy too. After a morning coffee from our coffee machine in the room (a nice little touch), we are raring to go and armed with our itinerary, head out on our first proper adventure of Tokyo. Yesterday Greg spotted a little pancake place just along the road from our hotel, and as much as we love trying and eating food from other countries, the thought of noodles and dumplings for breakfast is something we cant quite get our head around, so pancakes sound quite ... read more
Western meets Asian
Senso-ji temple
Outside senso-ji temple

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa November 18th 2018

It feels like a back to the future moment as its now 10.30am local time so we've lost 8 hours of time in the blink of an eye. Tokyo airport is huge and customs takes a lot longer than expected which is a pain as we are knackered and just want to get there now. I'm really ready for a hot shower and a lie down, but unfortunately that's a long way off at this point. Once we get to the luggage belt, the cases have already started coming out and I get excited when I see both mine and Greg's cases in the distance at the other end of the belt. It feels like a huge relief as I know all too first hand how often Iberia lose cases from working at the airport. But ... read more
Our cool little hotel
Gyoza dumplings yum
Japanese wrestling

Asia » Japan » Tokyo November 17th 2018

So its finally the night before our epic holiday to Japan and my original plan is to do an all-nighter before our mega 13 and a half hour flight, but in the end I succumb to tiredness and manage to achieve a full three hour sleep – almost a normal night's amount of sleep for me so i'm pretty happy (even though i'm somewhat bleary eyed when the 4 alarms we have set all start beeping at us at 6am). Checking in for the first leg of our flight is pretty straightforward enough and we are surprised to find one of our former colleagues is on the same flight to Madrid as us so we get to have a little catch up. When we actually board the plane, we realise we are also sitting in the ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo October 21st 2018

We spent our last days visiting with family and friends, and biking around the area. I was able to meet with a former student and his family on Saturday. I had not seen Yusuke since he was 7! We had lunch, went for a long walk, and reminisced... We celebrated my niece's first birthday with her family, including her grandmother, aunt, and cousin. I made the birthday cake... On Sunday afternoon, we all went to a beer fest at the farmer's market in Ome, where Dianne's friends had a T-shirt booth. Bill bought one... We took a 16 mile ride with my brother on Monday, up into the mountains near his house. The ride included several miles on a main road frequented by the dreaded dump trucks, but we survived! We went into a small mountain ... read more
Giant perfect carrots from the JA store nearby
Bedding being aired

Asia » Japan » Tokyo October 17th 2018

My brother got us bikes from the sports center on base where he felt so good to be pedaling again, and not walking! Matt and Dianne rarely use their cars, preferring bikes and public transportation. Matt rides 50 minutes to his job on the Air Force base, and Dianne and Madelyn travel by foot, train or bus to shop or go to classes. On Tuesday, Bill and I took a 10 mile ride around the area, crossing the river twice, and cruising tiny side roads. We visited an older small temple with a view back over the valley. On Wednesday, Matt, Bill, and I rode to the organic restaurant in Ome where we had eaten after our hike last week, and met Dianne and Madelyn who had been at a baby class. On Thursday, we ... read more
Local festival
Neighborhood photos

Asia » Japan » Tokyo October 8th 2018

This was my last full day in Tokyo. I have enjoyed my time here. It is a nice, safe, undemanding city to use as my first stop while I adjust to the time and get fully into “travel mode”. Today is a national holiday called Sports Day. I’m not sure what the significance of it is, but it has not affected my itinerary much. Some museums are closed, so I spent much of the day outdoors. My first stop was to return to Yoyogi Park. (I misspelled it as “Yoyoji” yesterday.) Today I walked to the Meiji Shrine, a place honoring the Meiji Emperor who ruled from 1868-1912 and who was responsible for pulling Japan out of the almost feudal Shogun period and changing it into a modern industrialized world power. This is a Shinto shrine ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo October 7th 2018

I am feeling less jet-lagged today and have been busy seeing sights in downtown Tokyo. I have heard it said that Tokyo has no must-see sights, but has many worthwhile sights. I spent the morning right near my hotel which is across the street from Tokyo Station. My first stop was to see the Nihombashi bridge. It is on the site of the first bridge in the city and is guarded by stylized lion statues. Next I visited three skyscrapers that are office buildings during the week, but also hold shops and restaurants that were busy today (Sunday). I had lunch on the top floor of one and enjoyed the view over the imperial gardens. One can visit the gardens, but much of the grounds is off limits because the Japanese royal family still lives there. ... read more

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