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Asia » Japan » Tokyo October 8th 2018

This was my last full day in Tokyo. I have enjoyed my time here. It is a nice, safe, undemanding city to use as my first stop while I adjust to the time and get fully into “travel mode”. Today is a national holiday called Sports Day. I’m not sure what the significance of it is, but it has not affected my itinerary much. Some museums are closed, so I spent much of the day outdoors. My first stop was to return to Yoyogi Park. (I misspelled it as “Yoyoji” yesterday.) Today I walked to the Meiji Shrine, a place honoring the Meiji Emperor who ruled from 1868-1912 and who was responsible for pulling Japan out of the almost feudal Shogun period and changing it into a modern industrialized world power. This is a Shinto shrine ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo October 7th 2018

I am feeling less jet-lagged today and have been busy seeing sights in downtown Tokyo. I have heard it said that Tokyo has no must-see sights, but has many worthwhile sights. I spent the morning right near my hotel which is across the street from Tokyo Station. My first stop was to see the Nihombashi bridge. It is on the site of the first bridge in the city and is guarded by stylized lion statues. Next I visited three skyscrapers that are office buildings during the week, but also hold shops and restaurants that were busy today (Sunday). I had lunch on the top floor of one and enjoyed the view over the imperial gardens. One can visit the gardens, but much of the grounds is off limits because the Japanese royal family still lives there. ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo October 6th 2018

Greetings to my blog readers! I am just beginning another travel adventure. I plan to go around the world again, this time in a westerly direction. So I am starting RTW2 in Japan. I arrived yesterday, but I don’t have much to tell you about that because I agree with the person who said that nothing is more boring than listening to the story of someone else’s travel delays. Today I spent my time exploring Tokyo and I managed to get in several sights. I started at the Yasukuni Shrine and Yushukan Museum. This is a controversial place because the shrine’s purpose is to remember and venerate the nation’s war dead, including a number of officers who were convicted of war crimes in WWII. Photography is not allowed inside the shrine, but the museum permits photos ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo October 6th 2018

After an almost nine hour flight, we arrived at Haneda Airport, in Tokyo, where my brother Matt met us...We had a slight adventure driving home when a major expressway entrance was closed and we wandered for a bit through narrow side roads! Matt and Dianne just moved into their new home last week, but are still graciously hosting us! I finally got to meet my newest niece, Madelyn, Friday morning. She is almost one, and so very cute... On Friday morning, we walked around the small town of Baigo, part of Ome, where my brother and his family now live. The Tama River flows in the valley below, and there are mountains all around... In the afternoon, Bill and I went with Dianne and Madelyn to a community center in Ome, where there is a baby ... read more
The view from our room
Sliding screens in our room
The house is the one with the red roof..

Asia » Japan » Tokyo September 12th 2018

On y est depuis 4 jours. Beaucoup d’effervescence dans cette bourgade de 35, millions d’habitants. On pourrait aisément y loger toute la population du Canada qui s’y trouverait probablement très à l’étroit compte tenu des millions de kilomètres carrés dont nous disposons pour nous “épivarder”et il resterait sans doute un peu d’espace pour la croissance étant donné que nous n’atteignons toujours pas ce niveau de peuplement. Bien sur la population “in muro” n’est que de 8millions mais si on ajoute tout le reste de la bergerie qui gravite autour communément appelé la banlieu on dénombre 27 autres millions de petits japonais qui y grenouillent emportant dans leurs sillage de petits pas une étoudissante activité quasi inhumaine. Entré au travail au chant du coq et rarement ressorsti avant le hululement de la chouette nocturne notre petit japonais ... read more
Olympique massicot 2020

Asia » Japan » Tokyo September 10th 2018

Désolé du retard......... Un peu de ratrapage à faire. voici le premier blog que Marcel à écrit avant le départ pour le Japon En préparation pour le Japon Comme disent ceux qui n’ont jamais été nulle part se préparer pour aller quelque part constitue toute une entreprise. A priori le lieu du voyage importe peu, vêtements de rechange, accessoires de toilette, pilules, car maintenir la forme et la santé lors d’un périple n’est pas un luxe à moins que la visite d’un ou plusieurs établissements de santé ne fasse partie des incontournables, carte virtuelle ou de papier, livres de même teneur feront partie des bagages peu importe la destination à cette distinction près que les froids polaires et les tropiques ne tolèrent pas le même genre d’acoutrement. Déguisé en ours blanc aux confins de l’amazonie ou ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Koenji September 7th 2018

Vi har efterhånden været i Japan i en håndfuld dage og er allerede en masse indtryk rigere. Der første dage gik med sightseeing i Tokyo, byen blev vadet rundt og vi fik både kigget, oplevet og, Inger mindst, smagt på hovedstaden i Solens Rige. Storby siger mig ikke så meget, men Tokyo glædede jeg mig egentlig til at se og den skuffer absolut ikke, uden tvivl den fedeste metropol jeg har været i. Japan, og japanerne, skiller sig ret meget ud fra resten af de lande vi har oplevet, de er regelryttere af en skuffe man ikke vidste fandtes. Det gør byen virkelig behagelig at være i, selvom ca 15mio på lidt plads kan kaotisk, et byen renere end nogen by i DK - skrald og skodder på gaden, og tyggegummi på asfalt er ikke-eksisterende, trafik ... read more
... go! Omkring 2 000 mennesker kryder ved hvert grønt lyst
Et eksempel på toiletkontrolpanel, de varierer, men er... spændende....
Sensoji i Tokyo

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinagawa August 18th 2018

Hello my fellow travellers! After some 20-25 hours or so spent on trains, planes and airports I finally arrived back in Tokyo, almost a full year after my last visit to Japan. This year's trip will be quite different from the previous years' though, because this entire trip will more or less be a long pilgrimage set in five different parts one after another. The first part of the pilgrimage, which will begin tomorrow, is to climb to the summit of Mount Fuji. My initial plan was to do this together with Takae, but unfortunately she can't take time away from her work on Monday. My back-up plan was for us to do a bullet-climb, starting in the morning and ending in the evening, but for that to work I would have needed to stay at ... read more
Delicious Ramen
Togoshi Ginza Onsen
Onigiri and Sapporo Beer

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Akihabara August 8th 2018

We left the hotel and walked to the metro station to go to the fish market, on the way past, we walked by a little vending machine that sold hats for cats, they were hilarious. Bear ears, bunny ears and a hat that looked like a boiled sweet, obviously, I had to get one! Molly the cat is going to be SO impressed when I get home!! When we arrived in the area where the fish market is, we walked into a tiny walkway lined with market stalls with household goods, veggies, fish and meat. The market was very busy despite the later time, Michie took us to a stall to try a local cake, round and heavy with a choice of filling with chocolate, custard, soya beans, black sesame and many more, because I’ve been ... read more
Custard cake
Inside the fish market
First sushi!

Asia » Japan » Tokyo August 6th 2018

Dnes mam na plane kuknut cele tokio pesibusom nech som na nocny resp ranny let totalne k.o. V posteli som nechal riadny bordel, zbohom cistotne japonsko. Moje kroky smeruju okolo Shinobazunoike Pond k imperial palacu. Samozrejme mam stastie a v pondelok je zavrete. Tak sa skladam na lavicku pri priekope, ktora je napustena vodou a na nej plno lekien. Palac vdaka priekope a hradbam vidiet neni. Vsetko maju pod dohladom policajti. Po mini spanku pokracujem az do casti sibuja. Bol to dobre debilny napad, bo neskor vyslo slnko a do toho vlhkost. Ma to riadne odrovnalo. Cesta zaujimava, mrakodrapy, ulicky, ludia rovnako obleceny. Prichadzam do velmi kawaii ulicky takeshita. Ludi milion a rozne priteplene obchody z ktorych japonky boli hotove. Proste detsky rozum u dospelich ludi. Este okukuken blizku cat street. Dalsa chobotina. Pracem sa cim ... read more

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