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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Nakano September 20th 2019

Every time we head off to Japan we go with Jetstar as they offer some fantastic deals so this time was no different. Except we were offered the opportunity to update to Business Class from Cairns to Narita which we took up. Having, two weeks earlier arrived back home from Copenhagen via London and Singapore - which entailed about 24 hours on a plane - the thought of a Business Class flight, even though it was a journey of only just over seven hours, was too good to be true. Very enjoyable! Arriving at Narita - Tokyo's biggest Airport - around 7pm we were met by Ross and Natsumi and whisked off for the long walk to where a car Ross had hired from a company called Awayca awaited. Just like the Airbnb model, both users ... read more
Home at Nakano
Off on a shopping expedition
The boys at home!

Asia » Japan » Tokyo September 7th 2019

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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa September 6th 2019

Lot z Warszawy do Tokio mija w mgnieniu oka. Ani się spostrzeżesz dostajesz kolację o 15.00 czasu polskiego. Już musisz zacząć walczyć z jetlagiem. Żołądkowo. Po kolacji film. Obejrzałem dokument National Geographic "Free Solo" i muszę przyznac, że nie był to najlepszy wybór jeśli ma się w perspektywie konieczność zaśnięcia na parę godzin zaraz po zakończeniu seansu. Spocone ręce, przyspieszone bicie serca i gonitwa myśli to objawy jakie sobie zaserwowalem i musiałem długo przywoływać w myślach uspokajające obrazy łąk, pastwisk i plaż aby uspokoić wyobraźnię. Dokument jednak świetny i godny polecenia. Nawet dla ludzi kompletnie nie mających pojęcia o wspinaczce. Jak ja. Basia rozsądniej wybrała biografie Quenn i ukołysana głosem Freddiego śpi jak niemowlę. Trzeba było brać przykład z żony. Po filmie trzeba się przespać. Choć 2 go... read more
Wymieniamy JRpassy.
Team Lab Borderless Epson.

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Chiyoda June 28th 2019

Onsen Explorer. Day 13. Thursday. After sleeping like a log we needed a more European breakfast so had a egg and bacon tea cake at Cafe Delice before a trip on the Ginza underground line to Asakusa. Whilst this is a big tourist destination it is well worth the visit, full of tourist stalls down both sides of the street with the exquisite Senso-Ji shrine at the end with people milling around everywhere. There are several shops selling and renting out kimonos so there are girls and ladies parading the streets wearing them - very nice. The restaurants are good too if you get away from the main area selling traditional Japanese fare and Italian etc. From there a walk to Ueno Park is possible where you will find a zoo and several shrines of Shinto ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo June 25th 2019

So our first morning in Tokyo started with an earthquake tremor. Yes, you read that right. An Earthquake. We were downstairs in the hotel lobby exchanging pleasantries with Akito our guide for our first day in Tokyo, when all of a sudden the whole room/building starts shuddering. It's a strange moment, because your brain wants to classify it as something familiar, but it just isn't. After a quick glance at each other, Philippe and I turned to the guide, to gauge her level of panic. Our assessment: zero. And no one else in the room was even batting an eyelid. 'Oh, it's an earthquake. It happens in Tokyo. Often we don't even realise it is happening, but the buildings are built to handle it' . 'So, eh, is it going to happen again?' (i.e. do we ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo June 23rd 2019

If you’ve been following along – thanks! – you know that I very much like horse racing. So much so that when I travel I will check to see if there is a race track close to where I’m going, and if there is I will make plans to visit. I regularly attend races in southern California, so it is always fun for me to see the differences between racing here and in other countries. Of course, the basic premise is the same – sleek horses with small jockeys competing to see who can cross the finish line first. But the tracks themselves can vary widely, as can the customs around the meets. I was in Tokyo during the spring race season. Horse racing in Japan is a big deal. There are ten nationally sanctioned race ... read more
train station to race track

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku June 16th 2019

Exploring Kagurazaka There were several maps containing attractions in the neighbourhood at the hotel. We decided to visit Kagurazaka near Iidabashi station. We took the Sōbu (yellow train) line from Shinjuku. We got off at Iidabashi and used West Exit. We saw a lovely shopping street, Kagurazaka, soon after we left the station. Miyagi Michio Memorial Hall We planed visiting Miyagi Michio Memorial Hall. This museum was standing in the middle of the residential area. We paid ¥400 for the admission charge and started looking round exhibition rooms. We could hear his masterpiece ‘Haru no Umi (Spring Sea)’ playing in the exhibition rooms. Miyagi Michio is known as the composer and the distinguished ‘Koto’ performer. The exhibition rooms housed the outstanding 80-string Koto – reproduction of the instrument invented by Miyagi, Brail... read more
Kengyo no Ma
Chikudo Yahata Shrine

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku June 16th 2019

Shinjuku Gyoen We met up with my mother and my aunt at South Exit of Shinjuku Station at 11 o’clock, and as planned, we went to Shinjuku Gyoen. Before I came over to Britain for marriage, I’d lived in Tokyo for 25 years and have come to Tokyo several times since I started living in the UK. However, I had not visited some of the sightseeing places including Shinjuku Gyoen. I’d heard that Shinjuku Gyoen is one of Tokyo’s most popular parks. It wasn’t far from Shinjuku station. We each paid ¥500 for the admission fee. Having looked through the map, we understood that this park consists of three parts: Japanese traditional garden, landscape garden and formal garden. We started ambling through traditional Japanese garden. We followed the footpath and board walk along three large ponds ... read more
Mr & Mrs Goddard in Shinjuku Gyoen
My mother and my aunt
rhodondendron at peak

Asia » Japan » Tokyo June 14th 2019

Onsen Explorer Day 14. Tokyo-Friday Today a visit to Asakusa and the large and busy Senso-Ji Temple. The road down to the temple was something else, lined with wooden stalls selling everything any tourist could ever want. I didn’t say ’need’ you note. Very touristy of course but very interesting. There were many Japanese girls dressed in Kimonos, which I found were available for hire at 2000 JPY (£14). Many were posing for photos whilst most were just enjoying being dressed up. The socks were split at the big toe so that flip flops, or wooden clogs called Getas, could be worn. The western people stood out as more plump than the locals but even here in the city the girls are looking better fed than the country ones, who look rather undernourished. On our way ... read more
Incense burning

Asia » Japan » Tokyo June 13th 2019

Onsen Explorer. Day 13. Thursday 13 June. Tokyo City Sightseeing today, but a sandwich and coffee breakfast first at Cafe Veloce. The Imperial gardens were visited after a long walk in the heat. The gardens were very green with few flowers and magnificent stone ramparts with stones well over one cubic metre in size. And a view over the city. A day train ticket was obtained so that we could explore the city and we went to the Tokyo Tower, which is like a mini Eiffel Tower. From there a spin on the underground got us to the Tokyo Government Building where we went up to the 45th floor for a free view of the city. Unfortunately it was a little hazy and Mt Fuji was not visible but the skyscrapers were very impressive. My feet ... read more
Buddhist Temple
Shibuya street

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