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Asia » Japan » Tokyo June 18th 2006

Here are some pictures from a few fun things we did towards the end of June.... The first couple of pictures are from our friend Missy's birthday party. Her actual birthday was June 8th, but we didn't all get together until almost a week later, on June 14th. We all celebrated with dinner at Monsoon's, a really delicious restaurant right by the Disney parks, and then finished off the evening with gelato. We went to a great place where they have many new and unique flavors everyday, including caramel yogurt, tiramisu, and even BEER!! All in all, a great night with great friends! The next set of pictures is from when Japan was playing in the World Cup games. Larry and I were all excited to go out and watch the games here, and also wanted ... read more
Missy & Melanie after some gelato
supporting Japan in the World Cup
the happy Japanese couple

Asia » Japan » Tokyo June 17th 2006

So, over the past 5 months I have been settling into life here in Japan. I have met so many people and I have seen some amazing things. One of my friends here showed me her travel blog that she has kept since she arrived here and has been sending it home for the past 5 months. So, I thought that this would be a great way to let you all know how I am and what I’ve been up to. What have I been up to?? Well, I work at DisneySea 5 days a week and honestly I love going to work everyday. The show is amazing and I enjoy doing it so much. I can’t wait to show it to you all. The Japanese cast that I work with is great too. So, I ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo June 17th 2006

So we arrived in Tokyo Thursday night. Honestly, I don't really care to much for the place we are staying at, but I think I am kind of spoiled from our place in Fukuoka. As it turns out, one of the youth hostels in Tokyo is this place. What are the odds? We had classes on Friday at Tokyo Institute of Technology. or Tokyo Tech. The campus is relatively, small, but it has some pretty cool facilities. All the staff in the international studies program are nice. We only have 1 teacher for the next two weeks so this means that all of us, the advanced and the not so advanced class, are in the same class. Since our proficiencies vary drastically, it may prove a problem for Masuda Sensei(our teacher) to teach at a speed ... read more
remedial class
my teachers
park in tokyo

Asia » Japan » Tokyo June 15th 2006

Hi Rob!!!! :-) Tokyo Asakusa On the weekend of the 9th of June Marissa sensei and I headed to the big city!! Actually more than big, it was bloody massive!!! We headed down on the Shinkansen on Friday night, just missing the Hikari train (the faster one) and so having to catch the Kodama (that stops at all stations and meant we arrived at tokyo station when we should have been arriving at our hostel). But after wandering around a little bit lost for awhile we caught the right subways and trains to Asakusa (not to be confused with another suburb called Akasuka!!) and our friendly hostel manager was waiting up for us. They only opened for business on the 1st of June so I dont think they wouldve locked us out!! The hostel was beautiful, ... read more
he he

Asia » Japan » Tokyo June 14th 2006

Straight after work on Friday, Amy and I caught the Shinkansen to Tokyo. We missed the Hikari super express by about 5 seconds. As we ran up the stairs we could hear the ringing sound which meant the doors were closing! We had to wait and then catch a slower shinkansen. It didn't really matter because we were on holidays for the next two days and could relax! We got a little lost making our way to the hostel, due to inaccurate directions and the confusing Tokyo train system. When we finally made it to our hostel, we went out for an 11pm dinner. Back at the hostel, we met some other travellers who shared their stories and gave us some tips about travel in Japan (and one who showed us a video of the guy ... read more
Me and Anpanman!
Amy and Ultraman!

Asia » Japan » Tokyo June 12th 2006

I arrived in Tokyo last night, well about four in the moring for you back home. It was a twelve hour flight, and I wish i would have paid for business class. I sat next to some annoying fat teachers who were on their way to teach children in china how to sing the hoky poky. Anyway I arrived and didnt get a chance to sleep on the plane. I didnt sleep because they kept feeding us. I wish i didnt eat before the flight, i would have felt better. a couple of hours into the flight lunch was served. baked cod with a side salad, roll, noodles and desert. a couple of hours later snacks and soda were served. Later sandwiches were served with drinks. Then, a couple of hours before we arrived in Tokyo ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo June 12th 2006

Well were all packed up this morning, just using the computers here at the hostel one last time (they charge $10 per person after check out). Then were going to do some last minute shopping and head for the airport afternoon. Some of our closing thoughts: Japan is very clean for the most part, though there are some dirty places, just like any densly populated country I like riding the subway and trains, Im not looking forward to driving everywhere when I get home. I like riding bikes without fear that Im going to get plowed by a semi. Trees grow greener here Everyone should wear uniforms Fancy hats Free tissues Food served at restaurants looks exactly like whats on the menu Good food at the convience stores Convenience stores at every corner!! Things that I ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo June 11th 2006

It's been raining all day, the drizzly, miserable, warm kind of rain. This morning we went to the Ghibli Museum (where Totoro lives). Sadly they didn't allow photographs was sooo cool!! We got to see a short film and seet all these neat sketches and figurines. The entire building was built like a fantasy kid's house, with little doors here and there and winding staircases and miniature toilets for the children. They also had a claymation exhibit where they had life-size Wallace and Gromit scenes and the actual set they used during the movie. Since it was a rainy Sunday morning, the place was absolutely packed. We could hardly move 5 feet without bumping into people. By the time we left and got back to Tokyo station it was already 2 pm. So we did ... read more
Outside the Museum
geting on the magic bus

Asia » Japan » Tokyo June 10th 2006

This morning we had sushi for breakfast...yummy! We also tried some horse sushi...interesting. Kind of like really raw, oily beef. Chewy too. Then we headed to a street near Asakusa that is lined with kitchen tools, and restaurant supplies. They even had the fake food you see in the store windows! Those can get really really expensive, but it looks absolutely real! A fake bowl of ramen is about $100, and a fake hunk of beef can be upwards of $1500!!! Then we started picking spots out of the guidebook: Shibuya, Harajuku, Ginza....mostly filled with department stores and restaurants. We walked almost 25000 steps again today and we were feeling it by the end of the day. We went to the Sony Building, but it was rather disapointing. It was about 4 floors of TV's and ... read more
Sony Building
Fake sushi
Fake Beer

Asia » Japan » Tokyo June 9th 2006

Si cette entree de blog est en francais, c'est pas a cause des poules qui se plaignent sans cessent. C'est juste qu'il est 21h35 et que j'ai deja but 6 bieres, donc paresse oblige. Commencons par mettre quelque chose au clair.. Que ce soit au Quebec, au Japon ou meme a St-Lin.. 2 gars qui se chatouille, ca a d'l'air gay. J'ai rien contre les gays... mais apres avoir essaye d'avoir chatouiller ton ami de gars pendant 20 minutes dans un pub englais au Japon, fais pas ton tough pis arrete de cruiser toute les japonaises autour. Ceci etant dit, desole de ne pas updater souvent, ma vie social est plutot rempli dernierement, je me suis fais une tonne de nouveaux amis vraiment sympatique et je prefere passer du temps avec eux que sur internet. D'ailleurs ... read more

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