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Asia » Japan » Tokyo May 28th 2006

I just want to wish Denise and Larry a happy birthday... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ueno May 28th 2006

It's been a long time coming but we finally made it! our journey started at 7am Saturday in Birmingham and we arrived 3pm sunday (local time). how's that for an epic first leg? the flight was pretty good and the British Airways staff were superb. We got bumped up twice on our seat reservations and both ended up with extra legroom. there was a lady with a baby due to be sat next to us but as the flight wasn't full, the stewardess moved her back a few rows where she would have more room and we ended up with 3 seats all to ourselves! Aside from the poor selection of movies on board (I think they were aimed at people a lot posher than us), it was just about the most comfotable flight I've ever ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo May 28th 2006

Bonjour everyones, Yanick, if I don't speak about our personal wars again'st the black lotus ninja's guild, it's only that I do not want to worry people in Quebec. Talking about love will only smoothen their fears of us beeing far far away. By the way, did I show you my brand new bag of shurikens? They have poisoneous blades which can desintegrate a rank B ninja instantly... /geek talk I would like to thanks friend that warned me about somethig great happening in Quebec on August 2nd... not only System of a Down is giving a show at Parc Jean-Drapeau, but Avenged Sevenfold will be one of the guests. I'll be there for sure, but I wonder if Tomoko will like that =/. The morning Melyss told me about it, I was actually thinking "hey... ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo May 27th 2006

First off, let me apologize for how simple this post is going to be. I'm incredibly tired right now, so hopefully when I regain some energy I will be able to fill in any gaps. Afternoon Orientation Got into Rice after the awful 5:35 am flight (and connection). Thankfully other people from the program were there and I hitched a ride to campus. Around 1 pm we went to start the orientation. We didn't find out much that hadn't been posted on OwlSpace in the preceding two weeks. That night a few of us ended up chatting on the balcony for a while for lack of anything better to do. This was pleasant and gave me a good chance to meet most of the people. Lots of Flying The whole trek started at 4 am at ... read more
Narita Shuttle Photo #1
Narita Shuttle Photo #2
Narita Shuttle Photo #3

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Harajuku May 27th 2006

Risa's parents are so nice that words cannot describe. Her brother too. They will not let me pay for stuff even if I try. I had a great time today. Her brother took me to Asakusa and a couple of other places I cannot remember the names of. I got to see a really cool temple as well as purify my spirit with holy incense and water. Now I should have good luck for the rest of my trip. I had my fortune told and I was very lucky. I recieved the best fortune they had. The first time in my life I had some luck. Tonight we had dinner at a restaurant with her brother, his girlfriend, and her mom and dad. It was a lot of fun. It seems strange now that I was ... read more
Must be in Japan
Cool Party Boats
Giant Beer Mug

Asia » Japan » Tokyo May 26th 2006

Japan is extremely expensive. I would never have been able to afford to come here if not for Risa's parents. It cost them $35 dollars to drive on the highway to the airport...each way. A man's haircut cost between $30 and $40. So far budget is doing awesome. This is my third day here and I have only spent $20. Once again thanks to Risa's parents. I was looking at some hats yesterday and I did not see one for less than $30 and up to $70. Kimono's range anywhere from $70 to more than $300 or $400. (Sorry Shannon, but Jon did not give me any money and the cheapest one is a whole day's budget for me, but I will try) They have very fresh seafood here. I was in a food store yesterday ... read more
risa's house side
risa's house front gate
circle K in Japan

Asia » Japan » Tokyo May 25th 2006

Well I have arrived safe and well in Japan. I must say I never want to have to do a flight that long again. 14 hours in a plane is way too long. Good thing I won't have to do it again. I have a longer one when I go home. Oh yeah. I am always interested in seeing how much less wasteful other countries are. I have only been here for one day so far and I already notice some things. For example when you flush the toilet, instead of the water filling the tank where you cannot see it, there is a little faucet and sink on top so you can wash your hands with the water that fills the tank. (if you do not understand I will post a picture later) I am also impressed with myself. My japanese is better ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo May 25th 2006

alright chaps, hello from tokyo. well what to tell you first well its not as crazy as i first thought but its good really good. its all hard to put into words well really its not but i have to sit crossed legged to write this and i'm in vast amounts of pain, how do those kids do it? i learned a very valuable lesson today when using one of those cool toilets don't put the water spray bit up to full pressure as its a bit like hundreds of tiny needles being fire up your arse, not as unpleasent as it sounds but maybe thats due to my strict catholic up bringing, long story, well actually a lie i am after all a filthy perv. so tomorrow is d-day a nice 12hr flight which gets ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo May 23rd 2006

So I left Pearson in Toronto this morning at around 8:00. And close to 18 hours later I am at the Tokyo international aiport waiting for my connection flight to Bangkok. There really isn't anything exciting to write about yet as all I really have done is sit on a plane. The 12.5 hour flight from Chicago definitely was killer, I think I watched 4 full movies. It's finally setting in that I am actually doing this. When I first took off from Toronto I had this odd panic/excitment, it just kind of hit me that I am actually doing this. So I catch a flight in about 3 hours which lands in Bangkok at around midnight. From there I have to make my way 35 KM south to Backpackers lane and find a place to ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku May 23rd 2006

Ho, shit, my arms hurt. Yesterday was the Asakasa DaiMatsuri, and I played a ton of taiko. On top of that, I carried the o-mikoshi way more than I should have. But damn, it was fun!! It pretty much followed standard procedure for a matsuri—only since this one was really special, it was even crazier. It’s estimated that 100,000 people attend this celebration every year. I met my taiko group at 8am, and was drinking by 9:30! I was amazed that after the celebration ended around 6 or so, the group decided to, you guessed it, go out drinking. All right, I realize that I’m probably putting a little too much emphasis on drinking, but it has proven to be a large factor in how much I am learning about Japan. Experiencing Japan this week was ... read more
Everyone in Shinjuku

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