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July 4th 2012
Published: July 4th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Well talk about jet lag we kept on waking up and then finally woke up at 11.44am. Still in work mode we jumped out of bed and rushed out the door to catch the bus into Shinjuku metro station. When we got there we suddenly remembered we are not a timetable anymore ha ha. Anyway first stop was to the Imperial Palace where the emperor and imperial family live. Anyway as anyone knows trying to read Japanese is extremely hard (and that is being nice) so we asked at a travel agency and they did not even know what we were talking about, even when I showed the lady in Japanese where we wanted to go. So true brits we eventually found it (just like the true brit Sherlock Holmes). Attached a photo for you to see it is quite beautiful not quite as spectacular as the Summer Palace in Beijing but a real good second.

Then went to Senso'ji which is the main temple within Tokyo. After this my feet were killing me and I asked to go back to the hotel for a break. Mike decided that he wanted to see the famous zebra crossing (Yes now you
The World Famous Zebra CrossingThe World Famous Zebra CrossingThe World Famous Zebra Crossing

For all you budding actuaries!!!!
know why he started life as an actuary!!). The crossing is called the Shibuya - we got there and yes it was a big zebra crossing. Then he wanted to go back to the hotel - well that was not going to happen he had dragged me to see this thing so he was going to damn well walk across the thing and back! I have added pictures for anyone who aspires to be an actuary!

We are now back at the hotel where I am putting my feet up for a couple of hours before we venture out to get something to eat and drink.

We are off to the famous fish market early in the morning it is supposed to be absolutely amazing (lets hope we wake up this time).

Hope all you peeps at home are ok and the weather has bucked up for you as it is extremely humid here.


4th July 2012

Loving the blog so far and look forward every day to reading it. Glad you are settling in .... Jet Lag is a killer that way... youve another 4 or 5 days to go yet :( Lots of pictures of the fish markets they are supposed to be amazing. Hugs JT x
5th July 2012

Extremely hot here too. Suppose to be 49c tomorrow Yikes.

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