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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku November 15th 2023

I hate long layovers on my flights to Europe, Asia, or South America. But these are some of my favorites, from Simple Flying. From the world's largest indoor waterfall to the world's tallest slides inside an airport, Singapore Changi offers much more than just air travel. The airport currently has more than 80 restaurants, cafes, and bars, providing ample choices for food enthusiasts. The airport also includes a movie theater, along with a sound and light show, complemented by additional offerings such as a spa and canopy bridge where you can take a stroll and stretch your legs while enjoying a scenic view. This is probably the gold standard. Haneda Airport, conveniently located less than an hour away from popular Tokyo destinations like Asakusa, Shibuya, and Shinjuku, stands out as the city's most accessible airport. Abundant ... read more
New Istanbul airport
HK airport

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku August 28th 2023

Min fösta dag i Tokyo avslutades uppe på mitt pod-hotells takterass med chipsprovning och test av några lokala ölsorter. Ensam och i hygglig tystnad. Hade blivit lite väl bortskämd med att ha en massa folk och en massiv ljudmatta runtomkring. Dag två inleddes med en lättare frukost för att sedan packa ihop och promenera upp till nästa resmål och hotell i distriktet Shinjuku. Inte så långt, under timmen i promenad. Staden hann förändra skepnad flera gånger under promenaden. Från pling-plong-slammer och 100 våningarshus till lugna bakgator med tvåvånings town-houses till glassiga shoppingstråk och trendiga modegator fram till slutmålet som till vissa delar var rätt barnförbjudet även om inte Amsterdamskt red-light-district-tydligt. Ord som hela tiden används är Sumimasen – Förlåt, ursäkta. Och ursäktar gör man precis hela tiden. Min minnesregel var typ en jättestor brottande da... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku July 1st 2023

Heute machte ich mich auf, den Asakusa-Schrein im Nordosten Tokios anzusehen. Dabei nutzte ich teilweise die U-Bahn. Ein Wort hierzu: bei Treppen und Rolltreppen scheint sich Japan nicht ganz einig zu sein, ob man rechts oder links geht. Auf den Straßen gilt ja Linksverkehr und bei vielen Gelegenheiten soll man auch links laufen. Es gibt aber zahlreiche andere Stellen, wo man rechts gehen soll. Im Nahverkehr kann das auch zeitweise für Verwirrung sorgen. Ich stieg also am Bahnhof Asakusa aus und lief den kurzen Weg zur Sehenswürdigkeit. Dabei regnete es etwas und mit den vielen Schirmen konnte es auch ganz schön eng werden. Heute am Samstag waren viele Leute vor Ort. Eigentlich durfte man vom Heiligtum selber keine Fotos machen, aber das hat viele Leute nicht gestört. Dies war also mein letztes touristisches Ziel am 20. ... read more
Besuch des Asakusa Schreins in Tokio.
Besuch des Asakusa Schreins in Tokio.
Besuch des Asakusa Schreins in Tokio.

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku June 28th 2023

Heute war ein vollgepackter Tag. Nach dem Frühstück fuhr ich mit der U-Bahn zum Bahnhof Shin-Osaka, wo ich den Shinkansen nach Tokio bestieg. Es war etwa eine dreistündige Fahrt (leider konnte ich wegen Wolken wieder nicht den Berg Fuji sehen) und dort nahm ich den Nahverkehrszug nach Shinjuku, wo ich im Hotel eincheckte, mein Gepäck auf dem Zimmer lies und im Restaurant für heute und die drei folgenden Tage einen Tisch reservierte. Dieses Lokal ist kulinarisch etwas beschränkt (viele Dinge auf der Speisekarte sind auch nicht auf englisch erklärt), aber nicht allzu teuer. Dann hatte ich noch einen Ausflug zum Nationalmuseum in den Tag gepackt. Also fuhr ich wieder mit einem JR-Zug zum Bahnhof Ueno, wo sich ein Museumsviertel in einem Park befindet. Dabei machte aber meiner Papp-Japan Railpass schlapp und lies sich nicht mehr mit ... read more
Besuch des Nationalmuseums in Tokio.
Besuch des Nationalmuseums in Tokio.
Besuch des Nationalmuseums in Tokio.

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku April 13th 2023

Japan – Vancouver 6th April – 15thMay 2023 Up at 2.45am on the 6th April 2023 to catch the 4.00am bus to Heathrow! The plane (that was huge) took off on time for the 13-hour flight to Kuala Lumpur! It seemed a very strange way to go to Tokyo as there were a lot of people on the plane going to Australia ……and that was only another 8hrs to Melbourne, whereas we also still had a 7-hour flight to do! AND we also had a 7 1/2 -hour lay-over as the London to KL landed early!! All things have a silver lining, so instead of sitting around in the airport, we managed to find a travel agent, in the airport, who arranged for us to have a 2-hour sight-seeing tour of Putrajaya – the government district ... read more
Mosque at Kuala Lumpur
Meditating at the lake at Kuala Lumpur
Shibuya zebra crossing

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku January 3rd 2022

Most North Americans would shudder at the thought of themselves or others loudly slurping while eating, but in Japan, it’s not only expected, but encouraged. It’s believed that the practice originated as an url= experience — slurping soba noodles simply augmented the aromatic flavors when air was taken in through the mouth at the same time. From there, as other dishes such as ramen proliferated, the practice did too. The custom, which is relegated to noodles only, does spark some url=https://na... read more
A must see for moviephiles
Love the udon!
Try the pho! Ever!

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku February 16th 2021

I enjoy a version of this soup from time to time, primarily for lunch, on a cold day. Feel free to add or subtract ingredients. I regard tofu as the main ingredient. The seasoning with kombu (seaweed) is a key factor in the overall taste. If you need help, please let me know. Vegetarian Japanese hot pot recipe (nabemono) Ingredients 1 piece dashi kombu (roughly 3x3") piece (very important) 4-5 cups water (or vegetable stock) 3 Tbsp (gluten free) soy sauce, more to taste Sake... read more
Tofu soup
Use soft (kinogoshi) tofu

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku February 10th 2020

The article on MSN Travel Voices featured a young African American woman, traveling in Japan. Here are some of her thoughts and observations: url= I go abroad, I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders to be a good example of a black woman so negative stereotypes don't continue, especially in homogeneous cultures where there is a lack of diversity. The media doesn't exactly portray black people incredibly well, and people watch it and make assumptions about what we're like based on the color of our skin. In some places, they've rarely even seen a black person in real life. I am constantly aware of every move I make when I step outside of the United States. There is not a single moment when I am not c... read more
Where are you from?
What are you?
Tell me the truth!

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku June 16th 2019

Exploring Kagurazaka There were several maps containing attractions in the neighbourhood at the hotel. We decided to visit Kagurazaka near Iidabashi station. We took the Sōbu (yellow train) line from Shinjuku. We got off at Iidabashi and used West Exit. We saw a lovely shopping street, Kagurazaka, soon after we left the station. Miyagi Michio Memorial Hall We planed visiting Miyagi Michio Memorial Hall. This museum was standing in the middle of the residential area. We paid ¥400 for the admission charge and started looking round exhibition rooms. We could hear his masterpiece ‘Haru no Umi (Spring Sea)’ playing in the exhibition rooms. Miyagi Michio is known as the composer and the distinguished ‘Koto’ performer. The exhibition rooms housed the outstanding 80-string Koto – reproduction of the instrument invented by Miyagi, Braille music sco... read more
Kengyo no Ma
Chikudo Yahata Shrine

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku June 16th 2019

Shinjuku Gyoen We met up with my mother and my aunt at South Exit of Shinjuku Station at 11 o’clock, and as planned, we went to Shinjuku Gyoen. Before I came over to Britain for marriage, I’d lived in Tokyo for 25 years and have come to Tokyo several times since I started living in the UK. However, I had not visited some of the sightseeing places including Shinjuku Gyoen. I’d heard that Shinjuku Gyoen is one of Tokyo’s most popular parks. It wasn’t far from Shinjuku station. We each paid ¥500 for the admission fee. Having looked through the map, we understood that this park consists of three parts: Japanese traditional garden, landscape garden and formal garden. We started ambling through traditional Japanese garden. We followed the footpath and board walk along three large ponds ... read more
Mr & Mrs Goddard in Shinjuku Gyoen
My mother and my aunt
rhodondendron at peak

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