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September 17th 2014
Published: November 26th 2014
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This was one of those places that was simply under my radar. Had it been on my radar, I would have recognized that to tour the Imperial Palaceitself, you need to express an interest at least two weeks prior and be approved. So, I didn't get that done, but will have to reserve a visit there for my next trip to Japan. I got some idea of its importance by simply seeing the breadth and depth of its Moats and Moat Walls. Its really quite the achievement. Along those lines, I fully expect to be blown away when I finally see the Great Wall of China for myself.

In the last three photos, I came back the next day on my walk to the Yushukan museum to specifically feed the Koi that were congregating near the entrance that I used the day before. So, I look for some bread like food stuff at a local convenience store and find "Butter Rolls". Seems reasonable. But after feeding some of one of the rolls to the fish, I realized that it was a bit like a twinkie with butter injected into the center of the roll. True story. In any case, I start
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Warning : Dengue Fever, keep skin covered
feeding it to the fish and they are having great fun snatching up those bits of bread. They know the drill. Then a black Crow shows up, then a Goose. Then finally a Turtle. I was quite amused by the Turtle getting into the fray and not being seen for a few seconds after a piece of bread hit the water. I think the Koi were simply swimming on top of the Turtle to where it was getting pushed away from where it was by their tails. Rather amusing for some reason. In the end, I started throwing bread away from where the Turtle was to move the fish that direction, and after a short while I could drop a piece right by the Turtle so that it got to enjoy the spoils as well. One of the downsides to being easily amused!

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This was near one of the entrances to the East Garden, and I happened to walk by it a few times. Those fish were always congregated there. Must be food regularly and magically appears on the surface of the water there.

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