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22nd December 2016

This temple is wonderful. Omamori of kinkaku-ji can be found on
1st November 2014

Great trip
Once in a lifetime trip! just fabulous. Thanks to my son and Mark Hollis.
1st November 2014

Great trip
Once in a lifetime trip! just fabulous. Thanks to my son and Mark Hollis.
27th August 2011

Great pix!!!
From Blog: Mackinac Island
29th January 2011

Just saw your comment
Hi Tipper, I just now saw your note. doesn't notify bloggers when people leave comments on the blog unfortunately, so when I logged in today I saw your note. Thank you for your comments, and I imagine that area is going to be just as beautiful in June, but I would expect snow to remain in plenty of areas in the higher elevations above town at that time. In any case, from the Denver International Airport to Telluride is going to be about a 7 hour drive, quite long. I would suggest you fly into Telluride yes, it will be very convenient. Other options would be Durango or Gunnison, but if you are going to fly to those, you might as well simply fly into Telluride. Regarding where to stay, Mountain Village is certainly newer buildings and decidely upscale. Rooms there can easily be $200/night and up from there. The gondola is free though, so if you do stay in Mountain Village, you can take the gondola for free back into town, its about a 10 minute ride, very convenient. However, I think there are more restaurant and bar choices in Telluride itself though. I don't think you can go wrong staying in either place (town or Mountain Village). Hope that is informative. Have a great trip! Doug
29th January 2011

Hi Cathy, Thank you for the comment, I agree, Point Lobos is very cool indeed. As a matter of fact, I am planning another hike/walk/jaunt around there in the next couple of weeks. Take care, Doug
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24th December 2010

Hi Doug YOur photos are beautiful. I am planning my first visit to Telluride for the Bluegrass Festival in June. Is it best to fly to Denver and drive from there?? I would enjoy the route you took but I am meeting friends from NY & NJ and they might not. Or is there a more convenient airport ?? I am coming from Miami and we have never been to Colorado before. Any tips re where to stay and how to get around during festival days once we arrive. Thank you Terri
25th October 2010
Tempter Chute

it is roped off but I've seen people do it
11th October 2010
Antarctic Diorama

Great Antarica Diorama
21st September 2009

Love Point Lobos
Doug, enjoyed your short video. Point Lobos is one of my favorite spots. Visitors to this area should really take the time and visit. Not only is the beauty spectacular, but the history of this area is not to be missed
From Blog: Point Lobos
11th September 2009

Amazing Pics!
What amazing weather you had! Great cloud formations and clear skies. Awesome scenics, Doug. Thanks for sharing.
13th May 2009

Napa Valley vineyard fans
Hi Ken, Thank you for the comment and clarification. Interesting, I would have bet the fans were for circulation when it gets warm there in the valley in the Summer months. Thank you for the education though. I will have to remember that the next time the topic comes up. Best regards, Doug
21st April 2009

Thank you for your visit to Grgich Hills. We're glad you enjoyed the wines and hope to see you back in the valley soon. Just to let you know, the fans are used for frost protection, circulating the lighter, warmer air with the cold, heavier air that settles on the ground. They're used just during the spring when the new shoots are most vulnerable to frost. Best wishes, Ken Morris Grgich Hills Estate

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