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Asia » Japan » Kagawa » Naoshima October 27th 2019

The only thing worse than being sick is being sick and having to travel. At least it wasn't an airplane with a headcold. So getting to Naoshima sucked. It also kinda sucked being there because we weren't prepared for literally everything to be sold out or booked up. We arrived a little before noon and found ourselves completely locked out of our hostel with no place to leave luggage and they were totally nonresponsive. There were no bike rentals until the next day either. So we made reservations, but we were kinda stuck because we wanted to go check some stuff out, but the last checkin for our hostel was 7pm and the earliest 4pm and headed out we risked missing both. This is particularly because the public transportation is TERRIBLE on the island and between ... read more

Asia » Japan » Kagawa » Naoshima November 19th 2013

We zijn nu toegekomen aan het hoogtepunt van onze reis: Naoshime en Benesse House. Het eiland draait om kunst, vooral westerse kunst en de architect Tadao Ando. Het hotel waar we verblijven is een onderdeel van het museum Bij aankomst met de veerpont stond het busje om ons naar het hotel te rijden al klaar. Het gedeelte (Park) waar wij onze kamer is, ligt niet aan maar ongeveer een 500 meter vanaf het museum. Inchecken, koffers achterlaten want we mochten onze kamer nog niet in en het terrein verkennen. De eerste locatie waar we naar liepen was ThePumpkin. In de tuin die we passeerde stonden een aantal beeldhouwwerken van diverse kunstenaars waaronder onze eigen Karel Appel. Tussen ons hotelgedeelte en het museum kwamen we onder andere een van de prachtige kunstwerken van Walter deMarie. Drie granieten ... read more
Onbekend kunstwerk (voor mij)
De koffiemachine in de lounge
Het bureau in de kamer

Asia » Japan » Kagawa » Naoshima November 18th 2013

I suppose this was the super luxury part of our trip. From Takamatsu we took a ferry to the island to Naoshima in the Seto Naikai sea between the main islands Honshu and Shikoku. Here we stayed in the Benesse House. Benesse is a complex of four different hotels on a rugged part of the island. They are called Park, Beach, Museum and Oval. All buildings are designed by the Japanese Architect Tadao Ando. Park is where we stayed and it is situated on a grassy lawn with artworks. Beach is directly on the waters edge. Museum has hotel rooms which are connected directly to the museum. From the rooms the museum is accessible 24/7. Oval is situated on top of a mountain and has panoramic views of the sea and mountains with floor to ceiling ... read more
View from the Benesse House Museum
View from our room

Asia » Japan » Kagawa » Naoshima July 17th 2012

I am in trouble again - I keep on losing my umbrella which acts as a sun barrier - sorry to mention it but it is cracking the flags here and has been since we arrived in Japan. Anyway, this time I left it on a bench - but true to form when we got back it is there ready and waiting for me to pick it up again. England we could take a leaf out of the Japanese way of life. Everyone is polite, cannot do enough for you and appears to be totally honest. Well I think Mr F is getting into the spirit of being retired - yesterday we were walking along and he stopped suddenly - whats wrong I say "in a loud voice he says where's my hat, and again anxiously ... read more
What do the paper say?

Asia » Japan » Kagawa » Naoshima August 9th 2011

36 degrees celsius. Naoshima. I can feel the salty smell in the air and the stickness of my skin. As I walk in a forest on the small island, the sun emits maximum heat, birds and cicadas chirp away in the lush green. I am tired, sweaty, and thirsty. Spoiled by the abundance of vending machines in the metropolitan areas in Japan, I blame myself for not storing enough water beforehand. Naoshima, one of the many small islands in the Seto Inland sea, is not so well known to some Japanese people, but a popular destination for those who love art. Naoshima hosted the International Art Festival (瀬戸内国際芸術祭) last year. In the past 20 years, artists came here and created their works of art. Until now hundred of artworks are scattered on Naoshima, Inujima, Teshima, Megijima, ... read more
Stern with Hole
Three Squares Vertical Diagonal
Blind Blue Lanscape

Asia » Japan » Kagawa » Naoshima July 2nd 2011

And now for something completely different says the information pack,the modern art island of Naoshima. Indeed different it is! Naoshima is the home to the Benesse Art site which offers visitors the opportunity to see contemporary art in stunning natural settings. It is small inland sea island and is now one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area. There are several galleries on the island and numerous pieces of outdoor art and scattered around the island, most notably the pumpkin sculpture (kusama Yayoi) that has become the island symbol. Despite the searing heat (well into the mid 30s) I decided to check out the galleries and the coast line. I firstly visited the Chichu art museum which is situated largely underground as the building designer refused to have an exterior design rising from the ground, ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » Japan » Kagawa » Naoshima April 12th 2008

I heard the first cicadas of the season today. Day dreaming of the summer, I arrived to work only to de-jumper to reveal a short-sleeved shirt. "summer has come" cried my new vice principal. I blushed and realised that I had possibly jumped the gun, but this weekend again as I hike through the thick bamboo forested southern mountain of my island, I could smell the beautiful smell I had endured all winter to taste again. There is something about the smell of the air in Japan, as the heat gauge begins to rise. It reminds me of trips to southern France with my family when I was young, the foreign smell that somehow smells so much nicer than anything in your own country. Like pine trees. The first cicadas were lightly buzzing away outside. A ... read more

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