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Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Himeji April 1st 2008

On Saturday, me, Lani, and her roommate Rachelle went to see the Himeji Castle, and it was one of the best "little" trips I've had this semester! Even though things didn't work out exactly as we had planned, it was still a lot of fun! And we learned an important lesson from that always expect the unexpected! We planned on leaving at 11 AM Saturday morning. But let's be honest, this is me and we took our time and had a nice breakfast in the dining room and got to talking about Okinawa and skydiving. By the time we had decided that you are more likely to die from skydiving than bungee jumping (Lani had jumped off the Macao Tower over spring break), we looked at the clock and realized it was already 12! ... read more
Middle of Nowhere

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Himeji December 28th 2007

So I did master the train/bus system and ended up all the way in Himeji, Japan! The train ride was about 1.5hrs. It was nice cause I liked just realaxing and watching everything outside. I got to see the Ocean side of Osaka on my way out. Very cool. The worst part of the day was waking up to the rain. Yup, its raining and its cold. But thankfully it wasnt too bad in Himeji, looked like a good ady to get away from Kyoto. Cause when I got back it was even colder and wetter then when i left. Himeji was awesome! I got some great pics. And they even let us go up in the castle. I think this castle was for powerful Shoguns back in the day. I think it housed many generations. ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Himeji November 26th 2007

Went to Himeji yesterday, which is home to probably the prettiest castle in Japan - Himeji-jo. Given my penhant for chambara films it was of particular interest to me. Yet another UNESCO world heritage site, it was built during the Edo period, and as such gives insight into the military practices of the time. Its clever design resulted in a castle that was both aesthetically pleasing and defensively sound. As it has never been attacked, it has survived almost intact to this day. Being constructed entirely of wood, you are made to don these useles little slippers with no grip whatsoever and walk up 7 stories worth of tall slippery narrow stairs, and then back down again once you've reached the shrine and are rewarded with the awesome view up top. It's probably equivalent to ... read more
Himeji-jo - castle complex
Gun rack

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Himeji August 29th 2007

Nous avons visite Himeji, la ville ou est situe le seul chateau authentique du Japon. Les autres sont des reconstructions. C'est un tres beau chateau (on dit chateau, mais ca fait surtout reference au grand donjon, puisque le "chateau" est l'ensemble de la propriete...) On l'a visite, mais il n'a pas pas grand chose a l'interieur. Mais c'est quand meme le fun de voir comment les pieces sont faites. Mais le plus interessant reste tout de meme l'exterieur du chateau. A part son chateau, Himeji est une petite ville ou il n'y a pas grand chose a voir et a faire... On s'y est promenes, et c'est pas mal tout... Aussi, pour la premiere fois, nous avons vu un restaurant Subway, c'est la que nous avons soupe. Cela semblait prommeteur, car le menu est tres differents ... read more
Dans le parc Koko-en
Phil s'amuse!
Systeme pour soutenir les branches

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Himeji May 24th 2007

Long before we came we decided to visit Himeji and Nara as two half day trips from Kyoto, what we didn't decide until today was the sensible thing and do them on the same day! We got the bullet train to Himeji at 8.20, arriving just after 9am. The weather was already hot, clear and sunny, just like we've come to expect from the weather each day - watch that change! We arrived at the grounds of the castle, a very imposing building at the top of the hill over the city and went in. The first part of the tour was through the western bailey building, taking us through the parts of the castle lived in by Princess Sen. The white buildings were blinding in the bright sunlight, but inside the wooden floors and ... read more
Himeji Castle
Himeji Castle
View of Himeji

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Himeji May 7th 2007

We got up early this morning to catch our flight to Japan. Jio-Jio drove us to the airport, along with Ma-Ma, who was getting on a train back to Kaohsiung after we left. Ba-Ba met us at the airport. We had to hours to kill so we sat in a food court outside the security entrance and chatted. The trepidation was palpable, and I could tell Ma-Ma was doing her best to hold it in. The visit seemed like it went by in a blink, yet it felt like I had been there for weeks. Wade’s family was so happy to see him, especially his mother, and I knew it was very difficult for all of them to say goodbye again. They were also very welcoming to me, treating me like one of the family even ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Himeji April 12th 2007

Day 13 ... After an early start we left Kyoto headed to Matsue and planned to visit Himeji on the way which has a massive castle (among other things). We were on a mission as we had a lot fit in. We started our whistle stop tour with a trip to some really nice (reconstructed) Samurai gardens and meeting hall at Koko-en next to the castle which was well worth the visit with a number of different themed Japanese gardens (how old do we sound?!)  Next we were on to the main event of the day,Himeji Castle. I am really pleased to say that we have already lost track of what day of the week it is, however, on this occasion it was to bite us in the bum. There was a huge blossom festival on at the catsle that daywhich had probably tripled the number ... read more
Ko Koen gardens
Pensive Mark in Ko Koen gardens
100 ladies harping ...

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Himeji December 16th 2006

And you thought you didn't like trains - well you need to explore Japan by rail and you will be amazed! We discovered the ultimate method of travel - Japan Rail of course using economical JR passes available only to foreign tourists and that have to be purchased before leaving Australia. For under $500 Australian dollars each of us had unlimited travel on all but the very fastest Nozomi trains on all JR train tracks. Thanks to Col-san, our train buff, the 14 day rail pass took us over thousands of kilometres of Honshu. The Shinkansen ('bullet trains') crisscross the country on their special tracks at break neck speeds (nothing slower that 200km an hour thanks). Our passes were also valid on local JR trains around cities and the JR Miyajima ferry. They are sleek, streamlined, ... read more
Reclining seats!
Panoramic view
Or you could...

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Himeji November 17th 2006

Yes, I’m still alive. I’ve been pretty busy (hence the publication of numerous blogs at once). So let me catch you guys up on what I’ve been doing.. I took an afternoon train out to Himeji, about an hour west of Kobe, on my day off back in November to check out one of Japan's most beautiful castles. Himeji Castle is one of only 12 surviving feudal castles in Japan and has served as a backdrop in several films (including “The Last Samurai”). I'm not sure what it is, but somehow I manage to be "adopted" quite frequently when I travel. My guess is that I either give off some sort clueless vibe or it’s just the fact that I tend to travel by myself, and people worry about a young girl traveling alone in a ... read more
Moat inside the castle walls
Birdy birdy
Main donjon

Asia » Japan » Hyogo » Himeji October 22nd 2006

Sorry, this is rushed- I'm super busy this week! Last weekend I attended the Nada-no-Kenka Matsuri festival with Amy, Kristy, Luke, Asuka, and Diana. According to Asuka, it's a rice festival where several villages compete by bashing mikoshi into each other. Apparently it's good luck when one breaks! To me, it looked more like a weird kind of demolition derby- tons of sweaty, drunken, half-naked men trying to kill one another with large wooden structures. Each village had two mikoshi- smaller ones that were rammed at full-force into each other and smashed, and larger ones that carried four drummers and were more "bumped" into each other. One village (called Mega) befriended us and even gave us some bamboo pom-poms (see the group pic). Actually, I think they were only interested in my flatmates (Amy and Kristy), ... read more
What not to do...
Lookin' good boys
How cute are we?

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