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Asia » Japan » Hokkaido June 25th 2019

Onsen Explorer. Day 11. Otaru. A nice warm sunny day for our last cycling day. 500m up the hill and a great descent to our first stop 16km away. We stopped on the hill to get a good view of the mini Mount Fuji called Mt Yotei, the top of which at 1900m was unfortunately covered in cloud. As we left town at the tea break we had a tail wind into the countryside which brought on a dose of perspiration running down my sun specs. The area looked quite prosperous again and it was a pleasure to ride through it to our lunch stop which was at the other side of a big hill, which has a 2km tunnel,very noisy but we cycled along the 1 1/2 metre pavement without mishaps. Down we went to ... read more
The source of the onsen spring.
Mount Yoshei
Hot spring

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido June 23rd 2019

Onsen Explorer Day 8 Kenichi Onsen. Yakumo. Hokkaido. Several travellers this morning were not yet ready for another Japanese breakfast and the convenience store across the road had an increase in business and a potential shortage of sandwiches for the locals at lunchtime. Northwards we cycled along the coast all day starting with an overcast sky which turned to rain at tea break. We huddled under a tarpaulin and donned our wet gear. Someone who is a proper tourist even donned a cape which saved him from a drowning by lunchtime. Lunch was at Asashi where there is a replica Dutch 17th century trading ship built in 1988 and is now s museum. The early birds ate pork curry and rice until the rice ran out and the later ones had fish noodles or sandwiches and ... read more
Ayu giving Japanese lessons.
Out for the count

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido June 23rd 2019

Onsen Explorer. Day 9 Sunday 23 June. Shimamaki. A nearly western breakfast which was very well received. Scrambled egg sausage, salad, yogurt, rice, fish soup, croissants and baguettes. The Cockney Rebel couldn’t stop smiling. A good cycling start to the day which started dry with a little occasional blue sky. It was Deborah’s birthday today so we had a celebration with a Japanese birthday card before we set off. Alis had a puncture along the coast road, I think it was the first on this tour. The concrete block sea defenses indicate that this is a really rough seaboard. We could not help but notice that many of the beaches were covered in debris; timber, large ropes, fishing nets buckets and a large variety of plastic were all to be seen, most of which seemed to ... read more
Shinto Shrine.
Squid boat

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Nakashibetsu June 21st 2019

Onsen Explorer. Day 7. Hokkaido. Well, my washing was dry after a broken sleep caused by a bony pillow and a nameless person who chose to go bar chasing in the night and coming back flicking switches to make our room resemble a lighthouse on the Outer Hebrides. Away at 9am for a 20 minute walk to the station for our train to Aomori and the connection to the Shinkansen train to Kikonai in Hokkaido. What a sleek machine this is, and so smoothly gliding along in luxurious splendour. The weather is favouring us again, setting out at 8am in 19 degrees and getting hotter. Ken was waiting for us at Kikonai Station, where we donned our cycling clothes for another day in the saddle. The weather was significantly cooler on Hokkaido so jackets on for ... read more
The blazing saddles twins.

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Otaru June 11th 2019

Onsen Explorer. Day 11. Tuesday Yoichi. Hokkaido. Short climb to start the day after visiting the source of the hot spring 200m above the Ryokan, which was running into a stream at a very nice warm temperature. As usual, the descent was very fast with some great bends. Half way down there was a good unobstructed view of the 1900 metre Mount Yotei, which is a mini version of Mt.Fuji. Stopping for a morning snack in the town below we had another great view of the peak and also the winter ski runs on another hillside. The valley was very fertile and intensively farmed with big tractors, quite a few were American John Deere’s, which is a rarity where very few vehicles are non Japanese. I have only seen three such cars, one old mini, one ... read more
Whisky museum

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido June 3rd 2019

Onsen Explorer day 3 A great day of continuous sunshine started with a 5km climb just to get our lungs working on this 52 mile ride to Yukisawa with a total climb of 1000m. Much of the ride was undulating accompanied by a few million Cicadas chirping in the background wearing their hind legs out. What amazed us was the volume of unmelted, and unmelting snow on the hillsides in temperatures in the mid 20’s, which was perfect for cycling. Our first tea break was by a river running quite fast and falling down several spectacular waterfalls, one of which was called Kumoi. Lunch was at a small town by lake Towadako where I had delicious eggs noodles st 1026JPY. This was followed by a climb of 5 miles which felt like 10 miles to several ... read more
One Km tunnel.
Ryokan bedroom. .
waiting for dinner

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Sapporo September 13th 2018

Konichiwa derhjemme! En herlig rundtur på øen Hokkaido er ovre, og hvilken én! Vi har siden vi "planlagde" turen haft for øje at ville ud i den vilde natur på øen Hokkaido. Naturmæssigt bliver det ikke mere øde og mere uspoleret i Japan end på Hokkaido. Arealet udgør 20% af japan, men der bor kun 4% af befolkningen.... Efter Mt Fuji skulle vi tilbage mod Tokyo for at flyve derop, lige i de dage hvor der var et jordskælv deroppe, flyselskabet fortalte os da også pænt at vi nok skulle tjekke hvordan situationen var først. De var noget forundrede over vi bare troppede op i lufthavnen uden nogen booking på fly, bil, hotel eller noget - men det er nu engang sjovest... Det er svært når vi ikke kender deres nyhedssider og de ej heller kan ... read more
Vandfald på vejen
Nissan Noten står sin prøve i kuperet terræn, den kan ikke rigtig lide det
"Pas på bjørnene!" Ok så

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Sapporo July 31st 2018

Mama opat nachystala ranajky. All inclusive Dnes smer mesto a zhananie darceku pre kakavo. Nakonec mu kupujem mini kimono. Pred tym vsak zastavka na miestnej farme kde predavali cerstvu zeleninu a genialnu zmrzlina. Smer obchodak a asi 5 podlazne parkovisko. Na parkovisku v obchodaku prekvapili elektropistole na nabijanie elektroaut. Tie boli aj na roznych odpocivadlach pri dialnici. Po nakupe smerujeme pesibusom do blizkeho pivovaru sapporo. Pred tym sme si s ruri este zabehali medzi polievacom travnika. Prehliadka muzea je zdarma ale nic extra tam neni. Akurat zaujali rozne reklamne plagaty z roznych obdobi. Na jednom bola dost odhalena japonka. Na konci muzea, restika. Mama hadze do automatu prasule a uz vylieza kupon na 3 vzorky piva. Kupon odovzdany pri vycape, tam sikmacky velmi rychlo naplnili 3 3decove pohare. Restika je len na pivo, nie na ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Sapporo July 30th 2018

Ranajky davame tam kde vcera obed. Davam si hamburger, ten zajedeny super zmrzlinou. Okolo 9.00 teplomer ukazuje uz 32c. Kupujem pohladnice a smer posta. Som zvedavy kedy dojdu. Kakavo ma na nej specialny stempel. Ten sa dava iba na domacu postu, nie na medzinarodnu. Kazda posta ma iny tip stempla. Jojo zbieranie razitiek je tu popularne. Cestou do sappora robime jednu zastavku na kvetinovej farbe. Tu kopa ludi a paradne zahony kvetin. Testujem kvetinovu fialovu zmrzlinu. Nist moc. Davame pizzu a este jedna zastavka vo vinici. Kopa vinic. Okolie furana je preslavene dobrym vinom. Znova kopce a neskor rovina. V sappore este raz doplname palivo do auto. Na prvej pumpe bola samoobsluha, vratane platby. Avsak tu v meste clovek nemusi vystupit z auta. Obsluha natankuje, umyje okna a dokonca zastavi celu premavku aby clovek nemusel cakat. ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Furano July 29th 2018

Povodne sme mali vstavat 5.30 ale jaksi sme sa nezobudili. No ja som bol 5.20 hore ale ked som kukol na ruri jak pokojne spi, pokracoval som aj ja v spanku. Neskor som sa opat zobudil a zas ju skontroloval a furt tak isto. Ranajky kupene v 711, zjedene na ubytku, nalozenie sa do auta a smer furano. Ruri mi donisla ciste veci, tak paradicka. Cesta najskor cez hory, ruri opat velmi opatrne manevrovala s vozidlom, bo skusenosti s takymto terenom jej chybaju. Po horacha nasledovala rovinka. Zastavka u santa clausa. Tu prehodena jedna veta s motogangom. Normalne jak v usa mali svoj vlastny nazov skupiny, firemne tricka. Jeden motogang co sme stretli bol tvoreny komplet z celej rodiny, dedko, mama, tato a dve deti. Ruri je dnes uz normalna, chvalabohu. Opat nesmeli chybat tanecky a ... read more

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