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Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Hakodate September 7th 2019

Hakodate 8-26-2019 Hakodate, Japan Co 264 ,000 dan song tren 677km2 nhu vay mat do la 412 nguoi /km2 hon Viet Nam. Nam trong dao Hokkaido. Day la port dau tien duoc thanh lap o Nhat nam 1854 de giao thuong. Hakodate khong bi tan pha trong WW2. Co 3 song chay qua day. Co 2 university o day la Hakodate University va Hakodate University of Education. Tu Hakodate nam ten dao Hokkaido co duong ham dai nhat the gioi dai 54km chay tu port Hakodate den dao mien nam nuoc Nhat la dao Hontsu. Day la duong ham dai nhat the gioi. Tsugaru fort duoc dung trong WW2 nam tren dinh nui Hakodate. Morning market. O day co festival goi la Port festival xay ra vao dau thang 8 va keo dai 6 ngay dac ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Hakodate July 9th 2018

Monday, 9th July 2018 After breakfast at my favourite Dotour this morning, we left Tokyo to embark on our 857km rail journey to Hakodate, the gateway city in southern Hokkaido. The Hayabusa Shinkansen train did the trick in slightly over 4 hours. By 2.37pm, we had arrived at Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station where we continued our 19-minute journey to the city centre via the convenient Hakodate Liner local train. From the main Hakodate Train station, our hotel at Goryokaku district was an easy tram ride away. This was my second stay at the Dormy Inn chain which was popular for its in-house hot springs facilities and complimentary ramen noodles served in the evenings. It was rather chilly by the time we arrived in Hokkaido this afternoon with overcast skies and light rains as we ventured out from the ... read more
The interior of the Hayabusa Shinkansen
My beautiful bento box on board the train
Beautiful Hakodate trams

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Hakodate January 2nd 2017

Oshamanbe - Hakodate 87 miles When I slept, I dreamed of Pokémon, most notably an unofficial Pokémon that goes by the name of ‘Anusmouthmon,’ and the less said about his party trick the better! His ethereal-realm antics however wouldn’t put me off my breakfast of chocolate croissants from the ever trusting Seicomart; a supermarket that once away from Hokkaidō I would come to miss dearly. Of the roughly 6.7 billion different convenience stores spanning across the Japanese archipelago, Seicomart will always be held in high regard, its prices are inviting and its food delectable. Now if that free plug doesn’t get me free croissants I don’t know what will! Being a Monday, the sloppy Sunday drivers were now back in the office dreaming up a world of clerical miseries. My weekday competition was again the omnipresent ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Hakodate July 13th 2016

Unlike Spring in Japan with its pink and white profusion above your head or the red and russet leaves of autumn underfoot, the summer we experienced in a few days in Hokaido and northern Honshu was marked by every shade of green from lemon lime through to deep olive and blue/green as far as the eye could see. It was lush and had a tropical feel but luckily being in the north there wasn't the humidity we felt in our brief time in Tokyo and Narita. The rice fields and other crops were well advanced and the fields filled the valley areas. Where the mountains and valleys met the creepers and thick growth looked as if they could take over. Our idea was to break the long flight from Sydney to Helsinki and have a week ... read more
How green is that?
Purple vision
Flower fields

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Hakodate December 26th 2013

Today is a bit of a late start. I didn't get up until 0850. I left my room at 0950. Plan for today was to spend the day at Goryokaku. I went to the tourist information to get a day pass for the tram. Goryokaku is also full of historical importance. Hakodate is the first city that opened up to foreign imports. There was also civil war that was round here and Goryokaku is one of the places where the signing of treaty took place. The site is massive and I had a great time wandering round. It was picturesque and since the weather had been so nice, I spent a nearly 3 hours outside. Then I went and have Japanese curry. Yum yum. Then I ate sh*tloads of ice-cream. AND my One Direction Babies comes ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Hakodate December 25th 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Hakodate!!! Today I wandered round the fish morning markets (like the locals) and enjoy the smell of fresh seafood, which I missed massively since I don't get that in England much. The hotel didn't include breakfast so I had brunch at the local market - Raw Tuna rice and it tasted so good. So fresh! Then I went back to wander round the old Brick Warehouse and had another look at the shops. I even ventured into 2 museums - Kahei Takadaya and Ryoma Sakamoto. Both of them were from Hakodate and have left interesting Japanese history. Ryoma Sakamoto was featured in one of the massively annual Japanese historical drama. Then I ate again. I think this trip more like eating my way through Hokkaido more than ever. After that I went up ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Hakodate December 24th 2013

rst and foremost, happy 22nd birthday to Lou Bear Louis Tomlinson. You'll always be Peter Pan. Back onto the train again today from Sapporo to Hakodate. The western part of the island. And Christmas fantasy at Hakodate. The journey from Sapporo on train about just over 3 hours. The fast trains, that is. I left Sapporo at 12:22 and got to Hakodate at 15:55. The hotel is literally 3 minutes walk from the station. It's a cute little place. I picked a random seafood restaurant round the corner from the hotel and the food was so beautiful. It was slightly on the pricy side but so so worth it. Admittedly it wasn't too expensive. It's just over 20 pounds. But for a Japanese meal, it is a bit on the dear side. Then I walked over ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Hakodate July 19th 2010

Trip to Hakodate Having known that it would take over three hours by train between Sapporo and Hakodate, we had planned taking the 7:00 train for 23 May. We had a little snack with coffee at the hotel and took a couple of packets of bread and rice balls for us to eat on the way to Hakodate. The express train, Super Hokuto was running past the Uchiura Bay and Onuma Koen National Park, and brought us to the destination at 10:11. My parents had decided to join the bus tour departing from Hakodate station. We planned doing sightseeing independently using the tram and on foot. We bought one day tram passes at the tourist information centre and took the tram near the station. Goryokaku Koen We firstly headed for Goryokaku Koen. In contrast to the ... read more
Hakodate harbour
Hakodate Meijikan
Motomachi Park

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Hakodate September 21st 2009

YAYYYYY! I got to skip school (and thusly Sports Days) on Friday and Thursday. The occasion you ask? Mioka's mother planned a trip to take Mioka and I sightseeing in Hakodate. Hakodate is a small port town about 4 hours away from Sapporo. While we were in Hakodate, otoosan would stay at home because of work, and Mihiro would spend the next three days at his grandmother's. As I mentioned before, Hakodate is about a four hour drive from Sapporo. However, this time frame seems to have been calculated "as the crow flies" rather than taking into acount the actual road to Hakodate. Driving there definately took us about seven hours, rather than four (with pit stops for food and washroom breaks, as well as dropping Mihiro off), and I don't think we managed to spend ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Hakodate September 4th 2009

Mt. Hakodateyama. Ring girl's house. Beach. Uh.. cool stuff. SNAKE... read more

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