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Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Medan August 4th 2018

We departed the Alagon at 8:00 AM for an 11:00 Malaysian Air flight. We checked in and hit an orchid lounge. We scarfed down a few breakfast items, exchanged some Dong for Dollars and went to our gate. We connected through Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before continuing to Medan, Indonesia. We took the train from the airport to downtown Medan. We stayed at the url='primahotel which is located above the Medan train station. The train was pleasant, easy, and fast. The only snag was that we could not use credit cards and had to use debit. The D’Prima was pretty basic. The room was small and featured little more than a king-size bed and a TV. We settled... read more
Kristy on the Medan Train

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Medan February 4th 2017

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Medan October 21st 2015

We arrived back in Medan on Wednesday night to visit the hospital which was spectacular, and looked just like a fancy American hospital you see in films. We were seen straight away and Susie was given a course of antibiotics and would feel better in five days- yay! Instead of a taxi queue outside of the hospital, there is a hospital official organising tuk tuk rides for cheap prices. We arrived back at the hotel and hung up all of our wet clothes, as the climate in Berastagi made it impossible for them to dry. We enjoyed a long lie the next morning and treated ourselves to a KFC for breakfast. We headed back to Medan airport to catch our flight to the region of Lombok. We had had a fantastic time in Sumatra, but we ... read more
Luggage piled high
A man taking his chicken across to Gili T

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Medan October 16th 2015

We flew from Colombo to Kuala Lumpur to Medan, which is the capital city on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. We expected a pretty small and shabby airport, forgetting that the airports in Indonesia are very new. So it was a pleasant surprise when we landed and arrived at a fresh and clean airport. Straight away we were met by smiling Indonesians who taught us how to say 'thank you' which is 'terima kasih'. We jumped in a taxi with a man who had very little English but a lot of knowledge of football players. English teams such as Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea have in recent seasons come to places like Indonesia during pre season to play tournaments and train, with the end goal of increasing their global fan base and potential revenue streams. Medan ... read more
Bluebird taxi that saved us from the buses!

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Medan July 18th 2015

The alarm was ringing and the day that I shall encounter to Asia is today! It would be my first time in Asia - if you do not count Jordan as Asia. I only knew that Indonesia is a quite large country with many islands; every islands does have its own feeling, which makes the country quite diverse. But everywhere you can encounter the jungle and volcano’s, due the fact that Indonesia is laying in the “ring of fire”. The country does have a living culture, so you will encounter temples and old buildings everywhere. For example palaces, temples, mosques, the old Dutch VOC and tribal culture. And, you can find also “traditional south-east Asia”, with rice fields, mountains, the good food and of course the traffic. And, today is the day, I will experience it ... read more
Taxiing at Schiphol
In Flight

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Medan March 17th 2015

For a while we are back travelling again. We have left the efficiency of Malaysia and the tourist funnel of Thailand and it is nice to have the challenge of trying to work which way is up in a new country where services are no straight forward. We shared the challenge with Moos and Emma, a young Dutch couple who we met on the ferry to Dumai. They left the Netherlands the same month we left England. They took a more Northern route through Russia and Mongolia and China. So they have travelled 100% overland and have booked a cruise to take them on the last leg to Perth, Australia. The ferry was very straight forward, as were Indonesian immigration in Dumai. We smiled sweetly and they gave a standard 30 day visa even though we ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Medan March 10th 2015

So I guess today should of felt like a bit of a milestone - it didn't but it kinda feels good to have got to the 50th day of travelling on my own, over my 40th birthday - and not buckling under the pressure and coming home. Met up with Bob at his hotel for breakfast as it was free - and posher than mine - at 7am so had an early start. Sitting down by the lake bob was catching his ferry at 07.30 and mine at 10.00, the one ferry ( that we saw) turned up at 09.00, so rushing back to my room to grab my bags we ended up on the same ferry back to Parapat on the main land. We were then getting 2 separate minibuses to the airport - bob ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Medan March 6th 2015

I had previously arranged with Samuel that we were going to meet at my hotel this morning - he with 2 Australian girls and a driver to take us all to Bukit lawang ( 90km north of medan ) to do 2 days jungle trekking. Well, Samuel was there but none of the others - after having correspondence with Samuel over the last 2 days, it didn't come as a huge surprise - just a bit disappointing really. So, the option of the trekking was still real - I just had to get a public bus to Bukit lawang on my own to which Samuel was gonna help me out with. So after an hour of discussing options, money etc we headed off in a taxi to the bus station. It subsequently came up in conversation ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Medan March 4th 2015

After giving up on the totally unreliable bus service, I got a taxi to the airport for my flight at 11.20 to Indonesia. The flight took 30 minutes and because of the time difference we landed at 11.00! After paying for a 30 day visa on arrival which was £15 and a bit of a grilling from an official - anyone would think they would want visitors here! I was let through, walking through the airport a chap approached from a tour agency offering to take me into the centre of medan - about an hr away and costing 275,000 rupiah, at this point I didn't really know of any other option so I took him up on it, later finding out that it cost roughly £16 so not completely ripped off. The man came in ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Medan March 4th 2015

After getting up late - didn't get back till 3am and heading down to see if there was anything of breakfast left - not really expecting there to be, but found an urn, tea bags, sugar and cups - perfect! Trying to ask for some milk - 10 minutes later being offered a large glass of warm milk - not really what I wanted but nice all the same. No Samuel or Raymond to taxi me round today so I got a motorbike rickshaw come taxi into the centre of medan - had a nice chat with the driver on the way with me trying out my Indonesian on him! A lot of people ride motorbikes here, cant tell the makes though as they all look about 30 yrs old and hanging on to their last ... read more

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