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Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Togean Islands September 18th 2018

Noc bola riadne vlhka, k comu dopomohol aj dazd. Ten ma zobudil okolo 4.00. Nuz ked som bol uz hore isol som sa vystat. Ale v dazdi sa mi moc na zachod nechcelo ist, tak som to oprel z balkona. Izbu mam na poschodi. Potom som sa uz len prehadzoval, trocha zima ale hlavne vlhkost. Chuj som nechal vonku uterak aj plavky. T.j. su nepouzitelne, totalne premocene. Ranajky poslabsie ale lepsejsie ako v predchodozom ubytku. Cakacku na jedlo a po nom som si kratil spisovanim korei. Jojo bez netu to ide tazsie ale nemam sa kam ponahlat, mam tu kopu volneho casu. Neskor sa pytam obsluhy na potapanie, ci ma tam niekto zavezie. No problem o 20.min vyrazame. A tak aj bolo, presne o 9.00 smer sifa diving center. Lodka mala drevenna, po stranach vybavena vahadlami. ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Togean Islands September 16th 2018

Ranajky uplne ubohe. Kusky melonu a asi tri sladke tycinky. Pri tom domaci co tu boli ubytovany maly regulerne nasi goreng. Po jedle presun do siete resp plachty pri vode a cele doobedie len chrapanie. Obed uz lepsi, ryza, obloha a fajn ryba. Nazad do siete a zacatie citania knihy utek do divociny od jon krakauer. Film bol fajn, som zvedavy na knihu. Ta je mimochodom po cesky. Skuska vody smerom k ciganskej osade. Teplota fajn ale plytka a zo zaciatku trava. Ryb som moc nevidel ale isto su tu. Bol tu jeden chalan na obhliadke, nelubilo sa mu tu tak siel dalej. Mal prenajatu lodku. Neskor prichadza par. Narodnost samozrejme fra. Kurva nenormalne kvantu tychto zabozrutov tu. Fasuju chatku vedla mna. Tiez sa sem doviezli malou lodkou, cena 150k jedna zastavka, kazda dalsia o 50k. ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Togean Islands May 29th 2017

Could you survive with no mobile, no internet, no hot water and limited electricity? These are some of the 'compromises' you have to make on a visit to the Togeans. We did it for a week and we've had a wonderful time. Kadidiri island is one of the more developed Togean islands, and is home to four 'resorts'. Kadidiri Paradise, our home for a week, was chosen simply because I'd fallen in love with the pictures of their water bungalows. With a little creative accounting we'd convinced ourselves we could afford it. Since the price included all meals our only additional costs would be for diving and Bintang. I think most people associate water bungalows with the Maldives and instantly have an image of some super glamorous five star resort. This was a little different. I ... read more
Our deck complete with glamorous sun loungers (Pauls was the pink one - I kid you not!)
The view to the left from our deck - back to the beach
The view to the right from our deck - towards the open ocean

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Togean Islands May 13th 2017

I had always been curious about Togean Islands, and somehow, it constantly lured me to come. The only reason stopping me going there was its its inconvenient access, despite its proximity from Gorontalo. A year ago when scuba diving in Gorontalo, I met Luka, dive instructor, who had spent a great deal of time in Togean. Convinced it was worth going, I then gathered three other diver friends to come along. During Vesak break, we took off and landed at Gorontalo airport in the afternoon, where our airport transfer was ready to take us to town. We had a few hours to kill before heading to the harbour by 6 pm the afternoon. Two hours after its scheduled departure time, Tuna Tomini ferry finally started to move at 8 pm as it had to wait for ... read more
White sand and crystal clear water beach
Sunset view at Fadhila Cottage
Sunny morning at Fadhila Cottage

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Togean Islands December 21st 2016

Getting to and from the Togean Islands in Indonesia requires a serious amount of effort and a serious amount of time. The reward at the end of the journey are stunning and isolated tropical islands surrounded by massive coral reefs amid crystal clear turquoise waters and golden sun kissed beaches. This place is awesome. From Toraja I took a 16 hour bus ride from hell complete with farm animals on my lap and all manner of crops under my feet to the lakeside town of Tentena for a day of recovery amid some nice scenery and some fresh water swimming. From Tentena it was another 8 hours to the port town of Ampana in North Sulawesi. From here it was a three hour ferry ride to The Togeans. I had arrived at Poya Lisa Island and ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Togean Islands March 10th 2016

Departing Tentana at 630am was inspired even if it did rain, as traffic was light as we climbed down out of the mountains, the roads were much better along the coast and the views were often stunning. We arrived at Marina Cottages around 11am and checked in before arranging our ongoing boat travel to the Togean Islands. The day was hot and muggy and I spent the afternoon having a nap and reading a book about Nazis before having Nasi surya goreng for dinner washed down by many Bintang besar. I slept well before being dragged out of sleep at 430am by the call to prayer which went for a full 40 minutes, the faithful must have had trouble getting up this morning. Vegetable omelette for breakfast and then the full solar eclipse began, unlike yesterday ... read more
The covered bridge
A night time guest
Great bridge

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Togean Islands January 15th 2016

Na 5 dagen zonder internet en bijna helemaal zonder telefoonverbinding, is het nu weer tijd voor een korte update. Momenteel zit ik in een veel te warm internetcafe in Gorontalo, een kustplaats in Noord-Sulawesi. Hiervandaan vertrekt de boot naar de Togean eilanden, waar we nu net van teruggekomen zijn. Mijn vorige verslag schreef ik terwijl we net op Pulau Bunaken zaten, de dag voordat onze duikcursus zou beginnen. Samen met Martijn, een college van Tessa die vanaf Jakarta t/m Bunaken met ons meereisde, mochten we op 3 januari voor het eerst ‘echt’ duiken. Normaal begin je in een zwembad, maar dat hebben ze op Bunaken niet, dus onze eerste duik vond plaats in een lagune, met weinig stroming. Vooral Tessa zag hier een beetje tegenop, omdat ze nogal verkouden was. Als je duikt, moeten je oren ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Togean Islands April 15th 2015

Moving on from Tentena, I continued my way north towards what I presumed would be one of the highlights of my trip -- the Togean Islands. But first there would be the small matter of a 6h drive to Ampana for an overnight stop, before another 4h boat trip to Wakai, the unofficial capital of the Togeans. From there, it was a fairly quick speedboat transfer to Pulau Kadidiri, my intended destination and where I would hunker down for a few days. Quite a lot has been said about the Togeans, the location's relative remoteness, serenity, and of course, natural beauty. With its relatively untouched corals and clear, still waters, the islands are of course a boon to diving enthusiasts, several of whom I met at the resort where I stayed. Not being much of a ... read more
Pulau Kadidiri

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Togean Islands August 28th 2012

Bolilanga = > Fadhila = > Malenge = > Gorontalo = > Manado It is not the first time. It has happened before. We researched and we planned and yet we ended up doing completely different thing anyway. Why? Because we met some travelers on the way who told us stories that altered our plan. Some French family in Poyalisa/Bomba was just one of those instances. Sarah, Bas and us planned to go to Kadidiri after Bomba and we even booked bungalows for a specific date. Then we wanted to go to the remote Malenge Island after which we would have traveled back to Wakai (port very close to Bomba) for the ferry to the other side of Sulawesi. The family told us that they just did the trip but other way round and that we ... read more
little Togean
sunset in Bolilanga
green lagoon in Lestari Malange

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Togean Islands August 15th 2012

We all remember summer camps when we were kids right? They were full of fun days at the beach, swimming, playing and having fun. They got even better when we were teenagers as we could party, drink and smoke which was like breaking bad in a way. However the most important element of the memories we have from those days is people. People we had never met before and had nothing to do with initially but could not imagine better holidays without them at the end of the term. Summer friends we swore to be in touch with forever and holiday romances we thought were going to last. Now we know that it was the place that made us friends and that we share the memories of. I never thought 30-year old us could feel that ... read more
morning cleaning of the beach
Look how clear the water is!!!
view of Poyalisa from the rocks

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