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Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado January 30th 2011

For the most part, modern man relates to nature at a distance, through conduits; be they television, the movies, literature, or myth. All these substitutes for direct experience seek to anthropomorphise the creatures they describe in an attempt to make them more palatable and less alien to the soft skinned, tender hearted city dwellers who seek safe escapism between pages and after adverts. This humanisation of nature has given modern man a vastly different view of nature from the one perhaps held by their grandparents, but definitely by theirs. Unfortunately, the "Mother Nature" of common consciousness is actually a vicious and unforgiving matriarch, and to try and mask this cruelty by investing her charges with human characteristics is like describing a volcanic eruption as the natural release of a mountains anger in response to the scarification ... read more
Manado Tua, from Panorama guest house, Bunaken
Bunaken's beautiful coral gardens
Portrait of Sulawesi Black Macaque

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado October 25th 2010

The pitch black night swallows the headlights, and the driver leans the bus around curving roads with an overconfidence I wish I shared. One bend is marked by the swinging red lights of emergency vehicles. Instead of slowly moving past, the bus driver pulls the break and joins the policemen who are shining flashlights over a cliff overhanging into the void, no evidence of the vehicle that drove over the edge. My seatmate is an old Malay Muslim woman with a beatific smile whose stumbling English is hard to understand, but we manage (I'm not complaining, I know even less Bahasa). She points to me and asks, "Melayu?" Advanced glaucoma reflects the lights of passing cars in her eyes. I explain, no, and why I look Asian; the explanation grows more concise with each telling. The ... read more
Brown Sugar and Coconut Juice
Random Manado Store

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado July 14th 2010

Päivä on tosiaan ollut erittäin rankka. Torkuttiin kahvilan kulman sohvilla 7.15 asti ja mentiin ostamaan jatkolennot Manado-Surabaya viikon päähän. Heitettiin laukut säilöön ja otettiin pikavisiittiä Singaporeen. Mentiin suoraan brekkarille ulkoilmamarkkinoille. Vanha rakennus, josta sai kaikkea herkkua. Meidän aamupalapöytään päätyi taivaalliset chiliravut ja muutama intialainen roti prata-lätty sekä pari masala dosaa. Kierreltiin vielä Singaporen keskustan nurkkia ja nähtiin muutama uusi paikka. Aivan käsittämättömän kuuma, jopa kuumempi kuin Suomessa(tai no, ehkä samoissa)… 3h jälkeen lähdettiin kentälle ja koneeseen kohti Jakartaa. Lion air on kyllä sellainen kohlausfirma ettei mitään järkeä. Laukut tagitettiin minne sattuu, kukaan ei tiennyt mistä kone lähtee jatkoyhteydellä. Kaikki indonesialaiset pomppii ylös vielä nousukiidon aikana j... read more
kiva silta
Cricket club ja Marina Sands

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado June 6th 2010

Vous avez situé Manado sur 1 carte ? C'est bien là, juste au sud des Philippines. Si on la compare au reste du pays, la région est plutôt prospère. On y vit correctement avec 200 euros/mois. De ce que j'ai pu en constater, le salaire de base est autour de 60 euros/mois. La zone est légèrement montagneuse. J'ai ressenti 1 seul léger tremblement de terre depuis mon arrivée. Les volcans fument mais restent calmes. Pas de terrorisme ici. Ils ne font que passer (notamment ceux qui viennent des Philippines)... Le départ forcé de Suharto a agité le pays, mais il a retrouvé un certain calme depuis quelques années. Religions a Manado : protestants (église du 7ème jour, adventistes, pentecôtistes...), musulmans (50/50), quelques hindouistes, catholiques et disciples de Confucius (chinois d'origine). Les photos présentées sont des échantillons ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado October 27th 2009

So I guess I'll pick up where I left off. After getting sick in Rantepao and traveling for two days on hot buses and staying in filthy rooms, I got on the ferry to the Togean Islands. I was with a Spanish girl named Laia whose bus broke down and so she was on my bus. We shared a room in Poso and Ampana before finally making it to the islands. I should say that those towns were fine, lots of friendly people and everything, but I was sick and just not in the state of mind to look at the bright side of things. We stayed on a small island called Kadidiri. It was really really perfect. Nothing at all on the island except the three little resorts all on the same beach. No road ... read more
View from the bungalow
Arriving at the island
Active Volcano

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado July 18th 2009

Goed… en dat was dan alweer bijna een maand geleden sinds de laatste update… excuus voor de vertraging maar we hebben dan ook een goed excuus!!! Er is namelijk erg veel gebeurd... vooral de vakantie dan natturlijk! Die was echt super, nadat we helaas een paar vervelende dagen hebben overleefd voordat we weg konden... ik werd namelijk de week voro de vakantie erg ziek. Was donderdag hondsberoerd, maar ben wel ’s avonds wezen trainen voor de voetbal omdat het voelde als een flinke verkoudheid. Helaas werd het iets meer, en ben ik de hele donderdag op bed blijven liggen, en zaterdag ook de hele middag nadat we in de ochtend naar de markt waren geweest. Zondag voelde ik me wel ietsje beter, dus ben wel bij de voetbal wezen kijken, al heb ik de wedstrijd zelf ... read more
Zonsondergang op Lembeh
Resoirt op Lembeh
Lembeh Resort

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado July 14th 2009

We arrived in Bunaken at lunch, just in time to have one dive before the sun sets. So we got our cameras ready; this time my dad bought another strobe for himself, it was much lighter than mine but it's not as powerful. Before we got on the boat, we double checked our equipments and made sure the cameras are fine. Then we went in the boat, and head straight to Lekuan 3 When we went in, the wave drifts me away from the boat and I didn't have enough time to get my camera. So my dad carried it down for me, although he had many things on him already. As soon as we descend, I felt a problem with my regulator mouth piece, water kept coming in. I checked it and found that there ... read more
wide angle2
wide angle3
wide angle4

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado July 11th 2009

My plane into Manado in the north of Sulawesi went via Makassar in the south. I was told I would just stay on board because there was no change-over but in Makassar everyone had to get off, go to the transfer desk, get a new ticket and then reboard exactly the same plane with the same air-hostesses. It was very strange, I’ve never come across that particular way of doing it before. In Manado I stayed for the night at the Manado Bersehati Hotel because I arrived in town at about 11pm. It’s a nice hotel, quite cheap, has a tv in the room so I can watch Indonesian soap-operas, an internet café, travel agent, etc. The chap at the desk offered to take me to the village of Batuputih which is where you stay for ... read more
great white hunter in Manado
so Robert doesn't get lost when he goes out
the boat on the right was the one I took to the mangroves...

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado March 2nd 2009

From Malaysia, I crossed into Indonesia (Tawau Nunukan Tarakan) and caught a plane to Balikpapan Manado, a city in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. I was going to meet someone I'd been talking with through couchsurfing (for those of you who do not know, it is worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit...and also something I had done several times in Canada and had a good experience with). David, who is my age and also has a marine science background, had already told me that he would be going to Siau to start work with the government there, and I agreed to join him. Siau is one of the sitaro islands, located about 130 km north of Manado. This island has no infrastructure for tourism whatsoever, but has all ... read more
My Crew

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado October 30th 2008

Hello again Well since our last blog last week we've had a fabulous time in Sulawesi and are all set to fly off to Java early tomorrow morning. We survived the 14 hour boat journey to the Togean Islands which was a bit rough in the night, and even managed to get a bit of sleep in our tiny hot cabin before waking to a rainstorm at 6am as we arrived at the first port of call in the Togeans. Thankfully the rain had just about stopped by the time we arrived at our destination, Pulao Kadidiri at lunchtime. We stayed in a British-owned dive 'resort', which comprised few bungalows with no running water on a nice little beach with a restaurant and not a lot else. But what more could you want? We snorkelled the ... read more

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