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Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado October 24th 2008

Dear all, I am now back in Manado...the main town in North Sulawesi. I spent nine days diving with Lumbalumba and it was amazing! The day before yesterday I left all my friends there and got dropped off on Bunaken Island. This is a small island...mostly made up of jungle and surrounded by mangrove. Anyway the first room that I had booked was full of insects so I moved on to somewhere else. The rooms on the island are quite open air and anything can come in so you have to sleep under a net. I shared my room with three huge crickets, ( about 15cm!!!) mosquitos and the occasional bat. I was lucky though as some people said that it was common for crabs to end up in your room!! Yesterday I got the boat ... read more
View from my cottage at Lumbalumba
Mangrove on Bunaken

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado October 20th 2008

Dear all, Diving, diving and more diving!! The diving here is amazing. I cant even begin to describe the diving but hopefully the pictures will help a little. Wendy xx ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado October 20th 2008

Dear all, Words just wont do it justice...the photos dont really either. But anyway here are some photos of the amazing diving that I have done. Wendy xx... read more
sleeping sharks!!
Pygmy seahorse.

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado October 17th 2008

Dear all, I am now in Indonesia. I am staying in a place called Manado..North Sulawesi. We have gone right off of the tourist trail and are staying in the Village that we visited last year. My days go like this...I wake up about eight and have some breakfast. The view that I wake up to is of the ocean and a huge volcano. Then I head to the diveboat and we head out to the divesite, often dolphins join us on the way!! Then I jump into the sea and spend the next hour looking at sharks and turtles and amazing fish. After that I have lunch on the boat and then do another dive. Then we head back to shore. I read for a couple of hours and then have dinner. Then we sit ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado August 19th 2007

Long week-end de reve avec Eric et Julie a Manado, un paradis pour les plongeurs... On en revait depuis longtemps, et on a pas ete decus...Superbe environnement, bungalows charmants surplombant la mangrove sur la petite ile de Bunaken, et plongees magnifiques (wall diving= descente a 15 ou 20m, puis on reste debout et on se laisse porter par le courant le long de tombants impressionnants, parfois 1000m) Puis derniere journee sur la terre ferme au Tangkoko National Park, balade en foret un peu naze a la recherche de petits singes perches a 50m de haut.... mais environnement et resort magnifique... read more
On va plonger
Splendide mangrove

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado March 26th 2007

Hej! Allting bra! Sitter vi en sa opalitlig dator att jag fattar mig kort. Vi ar nu i Gorontalo, norra Sulawesi. Vi aker pa onsdagen till Togean Islands. Har finns ingen horbarhet, sa jag antar att det inte finns nagon pa Togean heller. Vi ar kanske tre veckor dar, sa vi hors nasta gang da. Luca flyger 8.4 till Jakarta och darifran vidare till Bankok 10.4. Joonas och jag blir antagligen pa Togean och kollar ovarlden dar. Hoppas ni har det bra i Finland. Joonas halsar: Se er i reven! Kramar, Jens... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Menado February 4th 2006

In a nutshell... Laid-back city a stone's throw from one of the world's most beautiful dive sites and impressive dormant volcanoes. Living quarters... This was my second trip to Barracuda Resort which consists of a cluster of bungalows in a rustic village atmosphere. The resort has no beach, but has a long jetty jutting through a small mangrove swamp. View's not fantastic but sunset on the balcony makes for a relaxing time. The common area - lobby/ dive shop/ dining area/ etc - is in need of some renovations. Otherwise, the rooms are quite spacious and comfortable. Staff here are cheerful and friendly and perhaps coz there were only 3 of us, they made us feel really at home:) Under the sea... The diving in Manado offers plenty of choices. Just off the jetty of Barracuda's ... read more
Diving Buddies
Let's go diving!

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