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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo August 11th 2011

Vastenburg Fort….Hmmm, it was not familiar name for me in the first time I heard during the committee meeting of Solo International Ethnic Music (SIEM) Festival 2007. The head of SIEM mentioned that fort would be used as the venue of the festival. I started to seriously think. “Where was it?” or maybe I had seen before but did not know the name. In 2007, my age was about the beginning of 20s and I never heard it before, my parent and most of my Solonese friends, as well. Honestly, it was very strange. I was so curious and began to do small research. I was surprised when I first time knew the position of Vastenburg Fort. It was directly in the front of my grandfather office, Telkom Solo in Koesmanto Street, in which I often ... read more
in front of Vastenburg.
Vastenburg beauty at night.
Inside the main tower of Vastenburg

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo March 23rd 2011

You know that place in movies where a car of friends breaks down and half of them are saying things like "Guy's we can't stay here." "It's weird we need to get out ASAP." And a couple others are saying, "Oh come on it's fine!" "Yeah nothing is going to happen, stop being babies!" and then they are all murdered in horrible ways, except for one that ends up laying on the side of the road all bloody from her daring escape, that's the place we ended up. We were all joking about the movie thing but I think deep down we really were a bit nervous! No transport out, no internet, probably no cell service and a volcano still decently active! I'd also come up with the scenario that in the night we"d be captured ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo July 24th 2010

Oli ihan tosi haikeaa lähteä saarelta keskiviikkoaamuna ja tuli heti hirveät vieroitusoireet sukelluksesta. Maanantai-illalla oli taas bileet ja Markus loisti rummuissaan, kun kitaristi oli palannut lapsensaantireissulta Manadosta. Tiistaina sukellettiin vielä kaks, just ja just 24h ennen keskiviikon lentoa eli tiukalle meni. Viimeiset dyykit oli ihan täydellisiä, nähtiin mm. metrin kokoinen kilpikonna ihan vierestä, merihevosia ja sinipilkullinen rausku. Juotiin illalla vielä drinksut biitsillä meidän sukellusoppaiden Markuksen ja Julietin kanssa. Ja aamulla käytiin vielä vilkuttamassa sukellukselle lähtijöille ennen kuin meidän vene lähti kohti Manadoa. Markus oli hajalla kun lähti meidän sijaan sukeltamaan vanhojen jenkkien kanssa… Ai niin, ne meidän jenkkifrendit olivat sitten löytäneet reissullaan 3 kilometriä korkean merenalaisen tulivuoren, josta oli jutt... read more
Musta savu
C Lawangin kylaa

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo June 26th 2010

Tuvimos que viajar por diez horas en tren para llegar a esta ciudad donde esta una de la iglesias Christadelfianas (nuestra religión) El viaje en tren no fue del todo placentero (como cualquier viaje terrestre) , la gente comenzó a poner cobijas en el piso y acostarse a dormir así que nosotros hicimos los mismo y pusimos a los niños (Carolina, Joshua y Samantha) ahí y durmieron muy bien. Al llegar a Solo nos dimos cuenta que estábamos juzgando muy pronto al país , la gente de nuestra iglesia nos recibió muy bien e inmediatamente comenzaron a ayudarnos en búsqueda de una casa aunque no me quejo del hotel donde estuvimos por 4 días ya que era muy bonito con piscina donde los niños pasaron metidos la mayoría del tiempo. Ya al rentar la casa nos ... read more
En el hotel en Solo
En el hotel en Solo
cerca de nuestra casa en Indonesia

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo June 5th 2010

See text in English below 24 noviembre 2009 Solo y Surakarta son dos nombres para una ciudad. Una ciudad tranquila y tradional. Compite con Yogyakarta como centro de la cultura javanesa, pero a la hora de atraer el turismo, Yogya se lleva todo y Solo se queda con nada. De hecho, sólo me crucé con un holandés en el kraton Surakarta, y hablaba bastante bien bahasa, por lo que sospecho que era residente en Indonesia. La falta de turistas se confirma al pasear por la calles. Mucha gente me sonreía y algunos me saludaban: "Hello Mister! How are you?" Eran los primeros "hello mister" que escuchaba en el país, y los únicos que escuché en la isla de Java. Después de salir de Prambanan y comer algo con Budi en el aparcamiento, nos volvimos a montar ... read more
Puri Mangkunegaran
Kraton Surakarta
Kraton Surakarta

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo April 11th 2010

The train between Yogyakarta and Solo is a simple commuter train taking about an hour. There I am met by Dicky, the brother of my couch surfing hostess Popy, and taken home to meet the family. Ibu (mother) is one cool chick, who spends her days sitting in a cool spot in the breezeway watching the daytime soaps in between doing the household chores. Aside from attending gym three times a week that is! She doesn't speak a word of English so I am getting to practice my Indonesian instead. Dicky is studying law, and is in the middle of midterm exams, but he still has time to show me around during the day whilst Popy is at work. Popy works in a bank full time, then is a radio announcer on the weekends, so she's ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo October 13th 2009

Yes, in love with Solo...well, a few nights at the Novotel helped, after the grime and skank of Pacitan. Joni wasn't well at the end of our time in Pacitan - a bit of a cold and a fever, she had a tough day on the public bus, we were set upon by many pushy becak drivers at Solo bus station, but it seemed that in no time we were swanning about in a beautiful swimming pool, contemplating a buffet breakfast of champions the next morning. But, glorious nest of capitalist enterprise aside, Solo is a great city. We weren't sure of what to expect - the sad fact is that all most of us hear is that this is the home of JI. Maybe it is. But we found it surprisingly liberal, easy to get ... read more
Eat, eat, eat
Winners are grinners
Juicy Lucy

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo September 22nd 2009

Solo Train to Solo, by myself as we have all gone our separate ways now! Did a cycling tour around Solo which was pretty cool visiting workshops and bread making places and things. Didn’t spend or do much here next port of call, Denpsar! ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo June 22nd 2008

I went on another vet student adventure - this time to visit a traditional duck egg farm out by Solo (50 km east or so of Jogja). This was a trip just for me, so I certainly appreciated the kind ride (from Andre, the same vet student I went with the day before). Unfortunately, this time we didn’t gain any elevation, and we absolutely baked in the car. The air conditioning left something to be desired, and so it was a tough toss up between clean, hot air, or open windows and mouthfuls of motorbike exhaust. Visiting the farm was really great. Baby ducks galore! In this area, ducks are raised to be egg layers more than for meat. This farm incubates the eggs and then sells the day old ducklings. Therefore the female ducklings are ... read more
Turning the eggs
Bath time!

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo February 1st 2008

It was great to be on the road again although few hours ago I almost gave up RM300+ worth of air ticket due to some not so nice vibe from the office. Not forgetting dad being a bit apprehensive on letting me go on a short trip before Chinese New Year. Understandable, who in the right mind would let their children fly to another country a few days before CNY and risk not having them coming back? You know, parents think the worst for their children. But as I've told dad many time, we attract what we fear. If anything were to happen to me, who else to be blamed to have injected all the negative thoughts? Certainly not me. The flight to Solo was a pleasant one and it gets even better because I am ... read more
man at Tugu Station

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