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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo July 27th 2007

It's been a long day I arrived here at 8.30am local time that's 2 and half hours behind Adelaide and headed straight off to the Puri Mangku Negaran and Kraton Surakarta they were worth a look the Kraton is quite large and is the residence of the king of Solo, and had a lot of old interesting memorabilia. Then it was off on a 6 hour bike ride (pinion) to check out some old Hindu temples, specifically Candi Sukuh and Candi Ceto, they were both really worth the effort, they looked like something the Maya built. The problem was that the motorbikes here are not real big and my arse will never forgive me, also the traffic here is some what insane and I thought I was going to die so many times. We did have ... read more
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Candi Seto
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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo May 26th 2007

Up ridulously early again for the sunrise. had to do some tourist things Ketep Viewpoint, breakfast with local friends - noodles & jasmine tea of course! saw mount kids at st dominic's would be so impressed..i was at mount merapi (from the friework maker's daughter)..although no fire fiend or fire imps to battle with as i was unable to climb due to activity warnings. shame, but seeing it was a great sight & i managed to climb a bit! does that still make me worthy of being a firework maker? : ) had to see borobudur - completely overpriced for foreigners but amazingly wonderful temple & a must for anyone in indonesia! very full of tourists, although many local people insited on taking photos of me rather than the temple!!! becoming a real celebrity here!! ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo May 24th 2007

Arrived by long bus journey from Mount Bromo to Solo - great city, quite buzzing, not as crazy as surabaya...really big on the arts here. visited the first of my temples (many more to come) Candi Sukuh & Candi Ceto - both very interesting stories behind them. made friends with more local people helping me to try out the local foods & great fruit. very lucky to be able to attend a local wedding - relative of a friend here (trie). great to experience this - not like any other wedding i've been to (muslim-javanese). great traditional clothes & snacks, food & drink being passed around all day while testimonies go own from various members of family & friends. felt very welcomed & very much part of the family. people are very intrigued by my western ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo September 25th 2006

A legacy of the Dutch administration, a train carries us from Yogyakarta to the neibouring town of Solo, a little further east. Together with Yogya, Solo (officially known as Surakarta although nobody uses that name) is one of Java's "royal cities". Indeed, for centuries this part of the world has been ruled by small kingdoms that have come and gone. Mataram, Sriwijaya, Majapahit, Mataram Islam...empires that flourished for a time before disappearing into nothingness. By the time the Dutch turned up on Java around the 18th Century, the Mataram Islam kingdom governed most of Java. As ever in this island's history though, the kingdom was beset by internecine squabbles and arguments over succession, and soon even this kingdom split into two small principalities headed by separate royal families - Yogyakarata and Solo. The Dutch were quick ... read more
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