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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bogor July 27th 2021

It’s one of those weekends when five of my friends and I were restless and wanted to inhale fresh air. Indonesia had announced another lockdown for the umpteenth times. It felt like we were being caged again. The adrenalin call was so strong that I managed to make all the arrangement with a tour guide, who had a team of three, including offroad driver, local guide and photographer. We took off from Cabinite, a cozy, a newly built cabin compound at Sentul, near Jakarta, at 11 am, and took the land rover ride to reach Cisadon village, a well-known spot among the motortrail riders and mountain bikers. After one-and a-half-hour of bumpy ride on a gravel and muddy road, we arrived at the serene Cisadon village. Lunch was served by the pond where our vehicle parked. ... read more
The later it got, the more fog covering the forest
Into the Green
Cisadon Waterfall

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bogor July 7th 2021

Within an hour and half drive from Jakarta, tucked behind the new-to-be-developed compound of Trump Development in Lido, lies Bodogol National Park. It’s one of the 54 national parks in Indonesia. I was pleased to see a lush green forest covering the area of 20 hectares which are relatively untouched by the weekenders from Jakarta. Despite its proximity to Jakarta, Bodogol was relatively unknown; perhaps, it’s not easily accessible. The road heading to the park was not paved. It’s a muddy and gravel road, passable only by motorbikes or 4WD vehicles. As we drove towards the park, not only our eyes were rewarded by the sight of greenery, but also our lung was pampered by the oxygen-rich fresh air. Forest has been my sanctuary and my refuge to keep my sanity intact. I could live not ... read more
The trail towards Suspension Bridge
Suspension Bridge
Cikaweni Waterfall

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bogor December 23rd 2016

It wasn't that difficult to get to Bogor fron the Jakarta airport. so I left the capital at the moment and took the bus southward to Bogor. It was my first Indonesia trip, so a lot of unexpect and unknown would be waiting. I booked a homestay and it only costed 8 dollars, an old house with comfort room. as usual my first few days are lazy and for readjust, so I just wandering off to whenever seem interesting. With the Botanic Garden stood in the middle, I concentrate on the south-west corner, through the restaurant in Jl Suryakencana and the interesting market. opposite is the main entrance of the Botanic Garden where you could spend a whole day, just walk around the huge tall tree...amazing! beside...the orchid garden and the zoologi museum are present too. ... read more
open up

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bogor April 17th 2015

Writing this blog, I realized that my second week in Indonesia has already past. It is amazing how many new experiences a person can have in that short lapse of time. I’ve gone through amazing “highs” and some tiring “lows”, all leaving an unforgetable impression. On my real first day in Bogor I decided to go for a walk in the city centre. This was already my first “European” assumption about how the world functions. After trying to explain to several people what I was looking for, the word “shopping” finally got me in the good direction. Immediately, the right Angkot was stopped for me to take me down-town. The city is full of these mini vans taking you where ever you need, if you have time. The different bus lines sort of have a route, ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bogor April 2nd 2015

After a successful Friday filled with stressful Project Proposal Presentations and cheerful drinks with friends, I am packed and ready (and a little bit hung-over) to catch my flight to Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Being so busy preparing my research and running after my visa, I haven’t had the time to realize it was all happening so fast. I feel like I’m just running to yet another appointment… Luckily, I have 12 hours to prepare myself mentally to the complete culture switch I’m going to have. Well… I still have to finish my Research Proposal which we have the hand in on Sunday, but that’s a whole different story I’ll come back to later in this blog… I arrive at the airport on Sunday 29 March at 1pm GMT+7. I easily find my driver who will take ... read more
That stove is hot!
Evening promenade
I always wanted tropical forest as my backyard ;-)

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bogor February 15th 2014

Saturday, 15th February 2014 My Perfect Saturday in Jakarta Happily, I hopped onto a commuter train from Gondangdia Train Station to the city of Bogor about 60km south of Jakarta. This was a sort of adventure for me given that train announcements were made only in Bahasa Indonesia and I was probably the only foreigner throughout the 90 minutes commute. But as a train lover, I always cherished those times on the trains during my overseas travels. It was fun even though the crowd was a bit overwhelming at times. In fact, on my journey back to Jakarta Kota Station, I had to stand throughout the whole journey. My legs were tired but this was probably the only chance for me to experience train travel within Greater Jakarta region. The train cars that plied their routes ... read more
The Grand Old Dame
What I had for lunch @ Cafe Batavia
Commuter Trains from Japan

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bogor October 14th 2012

Taman Safari, is a wildlife conservation site some 80 kms / 2hours away from Jakarta. Its nestled in the hills around “Puncak Pass” (another weekend getaway for people living in Jakarta & Bandung) ,hence boasts of moderate temperatures for the animals to thrive. Having been to both Sanctuaries /national parks (Corbett Natinal Park, Kanha National park, etc) and zoos, I kind of found it fun going to Taman Safari, the concept of which is basically something in between. A sanctuary is for the enthusiasts, its literally the wilderness & doesn’t guarantee you spotting animals (3 days of loitering around with all six senses on high alert & all you get to see is tiger’s shit and elephants footprints); and in a zoo animals are caged in small confinements. Whereas here, they are let loose in parks ... read more
The Mighty Tiger
The Mighty Tiger

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bogor July 20th 2012

Na alweer een stevig ontbijtje uitgecheckt en busje in op weg naar mini Indonesia. Mijn moeder vertelde dat ze wakker geworden was van een lichte aardbeving deze nacht, niet verwonderlijk op een vulkaneneiland als Java. Helaas Jakarta zou ons niet laten gaan hebben zonder een laatste file: twee uur op de tolweg van zo'n 15km, we kregen wel een laatste zicht op het met smog bedekte centrum en sloppenwijken tussen de twee banen van de autostrade in cadeau!!! Volgende halte was mini Indonesia, een soort Bokrijk met de verschillende bouwstijlen van elke Indonesische provincie, een kabelbaan, treintjes. Het park lag er een beetje doods bij, misschien omwille van de eerste dag van de ramaddan? Verder heeft het ook zijn grandeur van zijn opening 30jaar geleden wel verloren (toen Davids ouders het bezocht hadden), het lag er ... read more
Echt overal zoeken mensen plaats om te wonen: hier onder de autostrade
Ramayana mall in Bogor

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bogor June 6th 2012

And on to Bogor, leaving the last of the Javan highlands behind, back to the sweaty cities for the final legs of my trip. I experienced the infamous traffic (as if Indonesia ever has traffic that is anything but) along the Puncak Pass, and it wasn't even a weekend, which was supposed to be when things really heat up. Regarded somewhat as a distant suburb of Jakarta, Bogor is your typical rough-and-tumble Indonesian city. Aka Kota Hujan (Rain City), apparently with storms almost every day. It was of course no exception during my stay here, at the Pensione Firman.... read more
Sick DDR Moves
Istana Bogor
Kebun Raya

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bogor May 11th 2012

I am very pleased with my research team. They are super organized and are getting through all necessary interviews quicker than expected (which means I get to go back to my oasis in Jakarta a day early). I also don’t feel like I have to hover over them to make sure everything goes according to protocol. The research capacity here in Indonesia is quite high. But as in other countries, data collection is often an uncomfortable process. My research manager called yesterday evening to say he was going straight home rather than meeting me for a debrief meeting because he just spent the last couple of hours doing an interview while sitting next to a chicken coop and was not smelling so nice. Yesterday morning I sat in on a focus group with women from a ... read more

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