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October 4th 2017
Published: November 4th 2017
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The next morning we were all very excited to get to our Air bnb place we would have all to ourselves in Ubud. After asking the locals where the villa was we were in awe of it! We had a short walk from the main road down a small alley surrounded by flowers to find a house on a river bank with a balcony overlooking the rice paddy fields. The bathroom was enormous with an open plan feel including 2 showers (one outside) and a mega bath. Awesome! We stocked up the fridge with the essentials of beer and chocolate and chilled enjoying the views and sounds of the countryside. We headed out for some decent grub and spent the night listening to the bull frogs and insects whilst playing card games.

The second day we got some mopeds and headed into Ubud. Jet and Tash hadn't driven bikes before so it was up to us to chauffer them around. It was raining most of the morning so spent most of the day milling around having coffee, shopping for trinkets and then in the afternoon headed to the monkey forest. As our budget was minuscule compared to Tash and Jets we weren't that fussed on going to the forest as we'd been there a couple of years before but they kindly offered to pay for our entry so who were we to be rude! We'd noticed in general that Ubud was a lot busier and noisier compared to our previous visit, which included a whole new section being built for the forest and the increased entry fee (standard). We saw some cute baby monkeys, a giant swimming lizard and were entertained by moronic tourists who were buying bananas, putting them in their pocket and wondering why they were getting pounced on by every ape they saw. Luckily for us no one got bitten and contracted rabies! After the monkey forest we had a spot of lunch together then went our separate ways as T&J wanted massages and we needed the money to buy a new speaker. Unfortunately we had a bit of a polava as dizzy Jack left a card in an ATM and it got swallowed. Bollocks. The guy in the bank was completely useless and despite our best efforts refused to get off his lazy ass and do anything, one card down.

The following day we headed out to frolick in some waterfalls. The first and most famous one was really impressive but very touristy and due to the heavy rain in the night was flowing chocolate brown and the current too strong to swim. Nay bother, we ventured off to another and luckily this time it was clear of tourists and much clearer water. A very beautiful spot in a valley in the jungle with vines and bright green moss shining off the rocks. We spent an hour or so doing our best L'Oréal impression and then headed for a ridge walk along the rice fields and had a spot of lunch. We drove through a very very busy, clogged, traffic filled ubud back to our mansion in the fields. That night we went on another meal out with MASSIVE portions, Chars the size of her torso, before heading back to enjoy our last night and the sound of our bull frogs.


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