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September 28th 2017
Published: October 18th 2017
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In our never ending bid to save money round every corner possible we opted for the "slow boat" instead of the "fast boat" over to Bali. We managed to save about £5 each but it really wasn't worth the hassle of what ended up being a 14hr journey door to door. During the journey we had crazy couples asking us if we were worried about a possible tsunami whilst on the ferry (due to all the media coverage about the volcano), urm, nope not really.. We had tragic buskers on the ferry making a racket and then asking us to pay for the privalage of being entertained. About 50 people boarded the ferry to try and flog various snacks and drinks before we set off etc, etc, it was standard SE Asia chaos. In the end we whiled away some of the time making our very own version of Top Trumps about all the different foods we had tried on our trip. Each of the 40 cards scored the meals on taste, nutrition, how filling they were, uniqueness and appearance, all were illustrated and cut down to perfect size. Unfortunately the game wasn't that much fun to actually play as we both knew too much about the cards once they were finished!

The following day we met up with some mates Barney, Trown and Lottie. They had text us out of the blue the day before we took the ferry to Seminyak and were on holiday here. We went round to meet them at their villa which was so lovely, a real treat for us to have a bit of luxury and a private pool. Trrown cooked us a delicious lunch and we had a great day lounging around the pool drinking beers with them. They had plans to go to one of the beach clubs called Potato Head and although it was drastically out of our price range to buy anything there we tagged along hoping it would be free entry. Luckily it was and we managed to escape buying an obligatory drink at the bar or having to hire a table for £30. There was a beautiful infinity pool and we were lucky enough to have clear skies and the most beautiful sunset. Whilst at the pool the girls got talking to a group of lads and we all ended up getting free beers from them and were invited back to their private villa for a free BBQ with their private chef, amazing! Their villa was huuugggeee, it was a 10 bed palace but there were only 4 of them staying there and they had so much delicious food and loads of free alcohol! We hadn't been drunk in ages and so wasted no time getting stuck into all the freebies. The night really escalated from there, these lads worked in hedge funds and were each worth about 40million pounds and they were the same age as us! They paid for all our drinks all night long, rounds and rounds of shots, beers, spirits, really anything we wanted they bought, including a t-shirt for Jack as "singlets were not allowed" in the clubs we went in.

Needless to say the next day was a complete write off! Luckily the volcano scare had prevented anyone checking into the dorm and so we had a huge bedroom to ourselves. That days activities and entire budget was spent walking 400 metres down the road to a burger bar and back to bed!

Tash and Jet arrived late the following day and we picked them up from the airport with cold beers and a pack of Bali's special LA Ice (not drugs.. not this time). It was so lovely to finally see some really familiar faces and catch up on all the goings on and goss back in Blighty. Naturally they had a slow start the next day and so we had a morning by the pool and then we all ventured out to the beach for some bodyboarding. Unbelievably, neither Tash or Jet had ever been body boarding. Luckily for them they had some seasoned professionals on hand to demonstrate the text book technique; launch ones self at the breaking point of biggest wave and hope for the best. They soon got the hang of it and after a few hours of being thrown about in natures washing machine we were all ready for grub and beers. We took them to La Plancha, which is a beach front rainbow bean bag heaven, to watch the sunset and listen to some chilled out tunes.

Next stop Ubud....


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