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October 8th 2017
Published: November 4th 2017
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We had an early pick up from our beautiful villa to transfer us to the port. Char slept most the way and soon enough we were speeding across the sea to Gili T. When we arrived Tash and Jet decided to get a horse and cart taxi to their hotel and we walked to our budget accommodation. We got settled in, met the guys for lunch and then spent the afternoon lounging on the beach and swimming in the turquoise sea. We really noticed the change in Gili T, gone were the small shacks and tat shops along the main beach front area. These had now been replaced with swanky Roxy and Hurley expensive stores. Bit of a shame but understandable. That evening we met up again to go to Sama Sama reggae bar. We remembered the bar from 2 years ago when we came to Gili T and it still seemed to be the place to be. Packed with people and fantastic live bands all night. Char and Tash tried to get the band to let Jet play a few songs with them but they didn't seem to take their request very seriously.

The following morning we were very hungover and in desperate need of a pool to jump into. Luckily for us, Tash and Jet had booked a place with a pool so we biked over with the intention of a quick dip before venturing out to explore the island. However, Tash and Jet wanted to make the most of their place and so we ended up spending the day in and out of the pool playing cards. Char lost one of the decider rounds of Big 2 and so had to venture out to get some street food for lunch but apart from that it was a pretty relaxing day! We made friends with another couple staying in the accommodation and went out for drinks with them that evening. After beers we went to the night food market which is packed with loads of cheap and delicious grub. You chose your stall and then create your own meal buffet style, there's fresh fish, BBQs, tempe, spring rolls, loads of different veggie dishes, sauces, rice, noodles..... you get the picture, no one goes hungry! We all over ate and waddled home that night looking like we were 6 months pregnant.

The following day Tash and Jet went diving and we went out exploring the quieter side of the island. This area at the top of the island was much more beautiful and still maintained its island charm. We went snorkelling and only had to share the beach with a few other people. The coral off the shore was well worth the walk out and we saw tonnes of tropical fish. We then spotted a hotel/restaurant with a gorgeous pool right on the beach and figured out if you buy a drink you can use the pool. Perfect, no sand to ruin everything but still amazing views and somewhere to cool off! We spent a good few hours there before hunger pangs drew us away. For lunch we found a tiny little local warung and ordered 2 Nasi Goreng and 2 banana shakes all for £2.50, amazing and so delicious!

The next morning we all met up at the harbour to take the boat over to Gili Air. The boys sat up on the top of the boat and the girls sat inside chatting about T&Js amazing experience scuba diving, very jealous! We arrived and checked back in with Jacque at Damai bungalows where we stayed last time we were here. After lunch we went snorkelling and saw a huge turtle that swam directly underneath us in about 1.5m of water, so amazing but unfortunately we didn't have the GoPro with us that time, typical! We'd been waiting for a perfect sunset evening to try another mushroom shake and were hoping that T&J would wanna do it with us but they wanted to save their money to buy some souvenirs and presents for people. So at 4pm on the dot we set out to "space bar" to buy 2 tickets to the moon. This time we made certain to specify we wanted extra super duper double strong ones. After guzzling them down we went and sat in our fav bar on the beach and waited for the magic to happen. We didn't have to wait long at all, only half an hour later we were both having the most amazing time. It's hard to describe what happened over the next 3 hours because words will never do them justice, it was absolutely incredible. Both of us had slightly different experiences; Char saw patterns in everything like inscriptions on every surface and layers and layers of holograms, Jack saw wobbling objects and perspectives and depth was all altered. We both saw objects in the sky, it looked like our skin was pulsing different colours, hairs on our arms looked like they were growing and curling, trees were growing vines, basically everything was magic and we didn't stop laughing for 3 hours.

Our last day together with Tash and Jet was spent chilling with them by the pool and playing cards and in the evening we went out for cocktails and a beautiful candlelit meal on the beach. We said our goodbyes that night but as it turned out we saw them again the following morning as they couldn't catch the morning ferry.

We swapped accommodations the day they left as we decided to extend another night and enjoyed a last day on Gili Air lazing around in hammocks and reading our books in the sun before heading back to Bali for 4 days to prepare for New Zealand!


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