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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai January 2nd 2007

Okay, This may be a bit long winded as I haven't had access to interner for a while. Not sure if you are all aware, but an earthquake and landslide over here have severed several cables carrying internet to Indonesia. Well, so the feet...yes it seems no matter where I travel on this rock, be it Grand forks or Bali, I am the pincusion into which insects wish to insert their probiscii. My feet were actually quite swollen the last time I chatted from ( what i beleive were either ants, or tiny blackflies... not bedbugs ) the bites. As many were dripping pus (lovely image I know!) and the humidity here is about 117 % I was simply not healing... I thought it prudent to arrange to see a doctor and so the next afternoon, ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai December 26th 2006

Okay, so yesterday I typed a large message about my christmas. Just as I published it the internet f@#^ed up and sure enough, I look today and I have no here we go again. After 5 nights in Lovina I took a Perama over to a small town called Amed. I got a room and discovered a coral reef right out front of the hotel. So obviously a snorkelled for a while. I walked through the town, mostly fishermen and farmers, and got incredibly hot. I had dinner at a little Warung on the beach but the flies pestered me too much so I moved over to another Warung for a Bintang afterwards. Having procurred my evening beverage a commensed chatting with the owner who is the sister of the man at the Warung where ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai July 6th 2006

Slowly being lulled into sleep by the rhythmic chugging of the ferry's engines. I'm 3 hours into my 10hour journey to Gilli Trawangan, (I'd decided to take the slow option to save some rupiah), one of three little islands off the North East coast of neighbouring Lombok. Feeling a bit daft because I'd already decided a week ago to spend my time in the Gillis at the end of my trip, rather than in the middle so that I can relax and know exactly how much time I have. Never mind, I suppose everything happens for a reason, perhaps now I'll definately get to Komodo and skip Yogjakata on Java? Who knows, but thinking about it, I only have 20 days left! Jeez, it's racing by! I should fill you in on the last few days ... read more
Dramatic Sunrise
Master of the volcanoes
Another world

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai May 13th 2006

Today was a day for celebration. The festivities were already in full swing when I came down for Breakfast. The entire family was dressed in their best and were busy praying and organising offerings - and generally having fun. A feast had been prepared, and as honoured guest (by virtue of being the only guest staying...) I was invited to try it all. It was a nice 'n spicy affair - lots of meaty curries. What was a bit different though was a coconut and palm sugar cone, and rice cakes topped with a sour fermented rice. Walking around the streets most shops were closed, and the streets were so piled high with offerings that it became hard to walk along them! In the afternoon I grabbed a Bemo to Batabulan, and was then literally forced ... read more
Padang Bai (1)

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai February 15th 2006

On our sail into Padang Bai, Bali, Indonesia, we pass low, green hills. A volcano rises majestically behind them shrouded in clouds. The wind blows and parts the puffy, whiteness to reveal the volcano’s jagged cone. Alan and I are taking pictures from the balcony when I spot many odd looking boats in the sea. They are white with leg-like appendages sticking out from each side into the water. They look like white tarantulas crawling along the water’s surface. When our ship gets closer to them, we see that they are fishing canoes. This morning, we are taking Radisson’s “Bali As You Please” tour with Tyler, Vicki, Stephanie and Phil. We will have two vans, each with a driver and interpreter who will show us around the island according to an itinerary that we choose. Stepping ... read more
Beautiful greeters
The Hall of Justice
A woodcarver

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai August 28th 2005

After months of anticipation and 26 hours of travelling we finally arrived on the tiny narrow road that was Poppies Lane, Kuta. As the 3 of us piled out of the taxi and began to wonder just where this 'Fat Yogi’s Bar' was, that we'd arranged to meet in, who should come wandering along? Sharon. It must have been part of the Woolley telepathy that she should come along at that precise moment. After hugs and kisses she took us to where Scott was waiting at Fat Yogi’s. We all downed a few welcome beers and tramped around Kuta for a while before jumping into a taxi to Bingin, near Dreamland. In the darkness our accommodation appeared to be in the middle of no-where. Leggies bungalows turned out to be a delight - even the huge ... read more
Leggies Bungalows
Leggies Bungalows

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai August 10th 2005

From Lovina we headed south to Gunung Batur (Mt. Batur) and Lake Batur. The view of the mountain and the lake as we edged down the impossibly steep roads on the back of motorbikes was breathtaking. Before we arrived we had vague notions of a climb of Mount Batur and a more a well-formed conviction that would take a boat ride across the lake. Our Lonely Planet had pre-warned us about the persistant, often aggressive hawkers and touts. Right on cue, not ten minutes after our arrival as we sat in a restaurant*, they arrived. It's not what you want is it? To find yourself forced to battle your in-built English politeness and tell someone to sod off with a mouth full of nasi-goreng? Anyway we were there and the view was lovely and that was ... read more
Hindi woman
Smoke over KL

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