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August 28th 2005
Published: August 16th 2006
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Happy ReunionHappy ReunionHappy Reunion

After 26 hours travelling we finally met up with Sharon and Scott in Poppies Lane, Kuta.
After months of anticipation and 26 hours of travelling we finally arrived on the tiny narrow road that was Poppies Lane, Kuta. As the 3 of us piled out of the taxi and began to wonder just where this 'Fat Yogi’s Bar' was, that we'd arranged to meet in, who should come wandering along? Sharon. It must have been part of the Woolley telepathy that she should come along at that precise moment. After hugs and kisses she took us to where Scott was waiting at Fat Yogi’s. We all downed a few welcome beers and tramped around Kuta for a while before jumping into a taxi to Bingin, near Dreamland. In the darkness our accommodation appeared to be in the middle of no-where. Leggies bungalows turned out to be a delight - even the huge lizard that ran up the bedroom wall as we turned on the light didn't worry me! The bed was a quaint 4 poster draped in lace curtains, standing on a crazy paved stone floor. The bathroom was unique with a shower head on the wall that just poured cold water onto a pebbly floor. Who cares when you’ve had no sleep for 2 days?
Leggies BungalowsLeggies BungalowsLeggies Bungalows

Our first night's accomodation at Bingin near Dreamland.

Next morning we woke to some really curious jungle-like noises that I was reliably informed were the gekos. The other 3 were already up and eating breakfast in the beautiful tropical gardens. This was my first experience of south of the equator and so far I loved it!

We spent the rest of the day on Dreamland beach which was beautiful despite the sunbeds and umbrellas, not to mention the very rough waves. Much later we spent a wonderful evening sitting around on the floor of “Stickies Bar” watching the sunset and eating Thai green curry. Stickies Bar was built into the steep cliffside overlooking the sea so was a perfect viewing point; although we were glad that we'd taken our torches with us as the path back was very steep and trecherous!

The next few days were spent on the nearby island of Nusa Lembongan, it was like taking a step back in time the village houses were amazing, built from raffia and only dried mud for the floor. Palm trees everywhere. We managed to arrange a snorkel trip, this was Gary's first taste of 'real' snorkelling so I was hoping it would be good, the only
Leggies BungalowsLeggies BungalowsLeggies Bungalows

Breakfast was served in the beautiful tropical gardens.
snorkelling he'd done prior to this was in Spain where there was not a lot to see. He was not dissapointed. A friendly guy from Spain, Hugo, joined in our trip. He was to turn up and join in with us several times over the next 3 weeks.

From Nusa Lembongan we spent the next day and a half travelling to Gili Trawangen, a tiny island. The journey was somewhat eventful, it began by getting a boat back to Padang Bai on Bali. We had booked the boat the day before in order to get an early start. When we turned up for the boat a french couple were booked on it too. As we hung around waiting for the 'crew' we spotted a tiny sail boat and joked that we hoped it wasn't ours. When the captain turned up he gestured for us to go to the tiny boat we'd joked about! We thought he was kidding but unfortunatly not. After much arguing we refused to get on and forfieted our deposit. A whole lot of local men were looking on and laughing. In no time we were flooded with offers of another boat. We smelled a scam

A half hour walk took us to the beach at Dreamland.
but took up the best offer anyway. It was quite good actually, a much larger boat that we could actually walk about on and they played Bob Marley all the way! In no time we were sailing past our intended boat that had set of ages before us, we gave them a friendly wave (not).

From Padangbai we were to get a large ferry to Lombok. The ferry took over 6 hours to cover the short distance. As soon as we emerged with our backpacks the taxi touts were round us like bees round a honey pot. After much haggling over the price and making sure we got a half decent car to travel in, we set off. It was dark by this time, we told the driver we wanted to go to Hotel Ray in Sengiggi, but he said he would take us to his friends accommodation agency. We could smell another scam coming on! We insisted we knew where we wanted to go. The driver didn't seem happy. As we pulled into a petrol station he demanded we paid our fare there and then. Scott refused and said we would pay at our destination but the
Stickies BarStickies BarStickies Bar

We watched the sun go down from this tiny bar built into the cliff near Bingin.
driver insisted he had no money and no petrol! in the end we agreed to pay half now and half later, the driver reluctantly agreed and we were soon on our way again.
At this point I became a bit anxious, this dodgy looking driver could take us anywhere, it was dark and we had no idea where we were. Although, there were 5 of us and only one of him. All the same I was relieved when we drove past Hotel Ray, we had to yell for the driver to stop, he seemed hell bent on driving past.

After this we spent a pleasant evening in a live music bar, then went back to bed but not before clearing the cockroaches out of our rooms!

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Time to move on.Time to move on.
Time to move on.

Packed up and ready to set off to Sanur to get the boat to Nusa Lembongon.
Nusa LembongonNusa Lembongon
Nusa Lembongon

The village, it was like taking a step back in time.
Nusa LembongonNusa Lembongon
Nusa Lembongon

An afternoon stroll through the village.
Local Children.Local Children.
Local Children.

They spotted our digital camera and asked to see themselves in it.
Our Boat Back!!Our Boat Back!!
Our Boat Back!!

This was the tiny boat they expected 7 of us to return to Bali on ,complete with 7 large backpacks. No way! We lost our 500 rupee deposit and opted for a bigger one.
Padangbai Bali.Padangbai Bali.
Padangbai Bali.

Made it safely back.
Sengiggi, LombokSengiggi, Lombok
Sengiggi, Lombok

An early morning stoll before our next leg of the journey, the boat touts are out already.

23rd August 2011
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