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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai June 20th 2013

We arrive into Bali late and jump in our taxi to Padang Bai, which is a small fishing village on the east coast of Bali. First impressions are similar to that of all non-western cities, crazy traffic and a lot of beeping horns, it’s hot and humid and the taxi provides some welcome air conditioning. The hostel is up a big flight of stairs; James and I pretty much crash when we reach our fan cooled room. In the morning we walk out onto the veranda to check out the view and it is stunning. Our first taste of Asian scenery and it does not disappoint the bluey green ocean on one side with rolling hills of tropical forest on the other. We head out to explore and quickly get lost finding ourselves walking precariously on ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai December 27th 2012

==j'essaye de donner des détails sur les prix et les trajets pour les personnes qui souhaiteraient marcher dans mes pas, désolé si ca devient illisible== Après l'énorme déception de mon voyage annulé au Cambodge je me suis rabattu sur l'une des îles les plus connues des partygoers : Bali. Pas de plan pour ces 6 jours à part récupérer de l'agitation de Jakarta et retrouver quelques amis dispersés sur la côte. C'était sans compter sur une bonne surprise qui m'attendais, à l'aéroport Martijn un ami hollandais a eu la même idée que moi et m'invite à le suivre à Padang Bai. Ce que je fais sans me faire prier! Partie 1, Padang Bai Padang Bai est située à l'Est de Bali, cette petite ville côtière est surtout connue pour son port qui permet de relier l'île ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai June 25th 2012

We return to Bali via Perama boat to follow the journey in bus infected of mosquitos towards PadangBai. PadangBai is a small fishing town in the south of Bali connecting Bali to Lombok with the main public ferry. It sits on a small bay with 2 main beaches: white Sand and Blue Lagoon. We sayed at Celagi Inn - referred by our friend Jury whom we met at Swara. Indeed the hotel is runned by a very sweet family: Made and Ilo, and there 3 kids: Poutou, Krishna and Bartez. Mostly Made and his employee Ketut have assisted us in our requests and have been very helpful. There we met a lovely french couple: Matthieu and Krystelle from Brittany and also had a nice discussion with a Japanese couple. It is so nice to be able ... read more
Celagi Inn - our homestay
Made and Clive
typical Bali Coffee

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai January 19th 2012

We arrived in PadongBai by taxi from Sunar - $12. Padongdai is a pretty small village and from what I can see their main economy is fishing and tourism mainly boat transport to the Gilis and snorkeling/diving trips. Apparently there is pretty good snorkeling in this area. We only stayed here one night and spent most of the day planning and exploring. We did stumble onto a Bali funeral from our balcony where we saw a 100 people marching by our hostel to the ceremony up the hill. They were carrying the body and the mood was happy almost festive. Bali funerals are different because it is a celebration of life, so everyone was smiling and no tears were shed. We spent most of the night trying to figure out transport to the Gillis Island. There ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai August 31st 2011

Wow its been a while and things have been busy so this may be quite long!!! I’m currently sat in a small ferry port on Bali which I have so far visited 3 times already, heading back to Lombok tomorrow in an attempt to cross 2 islands in the shortest time possible to reach Flores but more of that later. So Bali is interesting, very busy and full of traffic and tourists (it being peak season). But the people are lovely, the temples very sweet and religion very strong here. After Luke left me in Kula Lumpar my whole plan for Bali (having done no research) was get on the plane, read the lonely planet whilst on the plane, find someone else at Bali airport on their own and do whatever they were doing. Well this ... read more
traditional dance
seaweed farms and bali volcano

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai July 31st 2011

July 31 Right now I am on the "white beach" in Pandaganbai waiting for the sun to come out from behind the clouds. Today we havent done much besides the "goodbye breakfast" and come here - and there isn't much here besides a few streets with funky restaurants and hostels. I don't think ive ever been in a town this small actually, but it's low key and relaxing. I was really hoping to do some shopping while I was here because we haven't really bought anything on this trip in anticipation of buying in Bali, and now there's hardly anything off interest in the stores :( but maybe tomorrow in Legion (where we're going continuing on to). Okay i just took a 5 minute break to go into the water - wow! That was the ... read more
Bathrooms should always be in nautre
A $40 Splurge Well Worth It!
What's said in Bali stays in Bali

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai July 9th 2011

So, Tiger Airways. I know this sounds like the start of a previous blog entry. Unfortunately, this is a new one with the same beginning. So, after Alex and Steve came to our rescue following the incident that will not be discussed, by putting us up for two weeks and spoiling us in Alex's case and mocking us, in Steve's, they topped it off by offering to drive us to the airport. Steve and I had shot a lot of nails into a lot of wood, and so it was decided that we would reach the airport via deck-almost-finished-cigars at Max Brenners. No chocolate pizzas this time but some hot chocolates and a cigar each for me and Steve, the master deckbuilders. We arrived at Melbourne airport in good time to catch our flight to Perth. ... read more
From the breakfast table
Rice plantation
Rice plantation

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai June 11th 2011

Hey fellas, long time no write. After coming back from Ubud we went to Padangbai again, since this is the only point on Bali, where ferries leave to the Gili Islands. Before we went there, we had some amusing days again in our beloved Padang Bai. Longing for some action we rented 3 motorbikes to cruise around. First alone and the next day with our new lovely friends Tankas and Agus we visited Candidasa, Amlapura and a beautiful water palace called Tirtagangga. We had a lot of fun, although we sometimes got slightly scared on our motorbikes. Arie and me figured that turning left is way easier than right. Of course Kimi fell after riding the bike just for 5 mins, which made me pay my budget for the next 3 days. Damn. Rip off. Anyway ... read more
Babylon Bar
Tirtagangga Waterpalace
Tirtagangga Waterpalace

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai March 16th 2011

Bali is several thousands of miles and several centuries away from Australia. It is a mystical island which is deeply infused with the Hindu religion touching every aspect of Balinese life. To us, it is one of the few countries which has been able to maintain its spiritual traditions and way of life in spite of the world wide rush to modernity. We haven't been to the big tourist cities in Bali which are probably like any third world urban areas filled with cars and noise and high-rise buildings. Our ship drops anchor in Padang Bai. This is a rural part of Bali where there are as many temples as there are homes. The hillsides are covered with terraced rice paddies and tropical flora. There is currently a popular movie/book entitled "Eat, Pray, Love." The last ... read more
Gamelan Musicians
Vic & Mary
Floating Flowers

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai March 7th 2011

At sea on our way to Bali we enjoy a variety of games including pool volley ball in the small but adequate swimming area. The wave action combined with a slippery bottom surface adds to the fun and exercise. We also have golf putting and trivia contests plus a Service Club gathering to facilitate our Rotary makeups. Of course on Sunday we enjoy champagne and caviar. Last night we had a special dinner with two of the acrobatic entertainers from Estonia as they shared their lives with us and fellow diners. During the day a special tour of the ship’s bridge was a treat as the captain explained the inner workings of the facilities and what they plan to do to improve it in dry dock next year. We have noticed that they work very hard ... read more

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