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January 2nd 2007
Published: January 2nd 2007
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Okay, This may be a bit long winded as I haven't had access to interner for a while. Not sure if you are all aware, but an earthquake and landslide over here have severed several cables carrying internet to Indonesia. Well, so the feet...yes it seems no matter where I travel on this rock, be it Grand forks or Bali, I am the pincusion into which insects wish to insert their probiscii. My feet were actually quite swollen the last time I chatted from ( what i beleive were either ants, or tiny blackflies... not bedbugs ) the bites. As many were dripping pus (lovely image I know!) and the humidity here is about 117 % I was simply not healing... I thought it prudent to arrange to see a doctor and so the next afternoon, I saw one and got put on antibiotics. I took it easy for a couple of days in PadangBai as I was unable to enter to ocean. I met a very cute girl from Shanghai named 'Wendy' and we hung out for the evening, going for a walk to Blue Lagoon and then reconveining for dinner later on. I then had to check her bed for bedbugs as she was paranoid about her feet.(I was still thinking my feet may be bedbugs) Well as if I hadn't had enough to thrill me in the last few days, that night I got food poisoning from my dinner. I seemed to get rid of most of it by morning (yep, that's the only way to get rid of it) and I reconnected with Wendy for breakfast. She headed off to Lovina. Frank and Kristianna decided to take a flight to Flores Island so I saw them off. I was running low on cash and went over to the only ATM in PadangBai...unfortunately, it's Matercard and Cirrus only, so I was rejected!. This and a warning in my book about the incredibly annoying touts on the ferries to Lombok, changed my mind about heading to Gilis. Instead, (it's the next morning of the 29th) I rented a motorcycle (again...scooter) for 5 days and decided I would go back to Amed and Lovina. I dropped off my backpack at Topi Inn and packed a small bag and my camera to Amed. Stopping on the way in Amlapura (my money mecca) I drove on once again a multimillionaire! And then the rain came.... My god, when it decides it's rainy season in Bali, it doesn't go about it half-assed.....oh no! I was absolutely drenched by the time I got to Amed. I tried a place called Good Karma (perhaps my luck would change?) but alas, they had only a large family room left. Back into Amed where I stopped at the samr warung I'd been eating at a few days earlier and stuck up a deal to stay with Noman directly on the beach for 80,000 Rp a night.
Later in the day, the weather improved so I went for a ride...then Bali dicovered that Ryan was driving and decided to pour some rain on him...another set of completely drenched clothes. I chilled at my room and the warung for the evening. The 30th was a quiet day and at night I rode down to a place called Wawa Wewe (equivalent to Comse comsa in french) for a night of live music. Great musicians. The following morning I decided that the whole damn Island looked to be raining and changed my mind about Lovina. So I stayed in Amed for two more nights. It did stop raining for awhile and looked like it may hold, so I went for a drive up towards Tulumben...well, Bali again discovered that Ryan was out on the road and again decided to wash me. Gee thanks, Bali! That night I went with Thomas (german) and Yanti (Lombok) to Wawa Wewe again, where a large group had gathered for New Years celebrations. Although they had no live music (hello people...switch those nights around!), they did have some locals playing guitar and drums and the place was lively. The next day, Jan 1, 2007, I went snorkelling at the Japanese wreck again, however, 3 days of heavy waves and rain had reduced to visibility quite dramatically. I then read "catcher in the Rye" in about 4.5 hours and then phoned everyone I could reach at 4:00 pm to wish them Happy New Year! (midnight Vancouver) Then last night, the power went out in Amed after dinner, so a Canadian dude(jordan) from next door and I went down to the beach and had a beverage and watched the waves crash into the beach in almost full moonlight...a moment that was just begging for Jordan to not be a dude. Oh well. I went to my room by 10\;30 and just spent a couple hours attempting some long exposures with my camera. A couple of them really worked well. Today,(jan2) I had breakfast then drove here to PadangBai. Tomorrow I will head back to Kuta for 1 more night before flying to Singapore at 1:00pm on Jan 4. More later. Ryan.


2nd January 2007

I love you dada
2nd January 2007

Never long winded!
We love reading your news Ryan...never too much for me :) Can hardly wait to hear your stories and see some of your photos!

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