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December 19th 2009
Published: December 19th 2009
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Wow every time we sit down to write these blogs we realise just how much we have been packing in!
After leaving Penang having finally had all the viruses removed from our usb memory sticks we went onto the Cameron Highlands in the center of Malaysia. the country side leading up to there was beautiful winding in and out of the mountains and above the clouds however when we arrived to the town it wasn't so beautiful as it had been over developed and was just a bit touristy for what should be a quiet pretty mountain retreat. Anyway we met another couple there who are on their honeymoon but for a year so beat us and it turns out they know one of our friend tim and are from Midhurst...its a small world. It was so good to chat to some English people so we went on long walks through the mountains with them chatting about everything from weddings to football.....however Charlie is a Southampton fan so a bit controversial!

The Cameron Highlands is where they grow and make all the tea so we went to a tea plantation and I even had a cup which will impress all of you who have been trying to make me drink it for years...I didn't like it though. We had scones there as it is also famous for its jam and scones which made us laugh as dad is always making them...just cant get away! In all parts of this area were stunning and even looked quite English as the weather is misty being high it was just a shame that it has been so built up.

Next we went to Kula lumpa which as you can imagine is just like any other city...we liked the Potronas towers and a few other bits and bobs but as you know we aren't keen city lovers they all look the same to us but you feel you have to do them so we are. We saw our first carolers here in a shopping mall with scarfs and all can you believe it.

After 2 days in KL we went south to Melaka...there inst much to see here but we loved it. We stayed in a hostel run by an Indian guy named Steve who grew up in Malaysia and has traveled the world so knows how hard it can be for
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kl towers
travelers so he always makes sure there are drinks even vodka and toast. When we arrived he asked if we were staying in for a while so we said yes and he said he was going to the gym and we were in charge! He gave us all the keys and told us the rates and left us to it so there we were watching telly and running a guest house helping our selves to drinks and food....bliss.
The town is set around a little river and was very pretty at night time. We loved just feeling so at home here and meeting lots of other travelers coming and going and getting drunk of free drink. We met one guy sam who had traveled there on his BMW bike from the uk it had taken him 2 years and I can tell you his boots smelt like it had. He has made us start planning our next trip...traveling Europe on motorbikes so if anyone wants to join us get saving.
Steve took us to a deserted island the next day with a few others and we spent the day chilling ...again bliss!

We spent 3 days in Melaka and didn't want to to leave but on to Singapore which again we didn't really like just another city so we treated ourselves to the cinema...couples retreat!

Now for the good stuff we saw the orangutan!!!!!!! When we got to Borneo we flew to Sandakan where the orangutan are and went to a rehabilitation center where they release the orphans. There were none to be seen anywhere and I was so upset then the heavens opened and we were drenched we didnt have coats or anything but it was so refreshing and made the other visitors leave so there we stood soaking when slowly the orangutan came out of the trees at least 7 in total in the end it was amazing. We then went to stay deep in the rain forest in little mud huts on a mangrove swamp. Although this was the most basic place we had stayed we loved it...just knowing that we were miles from anywhere. We went out on boat trips and actually saw orangutan in the wild along with proboscis monkey which are the ones with the huge noses. We went on a night treck into the forest and saw snakes and frogs and scorpions and all sorts of crepy crawlies. The staff were so friendly again we could have stayed there for weeks so nice to be away from cities and cars and crowds. We will never forget sitting on the boat in the small hours of the morning in the mist watching the orangutan in the tress blissfully unaware of the busy world beyond them.

We went back to Singapore to fly to Bali which is where we are now....finally feeling like we are on our honeymoon. Our resort is beautiful with a swimming pool which is such a luxury and free breakfast I feel like a super star after all the hostels we have been in we ordered room service as soon as we got there!. We spent the day relaxing by the pool today and plan to hire a car to explore the island in a few days.

So thats it really a brief description of what we have been up to. We are very jealous of the snow at home the last time it snowed lots in england I was in bloody Africa its sods law!

I will try and not leave it so long in between blogs otherwise you get lists and not a lot of detail. But in all since we last blogged we have met lots of interesting travelers of all ages and nationalities and have seen and done lots of things we have loved and hated all at the same time.

I guess this will be the last blog before Christmas so this is us wishing you all a very happy Christmas and we miss you all especially at this time of year just not the same sunning on a beach when we should be at home cosying up for crimbo.
Please keep the messages coming we hate not knowing all the gossip and what you are all up to

Love you all lots
Katy and lee

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20th December 2009

Glad u enjoying the sun. We have just come back from our usual December holiday, but instead of a week in Tenerife we had a week in the costa del Deal..... Was bloody cold, did not do much apart from eat and drink. Took 5 hours to get home because of the snow. Took Lilly out couple of weeks ago to the pub and she had great fun telling all 'went to pub with Ju and we drunk' Love Julie and Jason x x
24th December 2009

Happy Christmas
Hi you two, im glad you have been getting around and enjoying yourselves. Forget the snow it took me 4 hours to get home from work on Monday. Sat here with Matt and amy on christmas eve, having a couple of drinks as you do. I hope you have a good christmas in Bali, as we are looking at a gray horrible day (just another good old english day!). Saw derek yesturday to drop off prensants for Lilly with Luke and Steph, saw your mum and Jim to wish them happy christmas. Did you know derek was getting Lilly a Shetland Pony? Matt and Amy wish you Merry christmas and we will have a drink for you on Christmas day.
28th December 2009

sound like you're still having a fab time.... hope you had a good xmas we all raised a glass or two in your absence, chubby woke everyone up a t 4.45 am, dont think your mum was too pleased Lee, they didnt get in from the pub till nearly two in the morning. Derek and lacey bought there little girl a new shetland pony for xmas she was riding it round to your mums at 7am!!! Carry on having fun and be safe xxxx sarah and Vance xxxx
30th December 2009

Happy New Year
Pleased to hear you're having such a great time, especially the news about the weather, hot & sunny etc. It's bloody freezing here, the workshop central heating has failed again! Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you a very Happy New Year. Dave & Jenny x

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