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November 30th 2009
Published: November 30th 2009
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Yay we finally found the sun. Since we last blogged we have traveled through 4 yes 4 countries and we are now in Malaysia but I will fill you in on what we have done to get here first.
We left rainy Na trang the next day after we arrived it was just so miserable and not to interesting so got a bus that morning to Mui Ne and yay it was sunny. We re3ally liked this place on the sea with lots of beautiful little beach side resorts to relax in and have a swim. This place was brilliant for water sports not that we did any with our accident track record! But loved watching the kite surfers. We hired our first motorbike here and felt so good to be able to get around under our own steam and to be able to see what we want where and when we want! Had a lovely dinner here cooked on an outside bbq for those who were in Botswana a lot like a braii. This place was really chilled out just what we needed after all the miles we had covered so far. The second day we were there we spent the day relaxing on the beach and phoned home was such a great feeling to be crashed out on a beanbag in a bar on the beach calling home finally in the sun. Mui ne has some amazing sand dunes huge things that go on and on you would think you were in the middle of the Sahara not Vietnam. We met some local kids on the dunes who let us for a small fee of course use their plastic boards to go sand boarding… much fun and touch wood still no injuries.
With huge regret we had to leave lovely mui ne and move on to Saigon or Ho Chi Min City depending on who you are. After arriving from a 6 hour bus journey. We again only spent two days here the weather was still good but another huge city. While there we went to the war museum. Now this was no war museum I have ever been too. I was expecting it to be like the dorset tank museum but hell no. As Colin said the world watched the Vietnam war live on tv as it happened. We just didn’t realise how graphic photos could be nothing was left to the imagination of the horrors that went on , these weren’t’t pics of soldiers in the jungle oh no…I will leave the rest up to your own imaginations or what you remember from the time as what we saw will forever be engraved in my mind…I guess if the world glamorizes wars like these they will keep on happening.
So from a rather sobering day we went to the top of a fanciest hotel I have ever seen to watch the sun set from the roof top bar and blew our food budget on two drinks just so we could be there.
We saw our first Christmas tree and heard our first Christmas songs in Saigon on the 24th of November no doubt a lot later than you guys…it made us very home sick but still didn’t feel anywhere near Christmas.

Right so that was Vietnam for us and on to Cambodia we left at 6 in the morning for the 12 hour journey to Siem rep. We had to change busses half way. We are used to the hustle and bustle and cab drivers trying to give you a lift but this was something else. We weren’t even off the bus and men we shouting taxi? Tuk tuk? I couldn’t even get off the bus. We kept saying in our very polite English was no thank you we have a bus to get but this wasn’t working and when a man grabbed my arm and said taxi I couldn’t take it and replied in my not so polite English was F**k off….he apparently suddenly understood English and moved so I could get past and on to the next bus.
We arrived in Siem rep late in the evening and it was dark…we were shown to our room and told that we had the best room next to the crocodile pool I said oh very funny are there whales and sharks in there too? To which the hotel owner laughed and left. The next morning when I opened the curtains as I like to do first thing I nearly wet my self as you can see from the pic he wasn’t joking!
We hired push bikes and spent the day going round Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples we worked out we cycled about 20 miles that day but was well worth it. On the way back we cycled past 2 men staring at a bike basket where a snake had crawled into. One man grabbed this snake which was about 6 foot long by the tail swung it round and smacked its head on the road…well that’s what lee said happened I was cycling off as fast as I could but I did hear the smack as it impacted.
That was about the extent of our time in Cambodia as we have so little time to spare so we started our huge journey the next day. This started with 2 hours in a taxi to the border of Thailand then 6 hours on a bus to Bangkok we spent one night there but didn’t do anything and then got the 24hr train to Butterworth Malaysia. This train was so much nicer then the other trains we had been on and a lot more social with lots of people chatting and finally more English people. Once we got off the train we got a ferry to Penang island which is where we are now!

We cant believe how far we have traveled and are really proud of our selves for achieving it.
Penang is lovely and we have spent the day on our ped went to the national park and walked across the canopy walkway then went to a butterfly farm which I know Gemma would have loved and spent the rest of the day on the beach after finding a beautiful and deserted water fall which we had a nice and peaceful swim in.
While in the national park we kept hearing things moving in the jungle but just put it down to cats but when we saw a crocodile looking thing walking across the sand it brought back the cros from Cambodia and again I nearly wet my self. I don’t know what they are called but they look a bit like giant lizards’ crossed with crocodiles.

Well that’s enough from us for now…we are finally getting a nice tan and feeling we have more time to relax and enjoy rather than moving on so quickly. Loving Malysia mainly because they all speak English.

As ever keep the messages coming and hope you are all well.

As a final point we brought some scissors today and Im going to attempt to cut lees hair as Im sure you can imagine I have a devilish smile on my face just at the thought will put pics up of the results ha ha!

Love you all

Katy and Lee

ps sorry having probs with pics again will upload them soon xx

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30th November 2009

Wow! looks and sounds like you're having the times of your lives. Love reading your blogs xx
17th December 2009

hey hope you ok have not heard from you in a whlie lee i got a golf:)... write back :) love you miss you like mad .xxxxxxxxxxxxx
22nd December 2009

happy christmas love all at the garage... and big kisses from lilly.xxxx

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