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January 3rd 2010
Published: January 3rd 2010
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Hey everyone...Happy new year hope you all had a fantastic crimbo?
We cant complain really spent Christmas day watching DVD’s and relaxing by the pool and watched the sun go down on the beech....don’t you just hate us! No seriously we did have a really nice and chilled day but it just wasn’t the same and banana sarnies just don’t cut it when all you want is a huge roast dinner, but sarnies were all we could stretch to as we had blown our food money on going clubbing Christmas eve. Wow what a night that was having not been out much I got so drunk on just a few but really enjoyed it and met lots of ozzies and spent the night with them dancing into the small hours.
As for the rest of our time in Bali we did a lot of sleeping by the pool or on the beech. We did hire a driver to take us around the island and saw the sights such as waterfalls and volcanoes and rice fields all of which were beautiful but just doesn’t seem the same when you are being taken there rather than finding them your selves. Bali wasn’t quite as we had imagined not as tranquil as we had wanted very built up and the only parts that weren’t were huge 5 star resorts which were very nice but seemed so fake ….I guess it just depends what you are looking for. We did however love the chance to just do nothing and not have to pack our bags ever 2 days. Our room was a separate bungalow type building with a four poster and the bathroom was outside hard to explain but so so nice.

We got our flight back to Singapore for the last time just after crimbo and were prepared for another night in the airport to fly the next day when we managed to get on a flight straight away which had been delayed. I cant tell you how relieved we were not to have to stay in the airport again even though it was a dash to board after they finally sorted lees visa out which our travel agent had booked wrong!!!!

So another country, Australia. We flew into Sydney and stayed with an old school friend for a few nights. We actually had culture shock I think we have gotten so used to the tiny streets and markets that to come into a city with huge open wide roads actually scared us a little. However we loved Sydney it has such a calm relaxed feel for such a big city.

We did the Sydney bridge walk (thanks again all those who got it for us) It was so amazing everyone clapped us because we said it was a wedding present and it was just a really great day. The weather forecast said rain all day and we just rolled our eyes just our bloody luck however it was so sunny and clear all day…finally the weather has forgiven us!

New years eve we got to the opera house at 10 in the morning so we could get the perfect spot and then proceeded to sit there till midnight…a little extreme I know but we were only going to do this the once so we wanted the best position. There were lots of others doing the same so wasn’t so bad…the couple next to us were from Farham (another Southampton fan!) and went to Chi uni, what a small world it is.
The fireworks were out of this world they not only go off from the bridge but all the surrounding boats and buildings but there just wasn’t the big cheer we expected there to be it seemed people go to watch and leave forgetting that its actually new years, never mind it was still a sight we will never forget.

We went to a few places around Sydney like Bondi Beech and spent the day chilling and seeing the sights and that was it really for Sydney. So off we went on the bus up the East cost to port Macquarie which is where we are now. It’s a very small fishing village but nice all the same. Today we were sitting by the water front where all the boat trips go from watching the funny Pelicans try to swallow live fish when we saw a dolphin just about 2 meters from the shore its funny you forget how common things are which would just be so unheard of at home.

We went to a Koala hospital yesterday, it wasn’t very big but had some very cute Koalas which have been saved from dog attacks and bush fires and all sorts.

We are off tonight to Brisbane and then will carry on up the coast stopping at various points. We have just purchased a very nice 3 man tent as our bloody travel agent didn’t tell us that the whole of January is the Oz holidays so most places triple their prices. We just cant afford to even stay in Hostels now so camping it is….but we are quite looking forward to it and all the campsites have pools and pubs.

Today we made a huge salad it was so nice to be able to make our own food as the hostel we are in has a kitchen we are just so sick of eating out so that was the highlight of our day…sad I know.
Again we cant put any photos up sorry but we will I promise just don’t want to risk getting a virus!!!

We are still missing everyone loads and feel a little out of the loop….think our friends think we have fallen off the world rather than just being on the other side of it…please keep in contact we miss you all!!!!

Love to you all as ever

Katy and Lee


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3rd January 2010

Happy New Year
Hi Katy and Lee Happy New Year Love Julie and Jason x x x
4th January 2010

Oh wow you both look really well!! Happy New year from us all! it wasnt the same without you down the pub, I got so drunk it was terrible!! miss you so much love you x x x x x
10th January 2010

Happy new year
Hi Lee and Katy looking good, both getting a tan . Babs wants to know if that was you Lee in the tree doing your tarzan impression? nice to see your pics as you know we have loads of snow. if you want can we swop we need some sun. news from home front left work tues night at 7.15 got home 10 to 12 weds lunch time,stuck on A3 all night. some cop knocked the window at 4.30 to see if i was o.k asked for bacon butties and a cup of tea no joy there. wasnt all bad meet some nice lads from London we were all in the same boat. they are forcasting maybe another 8inches of snow tonight. now you know why i want some sun. Babs and me couldnt get to work thurs car totaly stuck. Luke and steph are both o.k no school or college at the moment. lukes driving going alright needs to book his thory test . Are you still going to meet your Auntie in Oz? so for now tata take care missing you both lots of love dad and babs xxxx
10th January 2010

Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Katy, have a wonderful birthday in Oz. Thinking of you both xx
17th January 2010

Aunty Vera
Hi - Hope you having a good time with Aunty Vera, bet she enjoying having you stay with her. Snow gone now thank goodness - got fed up having to walk to and from work but thank goodness did not get stuck on A3!!!!!!! Love Julie and Jason xxx

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