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March 23rd 2007
Published: March 23rd 2007
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Kuta BeachKuta BeachKuta Beach

People awaiting sunset
Wow Bali, it was a little suggestion at first after looking at a world map and put the question out 'what do you girls think about a side trip to Bali?' and surprisingly Louise & Katy were both up for it - I was well impress for 100 quid we managed to get a return flight from Singapore to Bali! When am I ever going to get a chance like that! Ideal oppertunity to put my underwater camera to the test aswell 😊

Bali is not the honeymooner's place to visit - far from if you ask me but I loved it, we lived it up quit a bit for backpackers but then who wouldn't if your able to stay in a lovely hotel for 5-7 quid a night. No bunk beds lovely comfortable beds with air conditioned rooms and hotels over looking the sea - stunning.

we arrived into Kuta on our first day - not many tourist here this time of year as its classed as rainy season but its hot and VERY humid. The locals are over friendly constantly offering services for instance as you walk down the street all you will hear is 'Transport' 'Transport' from one guy after another, then you will have the stall holders saying 'you look in my shop.... just look... I give you cheap price' or you will have girls sitting along the street saying 'Hey beautiful girl, you have hair braided' or 'manicure, Pedicure' one after the other. Everybody wants to either sell you something or offer you a service, which you can understand as the locals just wanna to earn some cash like anyone else in the world but after awhile it gets tiresome - you can have a laugh repeating their questions and playing along with them or saying it before them... quite amuzing!

From Kuta we hired a driver to take us to Ubud - which was uber cool, very arty and less hectic than Kuta. Theres a Monkey forest in Ubud which we went along to - so funny, the monkeys def suit the phrase 'cheeky little monkey' We were sitting down outside the forest and Katy was eating a bag of crisp then from outta nowhere a monkey sneaks up all so quietly and snatched the crisp from her hands so fast there was no stopping the cheeky little thing, we sat there stunned and could only watch with amazement the monkey munching on crisp!

From Ubud Lou went to a 5* resort in Nusa Dua to get some relaxation in and to avoid the hassle from the locals whilst me and katy headed to Amed where I went scuba diving in Tulamben down to the Chinesse Cargo Ship 'Liberty' visability wasn't very good as we had rain that morning but the dive was still great and I put my camera to the test - I need to learn to have a steadier hand!! The pics were great still, I was snappy happy every moment was a kodak moment I came away with about 200 pics... don't worry I won't bore you with them on here! lol
Enroute to Ahmed from Kuta our drive took us to some tourist sights including Elephant caves, Bali's Mother Temple (Pura Besakih) then for lunch over looking some beautiful rice fields.

From Ahmed we went to Candidasa for one night then went back to Ubud to go see the Kecak Dance / Fire Dance was amazing - the music they sing all in tune and at the end the man dances in a fire - absolutely insania! I'm sure he must have come away with blisters all over his feet but hey this is suppose to be traditional!! from Ubud we headed to Sanur to meet back up with Lou - who is now highly relaxed, I went for a full body massage for a fiver which was just o sooo good then headed back into Kuta for a touch of shopping 😉

Loved every bit of Bali - you can have the high life for pennies and you can have comfortable accommodation for 1 pound per night! (sorry can't find the 'pound sign on this keyboard')
Eat a 3 course meal for a fiver and drink beer for 50p. Ooo Lobster for 15 quid!

Next part of my travels takes me back to Singapore for 1 night before catching the bus to Melaka to start S.E Asia!!! soooo exciting!!!

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Ubud MarketUbud Market
Ubud Market

So many places selling beautiful art
Check the finger nails!!Check the finger nails!!
Check the finger nails!!

Local man offering 'Transport'!!

Come back with the crisp!!

Not the best weather to be going diving!

10th April 2007

you found Nemo.......did you find Dori?!
Sounding fab hun - take care of yourself and keep the blogs and pics coming!!

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