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Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Ramnagar September 7th 2017

Amit was finally getting married. He had spent sleepless nights thinking about marriage and had even made this his ultimate goal a few months back. So, when a colleague achieves his topmost goal and invites you to attend his marriage 1800 km from your location, what do you do ? Accept the mission and be ready to travel, party, dance, eat and explore. It was a sudden revelation for most of the people (my ex-team is notorious for that) when Amit dropped us an email saying that he was engaged along with the invitation for his marriage. A few of us decided to attend his marriage and started thinking of the arrangements. Amit was extremely excited that we had decided to join him on his momentous occasion and made a host of arrangements to ensure we ... read more
The Celebration
The folks next in line

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Ramnagar May 13th 2011

Electrified Skies I awoke softly at around 4am, the earplugs seemingly doing their job, turning the noise on the train to more of a background muffle. As I roused and looked around I became aware of lots of activity. We were at a station and people were shuffling through the cabins with their bags making their way off the train. I gathered my sprawled possessions and lent over the edge of my bunk to ask if this was Ramnagar; no, Ramnagar is next stop, I was informed. I lay back down and dozed a little, though the rest was light as I was aware we were close to my stop. After realising I would sleep no more on this train, I climbed down from my bunk and sat on the edge of a now empty bed, ... read more
The Main Drive of the Corbett Motel
The Tents
Corbett Tiger Reserve

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