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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai November 24th 2016

We were thinking as India is world famous for cricket (even though Hockey is actually the National Game Fact!) I would check out any potential matches on our route and there looks like a chance we can get to the Fifth Test in Chennai according to this schedule I had a quick check on a booking site and tickets range from $10 for VIP seating area to $60 for a Corporate Box. That's a day out definitely on our list. Looking forward to a day out with Samosa's and a bucket of Kingfishers :-)... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai December 11th 2015

There's something about the first few hours traveling in a foreign country. I've felt it so many times--exhaustion from the long flight, unsettled stomach, a bit of anxiety, eagerness and excitement over embracing a new adventure. But these first few hours--the day after I landed in Chennai--were different. It is, after all, my triumphant return to India. I first visited 40 years ago as a university student, hungry for a cultural experience, a bit naive and searching for some kind of personal enlightenment. Our group of 18 students from mid western US schools went straight to Madurai back then, to study Tamil and the culture, or at least that's how we started. That less-than-scholarly experience (most of us were not very disciplined students) somehow tied me to the place. I was drawn back twice since that ... read more
Interior of St. Thomas cathedral
Gopuram in the Kapaleshwarar temple
The Necklace of thorny leaves

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai June 22nd 2015

ECR road is famous for sun sand but there are few places you can do much more than that. Mudaliarkuppam is one of them. To any north Indian the word is more or less like a tongue twister. I knew that I won’t be able to pronounce it correctly and on enquiring about direction from local people I will end up in getting a strange weird look from them as if I am mentally retarded and My IQ level is so low that I can’t pronounce simple words correctly. It has been a frustrating experience to keep on repeating the same word again and again and still it doesn't rings a bell to people. So this time I acted smart and had it googled and Wikipedia page was open so that I can simply flash out ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai February 12th 2015

Day 2 in Chennai and the first stop is Fort St George. (Skip the rest of this paragraph if you’re not interested in history!) The fort was built by the British East India Company on land granted to them by the local Nayak ruler in 1639 and completed on St. George's Day 1640. It was established as a fortified trading post, not as the basis for military expansion or the creation of an Empire, whatever revisionist historians might argue. From its establishment by Royal Charter granted by Elizabeth I in 1600, the Company was only interested in trade. It regarded war as unfavourable to trade. However as events transpired over the next centuries, Fort St. George, which was the foundation of Madras town and became the seat of the Madras Presidency of the Company, was the ... read more
A photo for David's mother
A lousy display even in 1857

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai February 11th 2015

We set off from Heathrow on a grey English morning, to board BA's brand new Boeing 787. David points out the elegantly upturned wing ends as we see the plane from the air bridge. “It's just a plane”, remarks Sara. Oh dear. Anyway David is impressed, it is fabulous, almost silent, and with a stylish cabin that looks like it has been designed by BMW. And a lovely crew. We don’t often praise BA, but on this occasion, fair's fair. Then it's Chennai airport (or Madras as it is still called by the airlines) , 12.35 in the morning. Only two flights coming in, the other being Lufthansa disgorging holidaying Heinrichs and Brunhildes. Obviously giving Greece a miss this winter......can't think why. Anyway it the fastest Indian airport exit ever, and we’re checked into our hotel ... read more
Bringing the catch ashore
Crocodile or dinosaur

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai December 18th 2014

After the what was probably the worst journey of my life on public buses, down tiny winding roads, going over the completely unnecessary amount of speed bumps they seem to have in Tamil Nadu and travelling for around three hours to complete a 60Km journey! Me and Raja arrive in Madurai around 11pm, it's finally got to the dreaded time when I had to say goodbye to Raja and board a bus heading for Chennai, and thus beginning what was probably the worst 12 hours or so of my trip! The bus to Chennai is semi-sleeper, so I'm basically lying in a chair that reclines quite far, feeling like I’m in the person behinds lap! Going over yet more fucking speed bumps that wake me up and throw me off the chair before crashing back down! ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai December 11th 2014

Instead of going to the usual tourist spots in India, we decided to visit the south of India in Kerala and Tamil Nadu states. I am glad we did because I got to see another part of India that foreigners don't normally travel to. We flew into Chennai from Trivandrum on Kingfisher Airlines. The approximately one hour domestic flight was quite smooth and the cabin crew were dressed in attractive uniforms, and provided the passengers with good service. We were even given a snack box and a soft drink. I should mention that Chennai used to be known as Madras in the past, and was an important trading port during British colonial rule. Today, it is the 4th most populous city in India, and the capital of Tamil Nadu state. Upon arrival at Chennai airport we ... read more
Chennai, India
Chennai, India
Chennai, India

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai June 12th 2014

I came to know about this observatory at kavalur which is operated by Indian institute of astrophysics. Kavalur observatory is located in Kavalur in the Javadi Hills in Alangayam, Vellore District. The Kavalur Observatory is located in a 100 acre forest land in Tamil Nadu which is strewn with a variety of greenery of tropical region and is known for the highest concentration of various species of snakes in India. The doors of this observatory are open for general public on Saturday evening. So decide to avail this opportunity. The observatory is located at Javadu hills right in the middle of thick forest called Amrithi. The nearest railway station is vaniyambadi.where only few trains stop by. The major nearest rail junction is katpadi which is 3 kilometers from bustling major town Vellore. From Vellore you can ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai May 27th 2014

It was mid of may and local people say that it is agnivarsha nakshtram the hottest days in south. Chennai heat was bleeding us so we decide to go to tada falls for seeking refuge. Tada falls is something like 100 kilometers on Chennai which is very much accessible by road and train from Chennai. Our wolf pack decided to go by bike as usual all the plans for starting early fell flat. And we reached the tada Village at 12 P.M. The road is pretty much navigable and there were no traffic issues. We bought water bottles at the village. This is the last stop where u can get water at reasonable rate. Since it was hot and the trek was challenging we packed ourselves with sufficient water and snacks. We reached the forest gate ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai January 24th 2014

We went to the Kapaleeshwarar temple for sunset. Legend tells a story that in a fit of pique Shiva once turned his consort Parvati into a peacock and instructed her to worship him here in order to regain her normal form. Parvati supposedly did as instructed at a spot just outside the northeastern corner of the temples central block where a shrine commemorates the event.Terry is wearing a special shield for his ankle so it’s not easy for him to take his shoes off so I went inside by myself. Deities surround the temple and some areas are more holy than others. Temples within temples and queues of people lined up to be blessed by the priest inside these inner temples– for this they pay extra maybe 20 or 50 rupees depending I suppose on the ... read more
Entrance to temple
The procession
World Vision

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