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March 8th 2012
Published: March 14th 2012
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by Jan

We arrived to Pushkar with two goals. Objective one, to attend Holi festival, and a personal one (Polona's) to go shopping. Polona was looking forward to this for ages, talking about it, making lists and explaining her wishes to anybody with two ears.

But first, we had to get there. It was the longest of our journeys in India, a 19 hour train ride and a an extra hour on a bus. The train ride was just like any other, we arrived in the evening, went to sleep, but when we woke up it was like we changed countries all together . Rajasthan, one of the most visited states of India, reminded me of Morroco and Brane of Iran. At a first glance it's a desert, the houses change and people ride camels.

It is also one of the poorest Indian states and we felt it first hand. In over a month in India I haven't seen so many beggars than on this train. On every stop a few came on and walked the length of the train (some even turned around after and did it again) and left at the next stop. As we are white (or ATM colour) we got a bit of extra attention. “No” is just not an answer, they just keep standing there, pulling your clothes to notice them and smile and nod their head as if to say yes, yes, yes. There was nowhere to hide and it got a bit annoying. But an hour before schedule we left the train, got on a bus and arrived to Pushkar early evening.

Pushkar is a small town, with a lake, loads of temples and is mainly famous for the fact the only Brahma temple in the whole of India is located here. The first night we went our for some food and planned to be right back. The small alleys of the town which make no sense in the dark got us so lost that we wondered around for ages.

We had a day off while Brane decided to be active and went for a camel safari. You can see camels (and dogs, pigs, cows, cats, chickens etc.) walking the streets around town, but Brane went for a day desert trip. His rating: it was ok.

Polona took the time for the “so-talked” about shopping. She failed miserable in my opinion. She bought some things, but not half of what she was on about. She also forgot to buy something for herself. Just plain old bad! Even Brane and I bought more shit for presents (they are not shit, just classic Indian crap) the next day. That tells it all.

We also got armed up for Holi. We bought four different types of paint (3 dry, one wet), new clothes for £1 to throw away after, 3 water guns and even water balloons.

The next day we got ready for action. We prepared water guns, mixed the colour into plastic bottles, threw away the balloons as they were to small, posed for the “before” picture and went to war.

When we got out, we got war! In a matter of minutes we were striped and robbed of our colours, guns and water bottles. Brane lost his t-shirt and Polona got touched up a bit from the kids. It was insane, and this was just outside our street, while the party is suppose to be happening in the city. That was supposed to be the crazy bit of it all. And it was, the square was full of people in all different colours. Everybody was throwing paint around. We got new supplies at a shop where the owner told us “no problem, bring money later” and went for it. In a matter of minutes our faces, hair and bodies were covered with colour powder and wet paint all over us. The way the locals do it is just approach you and smear all the shit all over your face and all of it is followed by a hug – and if you are a girl, with a nice boob touch when releasing the hug. I have seen Polona get touched up, but, my word, there is nothing you can do about it. It is just HOLI!

When the music started playing (some shit trance or house, whatever that never-changing tuc-tuc-tuc was) the place went even more insane. Everybody jumping, kilos of paint dropped from roofs above the square, just insane! After about 2-3 hours of this we had enough and went back to the hotel.

We took the after shot and then tried to get clean. Much easier said than done. I was under the shower for ages (ladies please, I know) and just couldn't get the paint of my face, and then the bag of powder Brane aimed under my pants was proving to be problematic as well. My face was purple for a few more days and even now, more than a week after my nails are a bit pink. But Polona had it worse. Her hair is still sort of purple and it looks like a really bad highlights job. It is a bit funny, well, not for her, but for the two of us who call her “metal girl”. It is still there and not going away 😊.

The last day we used to visit the famous temple: take my word for it, not worth it. Can't believe that people (who don't believe in this Brahma character) come here just for this. At one point walking around the town streets Brane just said “I now have enough of Pushkar” and he was right.

Till next time!

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