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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar January 15th 2023

Pushkar, Rajasthan Feb 14th With "five rupees" for paper and strings You can have your own set of wings With your feet on the ground You're a bird in flight With your fist holding tight To the string of your kite David Tomlinson, Dick Van Dyke, and The Londoners Long you live and high you fly Smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry And all you touch and all you see Is all your life will ever be Pink Floyd Blackbird singing in the dead of night Take these broken wings and learn to fly All your life You were only waiting for this moment to arise John Lennon/ Paul McCartney If I had wings no one would ask me should I fly... I can see in myself wings ... read more
Pop up kite street stall
Babu showing his moves on the corrogated roof of his old family house
Babu's 'gang' have hauled up hired serious sound equipment for all day maximum volume techno music.... along with every other rooftop nearby

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar December 27th 2022

Empty phenomenon rolling on. Anagarika Munindra Zen teaches vigilant carelessness and detached involvement. In a more high-sounding phrase, it teaches transcendental ordinariness. In a simpler, more sympathetic phrase, it teaches nothing but ordinariness. Yoel Hoffman Awakening is ordinariness awakening to ordinariness Ama Samy The Self is here and now Ramana Maharshi Be the Buddha now Adyashanti You are perfect as you are and there is always room for improvement Shunryu Suzuki Today a friend of 40 years died here in Pushkar, Rajasthan. Naryan was a simple man who, as far as I know, may never have ventured far from this place in all his 73 years. His life's work was a pakora wallah... a man who made fried vegetable snacks and so... read more
Chai on the road
Tibetan nun
Prahlad the Silver Maker

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar December 3rd 2019

Returning home from an overseas adventure is such a strange transition. There is part of you that is happy to see the familiar people and things you love. There is that bit of you that reassuredly reminds yourself routine is good. You go for the one food you have been craving from home and you begin the tedious process of catching up on what you missed while you were away and completely detached from the rest of your life. Then there is that part of you that really didn’t want to return to the mundane, the part of you that gets a little addicted to adventure coupled with a complete lack of responsibilities. This part of you is already planning your next adventure and contemplating how you can make more money or get more vacation time ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar November 20th 2019

There are many advantages and drawbacks to solo travel, I love both solo travel and travel with just the right companions. I suppose it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out the perks of both types of travel, but some of the drawbacks may not be as obvious. When you travel alone, there is this weird dynamic that you may never appear in any of your vacation photos. Of course, selfies are one way to solve the problem, but selfies only go so far, and let’s be honest anyone over the age of 35 feels slightly weird taking selfies. You want normal looking, not too posed and not too canned photos, but when traveling alone that can feel like you are asking for the moon. Possibly one of the best solutions to this minor dilemma is ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar November 19th 2019

It’s no secret I have a special guy in India. I visit him every time I go to India and drop by day after day while I am there. He is always happy to see me and takes great care of me whenever I arrive. I tell everyone who will listen how wonderful he is. He knows exactly what I like, makes all my wishes come true and he never disappoints me. I always leave his place draped in jewels with a smile on my face. And this year was no different. I am, of course, talking about my jeweler. Each trip to India, I go visit “my ring guy” and walk away with a bit of jewelry. What can I say? He gets me. He makes the biggest, badest rings you have ever seen and ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar November 19th 2019

They say all good things must come to an end. I appreciate the sentiment, but not sure I wholeheartedly agree. Sure, we need to appreciate the good when we have it and the not so good is an illustration to help us identify the good when it comes along, but do all good things really need to come to an end? Is it necessary that we always heed this warning about the good moments in life? Are we required to embrace this resigned acceptance? I say no, no and even more no. Sunny days come and go. Parties can only last so many hours or maybe days. Sunsets are interrupted by sunrises. Weekends are punctuated by Mondays. The seasons change and so does our very definition of good things, but what about age old, time tested ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar November 19th 2019

I hate goodbyes. I always have. I hate the unknown of when the goodbye will be turned to a hello again. I hate the worry, it will be too long. I hate the thought of the finality of it all. I also hate the ripe opportunity for overthinking the entire interaction. “Was I too quick to leave?” “Did the other person feel I was genuine in my farewell?” “How do I end this move along without being offensive or appearing curt?” There is just too much room for error in a goodbye. Too many social norms, too many expectations and too many different styles of how to seamlessly bid adieu. Everyone has their own way of doing it and I suppose that is just a mirror into our distinct personalities. Every Sunday evening I face the ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar November 16th 2019

India is nothing if not the country of dichotomous extremes. The poverty aside the wealth. The awe inspiring beauty alongside piles of rubbish. The value of life blurred with the lack of meeting even the most of basic health needs. The monsoons followed by the dry season. The dance of tradition and the push for progression. All cultures have these pushes and pulls, but in India it all seems magnified like the savory punches of curry spices or the dizzying swirl of color or the endless sea of humanity. India is in your face extreme and that, I suppose, is what we love about her. I had one of these days recently. It illustrated India’s version of an unplanned rollercoaster of emotion. I don’t really like rollercoasters. I started my day, as most days, at Pushkar’s ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar November 14th 2019

Travel, whether you like it or not, teaches you many things. It teaches you about the world, it teaches you about the past and hopefully about the future, but the biggie is, it teaches you about yourself. The good, the bad and the ugly. Oh, the self reflecting that travel can inspire. It can be so damn annoying, can’t it? I have observed, experienced and thought a lot about the fruits that have been handed to me directly from my family tree. Some are sweet. Some are overly ripe. Some are healthy for me. Some are delicious and some I prefer to let fall to the ground. Of course, all of that makes it sound like I have a choice in the matter. Some days I try to believe I do have a choice and other ... read more
Taken by observing photographer

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar November 12th 2019

Sometimes, when we least expect it, the universe gives us gifts we know we probably don’t deserve, but we take them anyway and hope we can someday repay the gesture or gift. That is truly the only way to describe what happened one afternoon at the sand dunes affectionately and informally known as Camel Hill at the Pushkar Camel Festival. People often ask what I do when I am at Pushkar and how I occupy my time for so many days. I even had one friend ask what my ”intention” was while I was in India. Well, the honest truth is a lot of nothing. I spend a great deal of time walking around, especially where the camels hang out, and just being. It doesn’t sound exciting or glamorous, but the time sure flies by when ... read more

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