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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar February 20th 2019

There was such a bustle of excitement and energy when we brought “our” camel herd into the Pushkar Fair that day. We had to take 70 some camels through a tight little gulley, wind around a small campsite with trees and other camels, cross a minor ravine and then take these very social, curious animals across the entire fairgrounds past thousands of other social, curious camels. Actually, dealing with the camels and their anxiety was the easy part. The humans were the obstacle that day. We were working hard. Six days earlier, dad and I were probably viewed as two Americans with too much time and money on our hands who would never be able to keep up with these wirey, tough old Raika herdsman who had been walking the desert with camels since they were ... read more
No One Hits Our Camels
Leaving the Situation
Dad Guiding the Camel Herd

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar November 21st 2018

I understand the attraction of peaceful nights, unobstructed views of the moon and the invigorating essence of crisp air. What I don’t understand is the desire to sleep in a cramped tent on the ground void of plumbing, good food and electricity. I guess this is how glamping was born. Camp Bliss, by Indian Moments, epitomizes the very essence of glamping. It’s provides all the glory of sleeping under stars but also the luxury of hot showers. A perfect marriage, if you ask me. This is not our first time at Camp Bliss in Pushkar, India and I certainly hope it is not our last. When we considered where we would travel this year, part of the draw of India was the appeal of staying at Camp Bliss. I know it sounds a little over the ... read more
Home Sweet Home
Peeking at our Tent
Always Happy at Camp Bliss

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar November 21st 2018

Our visits to India have introduced us to some very interesting and like-minded people and their dear to my heart NGO. The organization, Camel Charisma, is part of an effort to preserve the camel population of India by assisting the people who know these camels best, the Raika. Run by Ilse and Hanwant, the camel conservation group puts their energy into creating revenue outlets for the Raika by using authentic camel products. These products include camel hair rugs, camel hair scarves, paper made from camel poo and camel milk soap. All of the sales and proceeds go back into the Raika community so these communities are not forced to sell their herds and look for occupations elsewhere. This year they also began a Raika Journey program where people can come to the Camel Charisma campus and ... read more
With My Camel Mentor, Ilse
My Kind of Ride
The Camel Crazies

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar November 20th 2018

Even though we had spent five days together without speaking each other’s language, there were no words needed to explain that today was special. The final day of the walk was electric and the energy surpassed a common language. We were about to bring our gorgeous herd of camels to the fair. We were about to make our grand entrance. And we were about to complete the big task together. We started the morning like every other morning. The hobbles were removed so the camels could graze. One of the camels was milked so we could make tea. We all gathered to make and enjoy our last cup of camel milk chai before we entered the bustle of the fair. While we were drinking our tea, one of the Raika said they were giving the lead ... read more
My View From the Front of the Caravan
The Raika Who Walked With the Lead Camel
Anticipating a Big Day

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar January 24th 2018

22nd November One last omlette for brekkie.. Omg they're soo good here!! Checked out. Me, Luke, Nathan, Gregor and Marine walked to the bus stop, was a bit further than we thought and was pushing on time.. I wanted fruit, but didn't even have time to stop.. Rush Rush!! We made it with minutes to spare, the bus was packed, but we manged to get a seat all together at the back, with a view of turbans and head scarfs in front. The bus was soooooo bumpy and winding us all the time.. haha. One lady in front of me doing the worst henna on her hands and fingers, the bus was so bumping, it was going all over her nails and she asked if she could do mine.. Nahhhh!! haha!! We passed through such rural ... read more
On the bus..
Views from Laura Cafe
In the mountains..

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar December 1st 2016

We travelled over 8,000 miles back to Shamrock Farms from India armed with new camel blankets, camel knowledge and more camel connections than we had when we left over a month ago. It only seemed fair that we shared all of this camel excitement with the loved ones who would appreciate it most - the Shamrock Farms camel herd! With all of our new camel knowledge swirling in our heads, we had to decide where to start. The logical choice seemed to be Ilse's book Camel Karma. Dad bought his own copy of the book and read it on the trip. With our two books and our new connection with the author, it only seemed fitting that we start a Shamrock Farms Book Club. The camels really embraced this idea. I cannot tell if they really ... read more
Book Club Reading Material
Book Club Gathering
Gettting My Book Signed

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar November 11th 2016

The Pushkar Fair is a big draw for us because of the camels. That is probably not breaking news for anyone. But like the fairs at home, Pushkar also highlights the cattle industry of India and the horse industry. When we were not mingling with the camels and the camel herders, we found time to check out the horses and cattle. There is no doubt the the horse population at Pushkar has grown rapidly since we were here 4 years ago. The high-spirited, beautiful Marwari horses were in demand this year. We saw them unloading horses until the day we left and the tented areas that housed the horses and their handlers kept swelling over the sand dunes. Each night we would walk back to Camp Bliss through the horse section of the fairgrounds and each ... read more
Unloading Dock at Pushkar
Dinner Time
Silly Pony

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar November 11th 2016

The last time we were at Pushkar, we received a message that Uncle Ray had passed away while we were traveling. We were sad to lose a dear member of the family, but philosophical about the cycle of life. To honor his memory we placed flowers in the sacred Pushkar Lake. Four years later and here we are again at this holy place of pilgrimmage when we get a message from home that Uncle Max had passed away. We made the decision to again pay our respects by buying flowers in the Pushkar market and placing them in the scared Pushkar Lake to honor Uncle Max. As we thought about the loved ones that had recently passed through our life, we realized we had also said goodbye to some other dear family members. On our last ... read more
Another Happy Calf
Hey Good Lookin'
The Belle of the Ball

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar November 11th 2016

It is no secret we were originally drawn to the Pushkar Fair because of the camels. It is also probably not a secret, that is what persuaded us to return again this year. We developed a comfortable little routine while we were in Pushkar. It wasn't complicated, but it kept us happy. Breakfast. Camels. Lunch. Camels. Nutella "Pancake." Camels. Dinner. Sleep. Repeat again the next day. You can probably see why I never want to leave. We spent hours watching the herds, interacting with the camels and learning about the ways of the camels of Rajasthan. We attended a large meeting of the Raika (the men who have cared for the camels for centuries) where the various tribes, working with Camel Charisma, tried to determine ways to make camels profitable and sustainable. They discussed how the ... read more
Camel Headquarters
Needing Mama's Reassurance
Fiesty Little Fellow

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar November 6th 2016

There are few things as intoxicating as the swirl of a busy bustling market. It is a true assault of the senses from the sparkle of the lights to the aroma of the exotic culinary delights to the constant hum of people shuffling past. There is an excitement, an energy, a pulse that is felt while wandering the endless alleys filled with stall of goods. And Pushkar will not disappoint. The market around the sacred Pushkar Lake is crowded with pilgrims, hippies and people like us who are in town for the fair. The market is also crowded with mopeds,dogs and the sacred cattle. There is endless shopping possibilities for foreign and local guests alike. As you know, Kyle loves to come to India for more than just the culture, the sights and the food. Kyle ... read more
Jewelry Paradise
Crowded Market
Did I Mention I Have a Camel Blanket Guy too?

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