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March 12th 2012
Published: April 17th 2012
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by Polona


As I am writing this, Jan and I have been back from our travelling for almost a month. It is funny how all of this, the whole trip seems to be ages and ages away. We are about to return to London and I even start working tomorrow! Unheard of! 😊

We do owe you a brief summary of our last week though, I know, long overdue. So here it goes...

After the Colour festival and after spending longer in Pushkar than intended (I was a bit ill) our next destination was Jodhpur. The only reason we went there is to see the fort the city is so known for. We took a very, very early bus to take us to Jodhpur, but we regretted it soon - the road was really bumpy and we kept on stopping in pretty much every village on the way, which resulted in the whole ride taking much longer than we expected.

Arriving to Jodhpur, the city itself was chaotic. You can easily get lost on the streets, as they are so narrow and windy, it is difficult to find your way around. Luckily we booked a hostel up in front, so at least we were spared having to wander round town, looking for accommodation.

Jan and I were already running low on batteries, especially knowing we only have one more week, before going home at last. So we played cards the first evening, unable to move from the hostel. The next day it was time to see the fort.

Mehrangarg fort rises above the city and is the largest fort in all Rajasthan. It was built in 1458, which makes it that more fascinating as it is so well preserved and beautiful, it is kind of overwhelming. We took an audio guide tour, which was quite useful and well done, as it gives you loads of information about the fort without having to follow an actual tour guide. It took us more than 2 hours to get around. But well worth the visit.

The next day we said we will go and visit the local museum (which was closed) and the Zoo, which was absolutely funny. It was scattered around a park, and although the posters showed the many animals that were supposed to be kept in the zoo, pretty much all of the cages were empty. If you want to have a laugh or two and are a huge fan of flies, then it's worth visiting.

With that crossed off our list, we headed for our final overnight train to New Delhi.


As it was our last overnight train and as I was so fed up with everything already, the ride from Jodhpur to Delhi seemed like the longest ride of the whole trip in India. When we got to Delhi, we finally saw what people mean when they say India can be quite shocking. The numerous slums surrounding the railways, the piles and piles of garbage, the smells, it was all just...too much. The traffic was crazy as well and it seemed like it would be impossible to get from the train station to our hostel, there were just no rules on the roads...I guess they go by "survival of the fittest".

We didn't have much more time before the end of our trip so Brane and I were quite eager to go and see the Taj Mahal the very next day. We even got Jan to join us at an ungodly hour (5am). But we didn't get the tickets, so we spent the day going to the spice market.

The next day, we were prepared and we bought train tickets to Agra (about 4 hours' ride from Delhi) in advance. Again we got up at 5am and we got to the train station. At that point Jan was so fed up with everything, he decided to go back to the hostel, while Brane and I were stubborn and determined to see the wonder that is Taj Mahal.

4 hours later we arrived to Agra and we started the day with a laid back breakfast and then we started walking to Taj. The crowds at the entrance were huge, but luckily there were special ticket windows for tourists, with special entrances as well, all for a special tourist price as well 😊. Ah, well, at least we were able to jump the huge queues.

I don't know what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting Taj Mahal to be so amazing. The garden path that leads to the mausoleum was beautiful and the sight of Taj Mahal...I was so glad that I came! Brane and I took ages just walking around, taking pictures, enjoying the scenery...

Then we walked for what seemed like hours, to reach the top of Agra, the fort. It was quite big, but I was unable to process anything, so I just walked around, not really taking it all in.

After all the walking, Brane and I had enough time to grab some food and then slowly head to the train station. We got there in time, but were so angry as our train was delayed. But we thought, well, 30 minutes is not that bad. But then it got delayed again and again, and instead of leaving Agra at 5pm, we only left at 9pm. We were so tired and bored by then, that we were just happy we got a ride back to Delhi.

1 more day in Delhi was spent for buying last minute souvenirs and then it was time to go home!!!

Brane, Iva, Ivana and us all spent the night at the airport, as we all had early morning flights. With a bit of mosfortune (arriving at Moscow, Jan and I were told they changed our flights, so instead of flying from Moscow straight to Venice, they sent us to Paris first, and then to Venice, which we were not happy with), we finally got home, so, so happy.

All in all the trip was a great experience, I will never forget. I am glad we did it, but I am happy to be back with my friends and family. Normal life, here I come! 😊

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