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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur March 8th 2020

Udaipur to Jodhpur We had about a 2 hour drive through interesting countryside this morning, through small villages, and busy people about their daily lives. Lots going on with animals and harvesting. Also plenty of marble cutting factories and lorries piled high with all shapes and sizes of marble.A bit further was the sand stone cutting factories and mines, this is were all the Indian patio slabs come from. Stone is used for everything, even fence posts around animals. Wood is very scarce. Set in the lush green valley of the Aravalli mountain is the Ranakpur Jain Temple, which is one of the biggest and most important Jain Temple complexes with 28 halls, 80 domes supported by the 1444 marble columns, no two alike. The carvings were beautiful. Unfortunately I didn’t pay for a camera permit ... read more
Dining like a Maharani....well a drink it was chilly!
Step well
Step well

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur March 10th 2019

Hi everyone, this morning was a resting time for my poor tummy.yes.....even though I have been meticulous with hygiene and avoiding dodgy food, Delhi took up residence in my belly ?For a short while there was a minor panic on my part as Imodium supplies were running dangerously short . Luckily Pat found a little pharmacy down the road and we cleared them out of the required medication ? After a lovely breakfast of dry toast and banana ,we relaxed on our pretty balcony in the increasingly hot sun.I was able to watch an art group painting a portrait each ,of one of the male staff in his turban. I couldn’t resist a close up look at the artwork,some of the artists were really very accomplished.The group were from Canada and remarking on the fact that ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur March 9th 2019

RrHi everyone, today has been a very interesting day. We went on a tour of Mehrangarh Fort. Within this area was the most beautiful palace. As we came out to look at the views we were persuaded to have a free 5 min yoga lesson. Pat couldn’t wait ?I found it very relaxing but Pat thought it was a load of old rubbish and nearly left 1/2 way through. That would have been so embarrassing. Our guide was hilarious and after we took a photo of an elderly man smoking what may have been opium our guide got some crystallised opium for Pat to taste it’s supposed to help with pain relief and as an aphrodisiac among other things! Moving on.....the views of the Blue city are quite breathtaking. The fort itself houses a museum. There ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur March 8th 2019

Hi everyone, Hope I’m not boring you all too much,but I’ll carry on because if nothing else it’s a good way of me remembering what we have been getting up to. Another fairly early start and our luggage packed up again ,we set off towards Jodphur. Unfortunately I seem to have developed a rather annoying cough.Definitely the result of all the dust and pollution. Also Pat is on the verge of Delhi belly but valiantly fighting it off at the moment. The drive was again just a succession of dangerous overtaking for a total of 6 hours. Luckily our driver is very good so we arrived safely. This hotel is different again to all the others so far. It was originally built as a residence by a maharajah many years ago and his great grandson now ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur February 4th 2019

Blog # 2 (February 5, 2019) The Jodhpur blues - and cranes galore. Last year, a few people commented that they would like to have read more blogs from our Europe trip (e.g, you, Mark Waters! ) People wanted more stories! So, I’ll try to be more frequent this time! To get from Udaipur to Jodhpur, we used a comfy cab. (In India, for about $50, you can just get a cab between major cities, even though they might be some 5 hours apart.) We decided to break the five hour drive by staying overnight about half way. After leaving Udaipur, we firstly dropped in to see a magnificent Jain temple in Ranakpur. Jain = a rather obscure Indian religion. We believe it is actually pronounced “Jan” so we had a little chuckle for you, Bryan ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur September 14th 2018

We have been staying in the Raj Mahal Boutique Guesthouse which has been superb. We were in the King suite as the other rooms had sold out and were pleased with the huge, beautifully decorated room, cleanliness, modern bathroom and balcony complete with a swing. It has let itself down a little on the penultimate day though. As we were enjoying dinner from their restaurant last night we had a new member of staff come over and ask us when we were checking out and if we could pay now. Given we hadn’t finished our dinner, or had our breakfast (not included in room price) yet, and didn’t have a card on us we were a little taken aback. The owner then came over, repeated the questions and then explained that yes, we could pay by ... read more
Near Mochi market
Deserted coffee shop
Clock market

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur September 13th 2018

After yesterday’s beautiful sunny day we woke to clouds this morning. Despite this for the third day since arriving in India we have had no rain and the cloud provided welcome respite from the heat of the sun. Stephen has decided the rain is following us. To be fair given how poor the monsoon has been in Rajasthan this year, with many of the lakes we’ve seen looking rather empty, it would probably be a good thing if it did. We walked up to the fort museum via the Fateh Pol gate this morning. Despite our concerns after finding it difficult passing through the fort yesterday we entered without any problems. As we walked towards the museum we noticed the security guard by the entrance to the zip line and gardens wasn’t at his post. We ... read more
Fort gardens
Mehrangargh fort
Mehrangarh fort

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur September 12th 2018

We arrived in Jodhpur late last night and it was a little bit of a shock to the system after 5 days camping in the countryside. It’s noisy and busy and full of Tuk Tuks. Our hotel (Raj Mahal boutique home stay) is in the old city, which our taxi was not allowed to enter, so after a 3 hr drive from Ranakpur we had to switch vehicles and get a tuk tuk the last little bit. As we drove from Ranakpur to Jodhpur the scenery changed dramatically from lush hills to flat, stony, arid looking land with small scrubs and poor grasses growing. We left the clouds behind, the sun came out and the temperature soared. The hotel is not in a auspicious area. It’s down a small alley full of rubbish and surrounded by ... read more
jodhpur fort
Jodhpur old city
Step well

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur August 12th 2018

A six am bus, my first in India, and I left Udaipur for Jodhpur, Rajasthan's second largest city (after Jaipur) and about 250km north of Udaipur. The bus was fine, luggage went on the roof but people stayed inside which surprised me a little having seen all the stories of people on the roofs of buses! My favourite part of this 5 hour journey was when, 10 minutes after we left, the driver stopped for 20 minutes to drink Chai (Masala tea) with his friends at a shack at the side of the road whilst the rest of us waiting rather puzzled on the bus. Arrival in Jodhpur was a bit eventful! The driver first stopped in the street and some people boarded shouting something in Hindi. Eventually a couple of people got off and as ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur February 8th 2018

Woolly says – After a day off, although how you can call a day when you spend most of it with your trunk in a map and your paws on the keyboard trying to sort the onward trains out, I really don’t know! It was however a day where we didn’t leave the building and we got a lot done. The morning was bright, and Jodhpur was living up to it’s Sun City name, deciding to have something other than samosas for breakfast I led the way towards the centre of town in the hope of finding a quiet place to sit and enjoy my morning fare. It seemed to be a day when everyone was washing the road in front of there homes and business and water flowed everywhere, with my paws sodden and muddy ... read more
What a building
View of the lake
One of the mausoleums

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