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June 20th 2011
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Pushkar is a sleepy little town next to a lake that is a major pilgrimage site for both Hindus and backpackers. The lake was created when Brahma (god of creation) dropped a lotus flower to Earth. Pushker literally means "flower hand." The lake is surrounded by dozens of bathing ghats where people go to wash in the holy water. Ghandi's ashes were spread in the lake at what is now known as Ghandi Ghat. Pushkar is also famous for the throngs of hippies that got stuck here in the 60's. We saw quite a few baby boomers with dreadlocks that got lost in Pushkar 40+ years ago. The city is really just a few labyrinth-like lanes along the lake crammed with guest houses and rooftop restaurants serving traveler fare such as banana pancakes, pasta, and basic Indian food.

While we were in Pushkar we took it easy. We went on a camel safari, got an Aruvedic massage, sat on rooftops drinking coffee and admiring the view, and made a trek to a hilltop temple with a beautiful view of the city. We were quite a sight to the locals who were climbing down from the temple as we were climbing up. For a while, we shook everyone's hand and said "good morning" as we walked up the mountain and they walked down. We also became pals with a kid who kept repeating "Hi aunti! Hi uncle!" to us every time we bumped into each other. Upon reaching the top, we were greeted by monkeys that like to steal the offerings that people have carried all the way up the mountain. The atmosphere at the top was peaceful and calm. It was great to see the old ladies make it to the top as well.

The camel safari was led by two brothers, ages 8 and 18. Allison's camel was named Mr. Jones, and we can't remember Ammaron's. We actually went out into the dessert and eventually stopped at some sand dunes to watch the sun go down. The kids started to play around while we were waiting, and they were sliding down the dunes and pushing each other off of them, so we did the same; it was really cool. It was strange on the way back to be hugging a sort of highway with huge buses and tractors flying by us while we were on camels.

Here are a few photos of Pushkar.

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21st June 2011

Enjoyed your blog.
Love all the camel photos, very charming. If you go to the photography forum you will find a thread called camels. I've posted a couple of your camel photos for others to enjoy. Take a look. Very nice.
21st June 2011

Thanks! We'll have a look.
22nd June 2011

Look like you are having a great time! Be safe and stay healthy!
28th June 2011

So cool! We can't believe you guys have done Europe, Asia and India, so jealous!! Can't wait to hear all the stories! When do you come home Ammo?
28th June 2011

great pic!
What a cool room! Great shot and you knew to look to the light, great job! :)
29th June 2011

Hey! I got home a couple of hours ago. It too almost exactly 24 hours to get home. Allison will be home in 3 weeks. I'll call you tomorrow.

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