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29th June 2011

Hey! I got home a couple of hours ago. It too almost exactly 24 hours to get home. Allison will be home in 3 weeks. I'll call you tomorrow.
From Blog: Pushkar
28th June 2011

great pic!
What a cool room! Great shot and you knew to look to the light, great job! :)
From Blog: Pushkar
28th June 2011

So cool! We can't believe you guys have done Europe, Asia and India, so jealous!! Can't wait to hear all the stories! When do you come home Ammo?
From Blog: Pushkar
22nd June 2011

Look like you are having a great time! Be safe and stay healthy!
From Blog: Pushkar
21st June 2011

Thanks! We'll have a look.
From Blog: Pushkar
21st June 2011

Enjoyed your blog.
Love all the camel photos, very charming. If you go to the photography forum you will find a thread called camels. I've posted a couple of your camel photos for others to enjoy. Take a look. Very nice.
From Blog: Pushkar
21st June 2011

That's why we feel at home here!
21st June 2011

It looks like those people are faking like they like you.
21st June 2011

I LOVE THE MAN PURSE!!! Awesome to get to see pics while you're gone!!
20th June 2011

Maybe your typical American lizard, but we're in India.
19th June 2011

Did you pet the lizard? They don't like to be petted typically.
18th June 2011

Love you guys
Thanks for the post. Your comment about the lottery brought tears to my eyes. We should always remember to appreciate all we have! So glad you guys are having fun and that people want pictures with you!!! That's so funny!
From Blog: Delhi
17th June 2011

Have a great trip, stay healthy and be safe. Nancy
From Blog: Delhi
9th June 2011

Did you remember to pack the AC unit?
Be safe, stay cool, if you can, and have fun!
24th February 2008

Looks So Cool
Wow, those kids are so cute. It sounds like you are having such a good time. You look so pretty smiling in the pics with the children. You only have 7 more days, so enjoy. I can’t wait to see you. I love you, talk to you soon. Kap kum clap.
11th January 2008

just beachy
You two are amazing!! Your photos give me vicarious vacation rejuvenation----sans the sand, sunburn and bugs. Alli you are a cute monkey magnet -- do they sense feminine comfort, or is it really all about the food (kind of like Ammo)? How can you two bear to part after all this remarkable 24/7 exploring, sharing and memory making??? You are in our hearts and our prayers during your stay Alli....please check in as often as possible so we can share your experiences and see your lovely face and know you are safe. Safe trip home Ammo--what a case of jet lag you'll have! I love you both !!!! WAY TO GO ALANDAMMO !!!
From Blog: Day at the Beach
10th January 2008

Was there good looking guys with muscle? Don't get too burn. Put on Sunscreen. Nancy
From Blog: Day at the Beach
10th January 2008

Liked the pics a lot.. really cute.. I have made up my mind - wont choose the 3 meat platter at all !! heeee ! I and my husband r traveling to the Angkor now in Feb. Thanx for so many inputs (will carry a mosquito rep) bye Any
9th January 2008

Hey! Part 2
What's up dude. Hope you guys are having a great time out there. I here there are alot of assasins that live there so be careful. By the way Bequi's pregnant were having a baby!
6th January 2008

This is so great!
Adventure, Romance, and cool looking creatures to eat! You two have it all... This reminds me of Indiana Jones. LOL! Which by the way is one of my all time favorites! You guys look like you are having so much fun. It's so beautiful. So glad you two get to experience this stuff. What great memories you will have and fun stories to tell. Keep it, tif
From Blog: Happy New Year!
5th January 2008

Jan's ready for the stand up rafting and an elephant ride. He also wants to see the spider photo. You look like you're having a blast and we love the blog!
4th January 2008

Hey guys this looks really cool. I like the pic of you guys on the elephant! NICE! Hope you have a great trip and Happy New YEAR!
3rd January 2008

Miss you guys!
It looks like you're having an awesome time, so glad we get to see pics along the way! You really missed out on a night on our couch for New Years Eve!! Miles is doing good playing a lot and getting plenty of love, but he said that I just can't replace his mother. We miss you guys, be safe and have a great time!
From Blog: Happy New Year!
2nd January 2008

Whooo Hooo... Loving the worm eating...Ammo?... ? ... where's YOUR worm???? :) looks like you kids are having so much fun, glad you are getting in your crazy massages while you are there. You need to demand a better happy ending, I mean seriously!!! :) love you both. xoxoox
From Blog: Happy New Year!
1st January 2008

man stuff?
Hey hey Ammo---does manstuff in Tailand refer to blazing trails, scalling cliffs, building rope bridges for your lady-love to cross raging rivers safely.... or to bush tinkling??? I LOVE getting to read your adventures and see great photos---THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Love and celebrations coming your way--Mom
From Blog: Happy New Year!

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