Photos from Pali, Rajasthan, India, Asia

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Learning from the Lead Raika
On the Move
Norman is Too Much Cute in the Morning
With the Raika Who Led the Lead Camel
Enjoying the Beautiful Herd
Watching After One of the Bull Camels
Dad and Lead Cameleer
Norman Looking Cute
Happy to be at the Fair
Giving a Little Gift of Tobacco
Keeping a Steady Pace
Goofing Around
Posing With a Bull Camel
Removing the Hobbles in the Morning
Morning Discussions
Leading One of the Bulls
Time for Camel Milk Chai
Lead Cameleer Handed Me the Camel Stick
Loving Every Minute of the Moment
Following the Caravan
Stop at the Water Hole
Female Cameleer on the Job
Stopping to Watch the Show
Tractor Trying to Pass Us
Dad Answering Questions
Everyone Rides Motorcycles in India
Dad Keeping them Moving
Pretty Typical Kiosk
Move Over, the Camels are Here
Beautiful Caravan
A View That Never Gets Old
Catching Attention with the Caravan
Passing through Narrow Streets
Getting a Better View
Focused Spectators
Colorful Audience
Peeking Over the Blue Door
Dad Working Hard with Lead Cameleer
Camel Caravan in the Village
Dusty Road with Beautiful Blooms
Final Tea Before Pushkar
In the Village with Raika Relatives
Milking the Camel
Getting Fresh Milk
Village “Staff Meeting”
Beautiful Caravan Exiting Highway
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