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November 16th 2006
Published: November 22nd 2006
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I woke up the other morning and realised that I'd fallen victim to the legendary "Delhi Belly", and there was no escaping it, I got slammed! It was one of the worst days of my life by far, that evil sickness violently purging every last drop of energy out of my system until I had nothing left to give. The next day was better though and by the day after that I was flying high again, so I went down to Agra with an Aussie couple I'd met and we visited the Taj Mahal. very impressive.

side note for Timmy P, I got to drive our taxi to the Taj Mahal! you'd of been proud of me bro, accept that I wiped out a cyclist before I had even got behind the wheel. poor guy came out of no-where! Taxi pulls over to let russ have a drive after minimal persuasion, and as I opened my door to get out I heard a massive SMASH! then before you know it, we've got a heavily wounded cyclist in a heap on the ground, a crowd of curious Indians gathering, a Taxi driver telling me to close my door so he can do a runner, and police blowing whistles and waving Elephant sticks at us. I thought it was going to get ugly, but it all worked out fine in the end, smiles all round. I was ordered to pay the wounded man a generous 50ruppes(about$1.50) in compensation for his misfortune, then shook the policemens hands and was encouraged to not worry but to get behind the wheel and have a drive anyway. It was a big old dumpy Ambassador that had no brakes and handled like a shoping trolly, and I drove for about 10mins dodging cows, CYCLISTS, cars, ricksaws, dogs and anything else that could move. definately one of my highlights from India thats for sure

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moooooove pleasemoooooove please
moooooove please

how could I spoil such a great photo with a stupid caption like that?
beer for breakfastbeer for breakfast
beer for breakfast

me, Bon, and a couple of English girls we'd met were up in a cafe waiting for our breakfast to arrive, and Stevie thought it'd be a great opportunity to go and have a quick beer and talk cricket with the locals. I think he has a problem. :)
loaded uploaded up
loaded up

at $1 per rickshaw, we weren't about to fork out for two of them.
Stevie making friendsStevie making friends
Stevie making friends

everyone thought he was some sort of Bollywood hero because they all wanted photos with him
disposable tea-cupdisposable tea-cup
disposable tea-cup

you pay about 15c for a cup of tea on the train, and it comes in one of these cups which you throw out onto the tracks when you're finished

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