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November 22nd 2006
Published: November 23rd 2006
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after the Taj Mahal I did a bit of a whirlwind tour of a few cities in Rajasthan with Bon, Stevie and another "Geezer" called Steve we'd picked up, before I had to leave them to it and go and catch my flight out-a-here. I wouldn't be writing this entry just yet, however I've just got back from the airport where I was very sympathetically told at the Bangladesh Air counter that "your ticket says your flight is on the 23rd sir" - yeah thats what I thought, so what's the date today? fearing the worst... "today is the 22nd sir, so I guess we'll see you again tomorrow" phew! So I'm still having trouble with my Airport apointments, but atleast I'm back on the right side of the ledger now.

Next stop - Thailand. and to top it off, my very special ladyfriend Steph is coming to meet me there so I get to hang out with her for a month before we go home for christmas and live happily ever after 😊 looking forward to the beach too!!!

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Hawa Mahal - JaipurHawa Mahal - Jaipur
Hawa Mahal - Jaipur

this is part of the Pink city in Old Jaipur
official "Pushkar Passport" holdersofficial "Pushkar Passport" holders
official "Pushkar Passport" holders

we all did a hindu ceremony involving throwing flowers in the lake, saying some hindi words towards a mountain, and giving a "suitable donation" for every family member that we wanted to bless and bring good luck. SCAM
Henna paintersHenna painters
Henna painters

with questionable motives

23rd November 2006

hijo de puta!!!
si me llega ahora y sos un culiado, que te haces el novio!!! y pone las fotos pulentas o abri un blog con las fotos XXX deja de joder!!! jaja muy bueno la india! cuidate mucho y deci que el coloradoyonanda ya va a pasar por ahi!!! a las chicas no!! y mandales saludos a justine que esta muy buena!! jajaja una abrazo brother!!! ahh y que se cuiden el culito los all blacks!
23rd November 2006

I definately wouldn't buy a car from that guy but he would win Movember for sure!! Great photos.. I'll be in them soon too.. yay.. with you.. see you in a few days spunky x x ;D
24th November 2006

hey man, sounds like you're having a right rave up!!! don't think i've ever heard of anyone turning up for their flight a day EARLY...thats pure class! i hope you enjoy bangkok...don't spend too long in the koh san area or it will do your nut in! enjoy...take it easy. heidi x
24th November 2006

Great Pictures...
Great pics guys. We also spent some time in Rajasthan this year and your pics capture the mood very well. Cheers,
27th November 2006

bro much love awesome you make feel warm fuzzies ha cant wait to catch up enjoy thailand watch out for lady boys

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