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December 10th 2011
Published: December 12th 2011
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Interesting bird I saw on the roof.
Today was interesting. They close everything down at 10PM here in the Tibetan colony. When I awoke, there were a couple of public announcements over the intercom in the street, one in Hindi then one in Tibetan. Everything was closed, and the gate in our building remained closed. I quickly learned it was an unofficial holiday commemorating the 22nd anniversary of His Holiness The Dalai Lama receiving the Nobel Piece Prize in 1998.

There wasn't much to do, and I wasn't terribly adventurous to venture into New Delhi proper. There was no internet connectivity today in the building either. Fortunately, I'm able to tether my iPhone as a modem to my Macbook and iPad, so I had some connectivity.

I found my way up to the roof and enjoyed a wonderful panoramic view of the Yamuna river basin behind us, Manju Ka Tila park next to us, and the top of the Tibetan colony here at Manju Ka Tila settlement. I went out exploring, and evidently as my hostess Karma informed me lots was going on down in the square at the gompas. I got there and it was crowded indeed with the Tibetan residents, but there were tables with games of chance being played.

So I went for a stroll and that was largely my day. Not much new. Leisurely day.

PLEASE NOTE: Also, due to overlapping time when internet is available here, this site's host is updating. Therefore, I've not been able to post all the photos I've taken. Rather then continue to wait to do so before publishing the post, I'm just going to go ahead and do so and will try adding the rest the next few days while time allows here in Delhi before I head to Dharamsala on the 14th. I don't think this site notifies automatically of such changes, so I will merely post notice in future postings.

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Yamuna RiverYamuna River
Yamuna River

Looking South East from the roof over the Yamuna River
Yamuna RiverYamuna River
Yamuna River

Looking out over one of the small farms on the river. There are very small huts on the plots. I don't know of they're for storage for if the farmers live there. They're not much bigger than tents.
Yamuna RiverYamuna River
Yamuna River

Looking east from the roof one this makeshift bridge called "Boat Bridge" I saw on the Metro map in the city. A lot of traffic comes too and fro here, and oddly there's a major bridge just 1/4 mile north.
In the parkIn the park
In the park

Monks congressing in the park on this unofficial holiday celebrating HH Dalai Lama's 22nd anniversary of winning the Nobel Peace Prize.
Yamuna River NEYamuna River NE
Yamuna River NE

Looking north east toward the major bridge that cross to the east side of greater Delhi.
Interesting buildingInteresting building
Interesting building

Interesting building across the tributary road that comes in from Boat Bridge. I don't know if it's a residence, or some utility facility. I'll have to walk over and have a look-see.

View from roof of overpass being built above the NH 1.

Further north on the infrastructure project.
Yamuna River SEYamuna River SE
Yamuna River SE

Looking over the Yamuna again south east

Another few of the Yamuna River front farm behind us. Very young, dirty (but adorable) girls sell very robust leafy greens daily in one of the pedestrian corridors in the settlement here. I wouldn't trust it though, especially grow off the infamously polluted Yamuna. But I believe the Tibetans don't eat all this raw, and it's possible some of it's made it's way to my meals unbeknownst to me. If it's cooked, it's fine.
Yamuna River EastYamuna River East
Yamuna River East

Looking out east of the Yamuna.

Looking up north at the infrastructure project from the roof.
Main thoroughfareMain thoroughfare
Main thoroughfare

Looking down the main avenue here in the camp from the roof. The White House Hotel with its curved terraces is on the right furthest.
Tibetan flagTibetan flag
Tibetan flag

Nice to see this flown. From the roof terrace across the street from ours.
Main thoroughfareMain thoroughfare
Main thoroughfare

Brother monk sitting have a chat.

12th December 2011

Your Blog
Hey Nyima!! Thanks for keeping us up to date with photo's and the blog! I love reading and seeing what your life is like in India!! Thank you!! TTYL.....Cindy

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