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December 9th 2011
Published: December 11th 2011
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New RoomNew RoomNew Room

I downsized to a smaller, cheaper room. The first night they put me in the largest 3-bed room due to limited vacancy. This is much better as I save Rs 100.00 a night, which is "only" $2.00, but that goes far in India. With this savings, I can eat very well all day, and helps my limited monk's budget.
Friday was a casual day, just hung about at Manju Ka Tila. Felt fatigue from jet lag or time zone disparity (being 12.5 hours ahead of my system), so I took a nap then wondered about.

The Tibetan settlement colony is back off the road, and isolated somewhat from the noise. Vehicle honking though is ubiquitous. They love their horns here. The skill of driving here is very impressive. I mean they don't think of terms of lanes, but more three dimensionally. I couldn't drive here with the controlled chaos.

Interestingly, there's quite variety of multi-phonic horns that rival mobile phone ring tones. That prompted a business idea, development of a wider range of them.

I sleep soundly here, and it may be exhaustion and jet lag. I was surprised by the amount of traffic that goes on all night. Where are these people going? Reminds me of LA, constant traffic 24-7.

One thing that surprised me was the jackhammers that starting after 3 or 4 AM. I rolled right over and back to sleep. But upon further investigation, there's a massive construction project going on building this huge overpass either highway or possibly Metro route. What
The other cafeThe other cafeThe other cafe

This is the other cafe in my hotel where I had the americano.
was interesting is that the concrete sections were pre-cast, and they somehow lift them in place. This project is 24-7.

Scroll down to see more photos from today, and you can click on them to enlarge. Some appear sideways when enlarged though, and I'm trying to sort that out.

Additional photos below
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New RoomNew Room
New Room

I walk in these rooms having been pre-conditioned by House Hunters International on Home and Garden TV network. I evaluate and note the marble floor, the nice green wall again for added "pop", the Toshiba wall mounted flat screen TV with satellite, ample wardrobe.
New RoomNew Room
New Room

again, noting decent tile, western toilet, shower (and Indian bathing) facilities.

View north to adjacent Manju Ta Kila park
Fruit vendorFruit vendor
Fruit vendor

Indian merchant in the main pedestrian street, appealing but I steer clear of street food vendors. Skinned fruits like apples and citrus are OK though. The grapes he had on offer, uh, no.
Main streetMain street
Main street

An Indian passer-by and one of my Tibetan brothers-in-robes.
Tibetan decor detailTibetan decor detail
Tibetan decor detail

I love this iron gate in the stairwell of my hotel with the four Tibetan eternal knots in the middle.
Ga-Khyil HotelGa-Khyil Hotel
Ga-Khyil Hotel

My hotel sign banner in the hotel. Don't know why it says Dharamsala. I asked if they had one there (as I need a place to stay next week up there) they said no.
Massive infrastructure constructionMassive infrastructure construction
Massive infrastructure construction

Part of the massive construction project going on outside on the NH 1 Bypass. I don't know if it's a second tier raised highway, Metro line extension, or both.
Massive infrastructure constructionMassive infrastructure construction
Massive infrastructure construction

This is looking up the road north to a greater portion of the project. It's huge. The construction goes on all night. At night, it's lit up and with the fog and haze this week, looks like Devil's Mountain in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It's a mammoth infrastructure project, and good to see. New Delhi & Delhi are in need of continued infrastructure improvement, of which there has been a fair amount already.
Massive infrastructure constructionMassive infrastructure construction
Massive infrastructure construction

What's interesting is that on the other side of this part of the bridge are HUGE prefabricated concrete sections laying on the ground.
Outside Manju Ka TilaOutside Manju Ka Tila
Outside Manju Ka Tila

At the intersection of NH 1 and the tributary road alongside Manju Ka Tila where all the external transportation from the colony routes from.
Outside Manju Ka TilaOutside Manju Ka Tila
Outside Manju Ka Tila

As one expects, all methods of transportation conjoin on the roads, even in the nation's capital.
NEWSFLASH:  India Quietly Masters CloningNEWSFLASH:  India Quietly Masters Cloning
NEWSFLASH: India Quietly Masters Cloning

I see this ubiquitous stray yellow dog and it's clones all over camp here, and it's white and orange feline cloned counterparts. They're sweet animals that largely meet with abuse from the locals.
Main SquareMain Square
Main Square

Main Square in the centre of the colony where two main gompas are.
Main SquareMain Square
Main Square

one of the gompas (prayer halls), the other is on the left. I think I posted pictures yesterday, these are just more from my afternoon stroll about camp.

17th December 2011

Ga-Kylil Dharamshala
I read your comments against the photo. The word 'Dharam shala' means Spiritual Dwelling or a Pilgrim Inn or a rest house. I have had a wonderful visit to Mcleod Ganj in September - loved the peace and friendly tibetan culture. Hope to visit soon and spend time volunteering. Safe Travels and Best Wishes.
14th April 2012

Thank you.
Thank you for your comment on my Travelblogue site, and for telling me what Dharam shall means, it's beautiful and appropriate. I love it here, and consider myself fortunate to live here.

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