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Asia » India » Meghalaya » Cherrapunjee June 9th 2012

Hi, everyone this is my first blog where i want share my experince while exploring the scenic beauty of Meghalaya. As the name indicate the Megh: cloud Alaya: Place it is not ironic to say that it is true place of clouds. Megahlaya is the northeast state of India loacated in Khasi hills in HImalyan mountains range. With major cities like Shillong, Cherapunji (wettest land on earth) is tourist destination. Shillong have its airport with limited flight availablity form delhi, culcutta. nearest railway station is Guwahati (Assam). In the end of April 2010, i have planned to visit the north east part of India with my Friends. on my way to Guwahati from delhi (2 hr) flight i have enjoyed the view of Himalyan snow covered mountains. the first we spent exploring Guwahati, the mian attractions ... read more
Shillong View from Shillong Peak
Nokhalikai Fall

Asia » India » Meghalaya » Cherrapunjee April 23rd 2012

After fun & interesting days in Shillong, we hire a cab to take us south to Cherrapunjee, on the edge of the escarpment that form the India-Bangladesh border. Cherrapunjee hails itself as the "rainest spot on earth" altho now another village some 20 kms awary also makes a claim. Suffice it to say it is the rainest region on earth. During the monsoon season rain heavy clouds move north from the Bay of Bengal, over the plains of Bangladesh. When they hit the cliffs of Meghalaya they are forced to rise, where they cool, & start to drop percipitation. We were only there at the very beginning of the rainy season, but the clouds and storms at night were awesome to behold. We stay at the Coniferous Lodge in "town" and are quite happy & well ... read more
Waterfall on the way to Cherrapunjee
Monoliths on the way to the cave

Asia » India » Meghalaya » Cherrapunjee September 19th 2011

As we neared Cherrapunjee we drove higher and higher, becoming engulfed in clouds and mist with visibility being approximately 5 metres. Being dropped off in lower cherra we wandered into a hotel to discover the rooms were out of our budget range and only available for one night. Wandering further down a lonely remote road through the mist in search of hotel, we came across an elderly local lady who informed us we should head to upper Cherra. As she was heading there herself, we shared a taxi to the local market located right next to Plaza hotel. Discovering the rooms were well priced the four of us checked into a shared room. Hungry from our days travel we headed straight to the restaurant and gorged ourselves on the worlds best momos and much more great ... read more

Asia » India » Meghalaya » Cherrapunjee April 5th 2011

The next stop on the trip was Meghalaya, the land of clouds. The plan was to come from Kaziranga to Guwahati and go to Shillong, but got advise from locals to take a detour through a bus-stop before Guwahati, which we did. Saved a few hours, not that it matters when one travels without goals . You will not see any pictures of Shillong in this blog, I was shocked how crowded the city is. Narrow lanes bustling with cars and all sorts of vehicles, seemed like Mumbai (except Shillong had even lesser space). The city is now well known for its educational institutions and kids from all over India seem to throng here for good quality schooling. The central market was choc-a-bloc, with hardly place to put ones feet. All in all, it wasnt what ... read more
Cherrapunji... this is a sight everywhere
Cherrapunji... this is a sight everywhere
Cherrapunji... this is a sight everywhere

Asia » India » Meghalaya » Cherrapunjee June 14th 2008

By the time the beautiful Barna Borat, our hostess in the air, smiled her customary goodbye at the drenched Guwahati airport, we had had enough of the clouds. The ATR from Kolkata was a bit scarier than the usual air journeys. Turbulence, the captain had said as I was reliving childhood fantasies where clouds shaped into snow castles, prancing unicorns, landing eagles and fighting demons. Then we proceeded to the house of clouds - Meghalaya. Guwahati is the sole gateway to the north-eastern states, linked to the rest of India by the 20-kilometre-wide Siliguri Corridor sandwiched by Nepal and Bangladesh. Rhinos, yaks and platoons of armed men march here. The threat of foreign aggression and internal insurgency keep this land a hot spot. To cross the Assam border to most of the other north-eastern states, you ... read more
Cultural hues
Cold mount

Asia » India » Meghalaya » Cherrapunjee January 24th 2006

Summary: I've been scrambling down a cliff cutting my way through dense forest, trying not to get lost, to get to the base of the a stunning waterfall, met a great Khasi family and had my picture taken a lot. I made only three trips to this region sadly but what trips! Just a little background first. This is the wettest place on earth, Cherapunjee (the local name is Sohra - Cherapunjee is the British name) town itself held the record until a couple of years ago when the nextdoor town of Mawsynram snatched the title. They have an average rainfall of over 11m/year and mawsynram once recieved over 20m! On top of this ridiculously large figure they get it all concentrated over one relatively short period in summer! When I was there however it was ... read more
Nohkalikai falls
The way back
Exploring around the falls

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