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Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Sanchi October 16th 2008

Die Anreise dauerte laenger als ich dachte und das Zugfahren war anstrengender als ich dachte, da es ja tagsueber sehr heis ist und man sich auf den Plastiksitzen den Hintern nassschwitzt. 19 Stunden Zug und dann mit einer Ooooto-Rikscha (Autorikscha) zum Busbahnhof und dann nochmals 2 Stunden mit dem Klapperbus ueber Rumpelstrassen. Die Busfahrt hat Schpass gemacht. Ich sass ganz vorne beim Fahrer, es gab laute Indiemusik mit schlechtem Sound und wir fuhren einem orangenen Mondaufgang entgegen. Um 18:00 - 18:15 wird es hier stockdunkel. Der Busfahrer fuhr nicht in den Busbahnhof rein, sondern schmiss mich auf der Hauptstrasse einfach raus....Sanchi, Sanchi, Sanchi.... Da stand ich, ein wenig verbluefft, auf der Strasse. Ich hatte eh wenig Bedenken im Dunklen anzukommen und mit meinem ganzen Gelumpe durch ein Dorf zu schlappen, dass ich noch gar nicht einschaetzen ... read more
Die Stupas
Der grosse Stupa
Grosse Stupa

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Sanchi May 1st 2008

Alright there...! Firstly we need to show some love & respect for the all comments and messages, you have no idea how much we look forward to reading them and hearing what is going on at home, we would like to reply to you all each time but the computers are so slow that it takes us hours to do each blog.!! KEEP THEM COMING!!! Nic - Sanchi is a tiny village, almost in the middle of no-where next to a hill which is home to Indias oldest Buddhist structures. We braved the dry heat (Similar to, but possibly hotter than, your standard tumble dryer!) and climbed the steps to the pleasantly breezy hill-top. The 'Stupas' are circular stone domes that were built around 262BC to house religious bits and pieces, with 4 carved gateways. Naivly ... read more
Main Stupa
Elephant supports
Main stupa

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Sanchi February 1st 2008

Next stop on the temple trail was Sanchi, home to the oldest and most impressive stupa in the world, as well as India's cheapest Thali. 30p for a full meal is just what we needed after the 4 pound pizzas of Mumbai and what with chai costing 4p our money was well spent. The village itself while nothing to write home about is situated directly beneath the ancient stupa built by the Indian despot Ashoka after he killed loads of people then felt a bit guilty and converted to Buddism. In case anyone doesn't know Stupa (noun) - big semi-spherical mound made from bricks or stone and sacred to Buddists (despite the Buddha request that people not worship or build monuments to him). Imagine a small hillock or hobbit-hole. This stupa, however, is also famous for ... read more
Shmunkie attaining enlightenment
Carved Horse Relief - Khajuaho

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Sanchi August 15th 2007

With our goal of one excursion every month, this time we left for the central part of India. The group size was just two, Nilanjan and me. An overnight train from Delhi to Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is the best way to start exploring some of the best sites of ancient history of India. Sanchi This is one place that is etched deep in my memory from the high school history texts. It was quite an excitement that we were off to see the famous Sanchi Stupa. Sometimes when I travel to these places, that I had only read about in texts and that is so steeped in history, I have this childish excitement. It is very different from the trips to the hills or the sea. Keeping it cheap and convenient, we had ... read more
A Gate at Sanchi
Carvings on the Sanchi Gate
Gupta Age Temple at Sanchi

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Sanchi May 4th 2005

Since Delhi we have continuously headed east, the logical destination after Orchha would have been Khajuraho. But Sanchi was a place we absolutely did not want to miss, we had already passed it by moving north, so we made a detour from Orchha. From the distance (ca. 200 km) we knew that it would not work out in one day, so we left our luggage in a nice hotel in Jhansi close to the train station - from there we would go on to Khajuraho when back - and took a train. Trains in India, at least theoretically, are provided with different classes. You have two AC classes, two-tier with two beds in a compartment and three-tier with three beds, then there is sleeper class and regular class with wooden seats without berths. India has many ... read more
Northern gateway
Great Stupa eastern gateway

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