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I’ve always thought about myself as a city person. In countryside I feel a bit out of place and have no idea what to do apart from, well, observing the countryside and being a little scared. In a city I function, cities for me mean people and the best things the people managed to produce: beautiful buildings, nice parks, theatres, museums, palaces, universities, quirky things of different kinds, bookshops, restaurants, etc, etc. I am not scared of crowds and can easily get lost in one, being amongst hundreds of people and spend the whole day without saying a word to anyone and feeling alone. People who don’t like cities often argue that it’s not nice to start your day from struggling to get on a bus or tube, that there is no fresh air and that ... read more

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Jabalpur May 20th 2012 read more

Asia » India » Madhya Pradesh » Jabalpur March 20th 2011

November 22nd we made the first of our road journeys into deepest India in a convoy of three luxurious SUVs arranged courtesy of Ganga. Needless to say, the state of the roads make travelling arduous. Our destination was the Osho ashram in Jabalpur, city in which Osho lived as a young man, lecturing at university and where he became enlightened. We pulled up just as the most vicious mosquitoes woke up and got busy. The atmosphere at the ashram was stagnant and the place felt neglected and unloved - time for a short moment! Next morning we rose early for meditation on Osho's rock - the loveliest spot in the ashram without a doubt - really beautiful energy and we remarked that often the real energy centre of a given site is tucked away out of ... read more
Marble rocks

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