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August 31st 2011
Published: September 1st 2011
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Today I bought my ticket, after getting the green light from work. I decided to change my arrival city to Trivandrum, which is further south and about 50 miles from Varkala, a beautiful beach town where I plan to spend the first 5 to 7 nights. Here's a nice picture of Varkala:
I thought it would be a good place to get acclimated.
From there I'm going to head north.
First stop Amma's ashram. . I watched a Globetrekker show on the area and they went to the ashram, which is where I got the idea. Amma (which means mother) is a woman who has devoted her life to hugging people. People come from all over the place to get hugged by her. Since I'm a big fan of hugging, I was fascinated by her. She hugs people wednesdays/thursdays and saturday/sunday. She hugs hundreds of people and no one who attends goes unhugged. That's pretty impressive. So I'm going to get hugged, that's if she's not travelling at the time.
From there I'm going to explore the backwaters of Kerala, where you can rent a houseboat with a full staff and float along the canals, while lounging around. Those cost about $100 per night, which is a bit steep for me alone, but we'll see how it goes.
Then it's off to Kochi, a medium size city, famous for it's portugese influence. From there I'm heading inland to Mysore another medium size city, which is also very picturesque. The place I'm staying at looks interesting.
From there I'm heading back to the beach, to Gokarna.
Then it's further north to Goa, which is famous for it's beach towns (there are about 25). Palolem is my first stop in Goa.
I plan to be there for a week or so.
Then I'm going to Anjuna, which is famous for it's wednesday night fleamarket and it's raves.
From Goa I'm flying to Jaipur(the pink city) in Rajastan, India's desert state and one of the most fascinating destination. There are many beautiful palaces and forts. During my time there I want to attend the yearly camel fair in nearby Pushkar, which is a huge event. People come from all over to buy and sell camels, to celebrate and to compete in various events.
Then it's a short flight to Bombay and then home.

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15th October 2011

Bon Voyage
Hi Ruby: I am very excited for you. Be safe and have a great time. There is zero chance I will ever go to India. So blog a lot and take a lot of pictures. I will follow you everyday. Call me if you run out of money : ) Chris

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