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Asia » India » Kerala » Wayanad April 12th 2017

Caves are cool in so many ways, from literal to geological to historical and the Edakkal Caves in the Wayanad district of Kerala are no exception. We find out that we are about to see unique neolithic rock carvings rather than the more usual paintings that were des rigour for the cave dweller artists of the day in other parts of the world. But first we find out from Suresh, our new guide for the day, a bit about the area we are in. Wayanad is at between 700m and 2100m above sea level and with its Chembra mountain rising to 5000 feet (strange mix of measurements I know but that's how we were given them) the area is known as a hill station. Wayanad actually translates as 'The land of rice paddies' but not so ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Wayanad April 12th 2017

A nomadic lifestyle sounds so wonderfully appealing, constantly on the move, seeing different places and people all the time. Of course the reality is obviously less romantic, having to pack your stuff up to move every week or so, the worry of trying to find somewhere to stay, wondering how the locals will react to you. In India nomadic tribes have been given land by the Government where there are able to put down roots. Not only do they now have a more constant lifestyle but they are also able to send their children to school and take advantage of health care facilities that would have been extremely difficult when on the move. We are given a chance to go and visit one of these tribal villages and meet the people who live there. It isn't ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Wayanad April 11th 2017

At best a reluctant shopper, I have perfected the Miranda 'browse/sweep/leave' method of shopping with great expertise. Shopping malls are therefore usually hell on earth for me. Not so today as I discover that shopping malls are one of the few public spaces in India that are air conditioned! Suddenly I develop a huge interest in watches, shoes, designer bags and the like! There is both an Indian and Western clothing section in one department store in Sulthan Batthay whose cold air I am making use of, so I make a pretence of looking at some of the Indian styles only to suddenly realise that the prices are set, so no bartering! Yay, finally I can shop without the dreadful business of being expected to try and get a better price when it's already so cheap ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Wayanad October 11th 2016

It all started when Sreejith came up with the idea of a one day trekking to the place called Pakshipathalam in Wayanad. The place is known for caves owned by vampires and ancient artworks and paintings. The place is only accessible by trekking through the jungles of Brahmagiri hills. With this limited information we planned a weekend trip but we eventually ended up in the Brahmagiri trek. As always Umar is ready for a weekend trip, no matter if its a short trip or a long one. But this time we decided to travel by bus all the way. The trekking point near Thirunelli is easily accessible. The Kerala Sate Road Transport buses and private buses ply in this route every one hour. Umar booked a night bus from Ernakulam to Kalpetta which reached there in ... read more
Tiger foot prints were very easier to find on that rainy day.
Thick Jungle
Very close to the watch tower

Asia » India » Kerala » Wayanad February 21st 2016

21/02/16 Leave Aseem's and join a 11am bus to Mananvathady 100k away inside the north Kerala rural patch of Wyanad, bus to visit the local village of Peechangode for my stay with second (csurfing host) Niraz. 22/2/16 Move sticks south to Vythili and spend the entire day strolling the surrounding foresty, tea cropped areas. 23/2/16 bus to meppadi at the feet of chembra peak, minus the compulsory clingy guide an enjoyable steep assent with misty plantation views yet not actually to the "peak" as is sadly restricted. Back in time for a late lunch followed by an afternoon on the buses to Varnham homestay north west of mananthavady to enjoy a higher standard of stay, great meals, sanctuary safari with other guests & more walkies. I nip a super 24 hour stay in the bud & ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Wayanad July 31st 2015

How can anyone say no to a trek which involves the beautiful Kerala during just after monsoons and a heart shaped lake ? So we did not and proceeded to book our ride with GHAC (Great Hyderabad Adventure Club) for the trek. We promptly reached the Cyber towers in Hyderabad at around 7 - 7 30 pm assuming everyone would be there on time. Big mistake! The bus was late by almost 2 hours or more and we spent the time there in bonding session and roaming around Shilparamam. We met the organizers Gautham, Tejaswini and Santhosh who coerced some fellow trekkers into buying raincoats in case it rained during our trek (Rain surprisingly never materialized for the whole of our trek and those who had bought the raincoats ended up cursing them). Finally the bus ... read more
Huge Moth
On top of Annamalai hill
Stunning scenic view on way to Chembra

Asia » India » Kerala » Wayanad March 6th 2015

The first night in the Wayanad hills, we are the only guests. We have a pleasant meal which is slightly marred by the fact that one or both waiters spend the entire meal watching us, and waiting to serve another spoonful of food. We’re not sure if this is the novelty value of having non-Indian guests, or if there is just a big cultural difference between India and the UK. The waiters serve us a spoonful of each dish, then hover nearby waiting for us to consume that, so they can serve the next spoonful. The constant scrutiny makes us feel slightly uncomfortable, but we’re starting to think that’s just expected behaviour here. David thinks any discomfort is due to the fact that we are not used to having servants; in the days of the Raj ... read more
Kerala hills
Pepper corns drying in the sun
Tea bushes being pruned

Asia » India » Kerala » Wayanad January 20th 2014

Oh yes, it was really hard to say goodbye to our new friends in Kannur and to leave this wonderful piece of land in India. But, of course, we wanted to see much more of this country. So, it was time to move on. This time by bus. It was just a scenic 3 hours bus ride up the Western Ghats to our next destination: Mananthavady, including some steep hairspins with wonderful views. In Mananthavady we had no idea where our prebooked homestay was (thanks again to Sreeranj for making the reservation!). We had the usual hassle with the Ricksaw drivers and finally found one who took us to the right place. What a peaceful oasis it was! We were greeted by a barking dog, named Bruno - the boss of the homestay. He does not ... read more
with Beena, the angel and, of course, Bruno
"Give me my banana right nooooow!"
loads of beautiful flowers in between the coffee plantations

Asia » India » Kerala » Wayanad April 28th 2012

Places Visited : Edekkal Caves Jain Temple Chembra Peak Soochimara Waterfall Pookade Lake Banasurasagar Dam Meenmutti Waterfall Kuruva Dweep Distance Covered: > 700 Km After a long wait I got the best conditions for my Wayanad trip particularly a hike to Chembra Peak. I always wanted to do it on my bike and do camping but that doesn’t look like to be possible any more. Lately I have got slip disk problem and hence no more biking for some years and camping has been to prohibited to preserve the area and terrain. Well, all this gave me a new friend my NANO. It looks small for such long and rough journeys but in actual I must say it has much more caliber then people oath it to have. With the route planned we (me and my ... read more
Bandupur National Forest
Bandupur national forest
Edekkal cave. the hill

Asia » India » Kerala » Wayanad February 15th 2012

One thing that constantly fascinates me when driving through India is how quickly the landscape changes and specifically how quickly it changes as soon as you enter a new state. The change of scenery going into Kerala was probably the most dramatic of the trip so far, going from dry rocky plains to lush green tropical jungle in what seemed like the blink of an eye. I find the tropics endlessly alluring, the heat, bright colours, pace of life and fantastic range of flora and fauna make for an exotic cocktail of which I never tire. The drive to our home stay (more like a posh B&B as opposed to a mud hut) through Kerala state and specifically the Wayanad hill district was a very pleasant one. Our home stay was on a working coffee plantation ... read more
Our balcony and the view of the jungle/plantation behind
Second set of falls and pool
Second set of falls

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